Why Did Jesus Come?

                                           Luke 2:1-35

                                     December 20, 2009



v. 4 - "city of David......of the house & lineage of David"


The old kingdom of David had been dismembered,

conquered, and devastated.  The people had been led

away into captivity from which few comparatively

speaking, ever returned.


II Sam. 23:1-5


v. 7 - The birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem was the

            most important birth which ever occurred on

            this planet.  Had the world appreciated the

            advent, it would have heralded it on every

            shore instead of the Babe having to steal in

            this world in a stable among cattle!


We are at the threshold of a similar situation, the

Second Advent of Christ - one would think that

this event would be appreciated by mankind today

to the extent that the most sophisticated technologies of

man would be employed to get the news out - what we

find is the exact opposite of this - the repression of any

thing Christ!


"no room for them in the inn" - today lives are so

crowded with cares, pleasures and the prizes of this

world; or are so occupied with pursuits which, if

intellectual, are unspiritual (not at all Christ-like

being "about my Father's business"), that there is

no room for the Divine One who comes to speak of

sin, of mercy and of life, spiritual and eternal.


The door is slammed shut, the heart is not open

to Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God,

therefore enlightening truth, perfect rest and

contentment in heart, nobility of life, and eternal

glory are also shut out.  Oh, what a penalty men

are paying!



v. 8 - "shepherds" - are the first to hear the

            blessed tidings of a Savior for the world.


Truly, it was the exaltation of the humble & meek -

ch. 1:52-53


It was not to priests, not to kings, the media

or even pseudo-intellectuals of the day - but to shepherds,

to individuals like Simeon and Anna, did the Lord

reveal the Christ!


Mishna - a compilation of traditional interpretations

            of the Law


Gemara - a vast collection of interpretations of the



The Mishna and the Gemara, together make up the

Talmud, the text and commentary of the Law.


The Talmud tells us that shepherds were not allowed

as witnesses in court, they were apparently of a very

low class.


However, it was at least, a semi-sacred occupation

because in the pastures around Bethlehem were

raised the sheep intended for the daily sacrifices

in the Temple.  No doubt, at times they would hear

the solemn ritual  of the temple.


In those days a widely circulated rumor was that

the long looked for Messiah was soon to appear and

that Bethlehem was to witness that appearing.

                        Micah 5:2


May I point out in our day the rumor of the

Second Appearing of this same Jesus  is in vogue.


Haggai 2:6-7               "Desire of all nations"


v. 9 - the Shechinah glory - the visible token of the

            presence of the Eternal God, in the bush, in

            the pillar of fire & cloud which guided the

            desert wanderings - it surrounded Christ

            on the Mount of Transfiguration - the

            occasional presence of this visible glory was

            exceeding precious to the chosen people.


One can imagine the terror felt by the shepherds

when brought into visible communion with the

dwellers of the spirit world (angels).


vs. 10-12 - read


an angel's sermon - short but its contents priceless!


The message is about a personal Saviour, the Mighty

God, the Father of Eternity and the Prince of Peace -


compare Isaiah 9:6-7


The angels song -


The angel had arranged for a "service of praise" to

go along with his preaching - vs. 13-14


The preaching of the gospel is backed up by the

singing of the gospel.  Praise has its part to play

as well as prayer.


It was at the praise part of the dedication service of

Solomon's temple that the glory of the Lord appeared.

II Chron. 5:11-14


Notice Rev. 5:11-14


v. 14  - "glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace

            and good will to men"


Peace between man and man - Rev. 21:27


LIES - not the least of which is if you blow yourself

            up - 100 virgins will be waiting on you


God entered the world as a helpless babe that the

world might be redeemed and restored.


On this rock of the Incarnation rests the restoration

of the human race to love and likeness to God!


Has this work done you any good?


vs. 15-16 - the shepherds come with haste - prompt

            obedience is the way to blessing


"the king's business required haste" - I Sam. 21:8b


v. 17 - the shepherds told all who would listen of

            the good news.


Thus the men at the bottom of the social scale,

in Israel, were chosen as the first preachers of

the new born king.


I Cor. 1:26-28, 3:19


Into their hearts is poured the gospel for all the

ages - the Sent from God, the Divine Personality

the brightness of His glory and the express image o

f His person.  (John 6:29, Hebrews 1:3)


v. 10 - "good tidings of great joy" - the most

            blessed message ever proclaimed - one of

            unspeakable blessedness, a joy to which

            no bound can be set, which no geographical

            limit can measure, which no thought of

            class, race or sect can embitter, a joy to



It well agreed to tell shepherds of the yearning of

a strange Lamb, such a Lamb as might take away

the sin of the world.  Once again, it is not to the

haughty Pharisee, not to the Sadducee, cold &

dry as dust, not the Essene ascetic and separatist,

not to the Herodian worldly and crafty, not to the mighty

and noble that the first tidings of the great joy are



Today, the Second Advent of our Lord Jesus is

not being revealed  to, nor proclaimed by the civil

libertarian, the perverted movie producer, the carnal

artist, or the world renown new anchor or columnist

but to those “who look for Him shall He appear the

second time without sin unto salvation” – (Hebrews 9:28)


The first preacher is the heavenly angel, and the first

congregation, some lowly, simple men, who are doing

their duty in the place where God appointed them.


