II Timothy 2:1-13

                                                         July 21, 2019


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v. 1


Grace is when God gives us good things that we don’t deserve.

Mercy is when He spares us from bad things that we deserve.

Blessings are when He is generous with both.

God is good all the time!




Three examples are given to inspire Timothy in his work for the Lord.


  1. A soldier – vs. 3-4
  2. An athlete – v. 5
  3. A farmer – v. 6


    The Contemplation of Christ an Incentive to Comfort and Constancy

                                                            (v. 8)


Timothy was to think of Christ’s victory for himself and for us as a ground of




REMEMBRANCE. “Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, of the

seed of David, according to my gospel.” The two great facts that were to

be ever present to Timothy’s mind were:


Ø      the Incarnation and 

Ø      the Resurrection


These  two miracles that stood, respectively, at the beginning and the

end of His earthly history.


Ø      The one would speak of the hopes of the race of man springing

      from the Saviour’s assumption of our nature in the royal line

      of David;   (ch. 1:9-10)


Ø      the other of the completeness of the redemption sealed

by the resurrection from the dead. Timothy would be

encouraged to bear his trials by the thought of CHRIST’S




to my gospel.”


Ø      These two facts are fundamental in the gospel. Take them away

      there is:


o       no hope for man,

o       no atonement,

o       no blessed life hereafter.


Ø      These two facts were needed to be taught in an age when false teachers

denied a real incarnation, saying that the Saviour had a phantom body,

and a real resurrection, because a bodily resurrection was not to be

thought of, as matter, being essentially evil, could not attach to a

Divine being.   (How much more so now in this age of apostasy

and falling away from God!  CY – 2019)



Over the last thirty or so years there has been a philosophy encouraging a

person to Look Deep Within.  Out of curosity, I googled the term

and below is what I first found.


Dare to awaken from the deep sleep you’ve been in for so long.

Look within. Think your own thoughts, create your own ideas,

develop your own beliefs. Create your own rules. Listen to

your inner voice and follow your intuition. Trust the messages

of your heart. Rely on your own inner guidance, and by doing

so, you will be free.  Rumi


Next week we will be looking at The Apostasy, about which chapter 3

is revealing.


II Corinthians 4:18 – “While we look not at the things which are seen,

but at the things which are not seen:  for the things which are seen

are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.”


A moment.

Eternal.  (ibid. v. 17)



            A Faithful Saying for Consolation and for Warning (vs. 11-13)


The apostle introduces the familiar formula, “This is a faithful saying,” with

its rhythmical significance and arrangement, to emphasize the importance

of what is to follow.  (See I Timothy 1:15; 4:8-9; here; and ch. 3:8)



died with Him, we shall also live with Him; if we endure, we shall also reign

with Him.” There is here an expressive climax, setting forth two different

aspects of the union between Christ and His people.


Ø      Identification with Christ in His death. All believers died with Him, as

their Head and Representative, and thus died to sin, through the efficacy of

His death, so as to be planted together in the likeness of His death; and thus,

being made conformable to His death, they have fellowship with Him in His

sufferings.  (Philippians 3:10)


Ø      But identification with Christ in His life follows as a consequence of this

identification in death, because we rose with Him from the dead, to be

planted in the likeness of His resurrection, that we should walk in newness

of life; and thus, being made alive unto God, we live a life of holiness and

sanctification with Him  (Romans 6:5-8).


Ø      Identification with Christ in endurance involves identification in His

reigning glory. Believers who suffer shame and loss and outrage for

Christ’s sake shall reign with Him in glory hereafter, as they reign in the

kingdom of grace with Him now; for they are “a kingdom of priests,”

destined for everlasting glory (Revelation 1:6).



deny Him, He also will deny us; if we believe not, yet He abideth faithful; for



Ø      The denial of Christ is FATAL!  It is to reject THE ONLY SAVIOUR!


o        Some deny His Messiahship;

o        some deny His Divinity;

o        some deny Him by their works, being ashamed of Him and refusing

      to confess Him;

o        some deny Him by OPEN APOSTASY!


In all these cases the denial involves our Lord’s denial of them

(Matthew 7:23; 10:33).


Ø      Our unbelief does not affect the essential faithfulness of Christ. “If we

believe not, yet He abideth faithful.”


Ø      This does not mean that He will save us whether we believe in Him or

not; for He has just said that if we deny Him He will also deny us, and faith

is always an essential condition of salvation.


Ø      It means that He will abide faithful to His word of threatening, as well as

to His nature and perfections; for He cannot falsify His declarations that

he that believeth not shall be condemned” (Mark 16:16). He will say to

apostates in the last day, “I never knew you.” (Matthew 7:23)  It would be

to deny Himself to act otherwise. He cannot consistently with His character

regard faith and unbelief as the same thing. Thus the apostle stimulates

Timothy to fidelity by an exhibition at once of the bright side and the dark






The Art of Free Throw Shooting - # 1522 – last entry at


When shooting a free throw, we need to use the  focal powers of  the eyes with which

God endowed us and tune out all side vision.


The only thing that should be seen in the previous photograph is the basketball goal. 


Hit page up and look at the photograph again.  You can only look at one item at a

time to REALLY FOCUS!  Look at each

different item in the picture and notice

the reaction of the eyes.  It is true that

if you will notice, that peripheral things

in the place or room where you are can

be noticed simultaneously.  This is a

great asset in life and in a basketball game

but is a great hindrance to free throw

shootingThese side items need to be

eliminated and can be through the “FOCUS