Heaven is always near the dutiful!


vs. 17-18 - After short visits and short sermons, the

            angels are withdrawn and these poor shepherds

            spread the glad tidings, telling all who would

            listen in their humble way all that they had

            seen and heard.  It is God's plan and must

            be best!


v. 19 - One who heard and profited was Mary


v. 20 - the shepherds praise God!


v. 21  - Jesus was circumcised - circumcision

            and purification rites were enjoined on all

            and were intended as perpetual witnesses

            to the deadly taint of imperfection and sin.


Christ did not need this but was willingly obedient

to the Divine Law under which He was born.


v. 24 - proper offering - lamb for burnt offering,

            a pigeon or dove for a sin offering - a

            concession to the poor - could bring 2

            pigeons or doves


You can read about it in the 8 verses of Lev. 12


v. 25 - Simeon - many expositors believe that this

            Simeon was identical with Shimeon, the

            son of the famous Hillel, and father of



Simeon was president of the Sanhedrin in A.D. 13 -

of this the Mishna is silent - could it be owing to

his belief in Jesus of Nazareth?


Sounds like some of the tricks – sounds like the

modern media - I am speaking  of years of clever control!


Remember, it was not to the priests, not to kings, the media

or even pseudo-intellectuals of the day - but to shepherds,

to individuals like Simeon, Anna & the Magi did the Lord

reveal the Christ!


To one who was "looking for the consolation of Israel"


"and unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second

  time without sin unto salvation" - Hebrews 9:28b




v. 29


vs. 30-32 - the great joy of salvation is that it is

            intended for all people - Jew or Gentile


v. 34 - We have come full circle - in Roman times

            the name of Jesus of Nazareth and his followers

            was a name of shame, hateful and despised.


Acts 4:28                    Psalm 2:1-3


v. 25 - Simeon - “a man in Jerusalem” - just, devout,

            waiting, the Holy Ghost was upon him.


Some expositors believe that Simeon was the son of

the famous Hillel, and the father of Gamaliel.


This Simeon became president of the Sanhedrin in

A.D. 13.


The Mishna, part of Jewish traditions, which have

preserved the record and sayings of the great rabbis,

passes by this Simeon, perhaps owing to the hatred

which this famous teacher incurred, because of his

belief in Jesus of Nazareth.


A common Jewish prayer of that time  - “may I see

the Consolation of Israel?”


v. 26 - Legend is that Simeon was puzzled by Isaiah 7:14


At length he received a supernatural intimation that

he should not see death until he had seen the

fulfillment of the strange prophecy, the meaning

of which he had long failed to see.


v. 27 - “custom of the law”



In this day the danger of Matt. 15:6 - “ye made the

commandment of God of none effect by your

tradition” - Put it to the polls - skew the polls -

propaganda - disobedience - tribulation - destruction.


v. 28 - Discerning the hidden glory of Jesus.


v. 29 - “thy servant” - Josh. 23:14


I am satisfied - let me now depart in peace.


Many get their satisfaction in things that are seen

and temporal - taking pleasure in money, in wielding

power, in gaining honor – To these types will the

Second Coming of Jesus be revealed or will the

be like those during the time of the Flood, of

which the scripture said “And knew not until the

flood came, and took them all away”- (Matthew 24:38)


Scripture - “the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor

the ear with hearing”  - Eccl. 1:8


“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you:

not as the world giveth, give I unto you” - ch. 14:27


vs. 30-32 - “mine eyes have seen thy salvation”


            which thou has prepared before the face

              of all people” -


Intended for everybody - Murray State professor

in the early 70’s - leery of someone who has something

for everybody.


Some believe - some don’t - Acts 28:24-28


v. 34 - It became clear as time unfolded that those who

            were ignorantly supposed to be blind were the

            souls seeing God and equally clear that those

            who claimed to know everything had eyes that

            were against the light.


John 12: 39-40 - a moral impossibility inherited by the Jews

through ages of rebellion & insensibility to Divine

grace and misuse of revelation - “they could not

believe.  A fixed law - power unused destroys itself -

persistent disregard for religion makes it more difficult

to obey or believe.


Is challenging a nativity scene on public property

diffusing this blindness?


A solemn passage quoted four other places in NT


Luke 8:10       Matt. 13:14-15           Mark 4:12

Acts 28:26-27


The unforced & willful rejection of the Divine Word

is visited by a withdrawal of the faculty to receive

even more accessible & apprehensible truth.


Until - Back to square one - v. 25



John 14:10-11 - There is no right understanding of

            Jesus Christ until the Father is seen in Him.



He is the Image of His substance

                Agent of His purpose

                Speaker of His words

                Doer of His works (salvation from sin &

                                                righteousness of life)


v. 12 - Which is greater - a soul being saved by the

            preached word or a person healed through

            Christ’s word?


v. 34 - for the next three centuries the name of Jesus

            Christ of Nazareth and His followers were

            shamed and despised.


A Corner Stone - a stumbling stone.


For some - a stepping stone, a strong foundation,

                   Isaiah 28:16-18


For others - a stumbling stone - Matt. 21:44