July 8, 2001

                                      Amos 7-9



                                        Ch. 7


vs. 1-8 - Judgments of locusts and fire.  Intercession of Amos.


The hand of judgment may be arrested by the touch of prayer!


God does not destroy penitent people!


Plumb-line - measuring - God’s work - the judgment

is irremediable and the prophet intercedes no more!


vs. 10-17 - Amaziah attempts to silence Amos - v. 13


Danger - ch. 5:13, 17


Captivity for the nation - Amaziah shares it for the

sins and idolatry of the people - they defiled the land!


Family dishonor & family extinction


Leviticus 18:25-30     Numbers 35:31-34     Jeremiah 2:7-13


In America today if the ministers are not giving out

the total Word of God, there are no greater traitors to

this country, regardless of what politicians, perverted

organizations or the general populace is doing.




                                    Ch. 8


vs. 1-3 -The people ripe for judgment - “The end is come

            upon my people”


Idolatry - the sin against the first table - had practically

            superseded the worship of God.  It was the religion

            of the king, court and people.  It was established and     

            endowed by the state (even though there is a wall

            of theoretical separation).


The rites were observed at Bethel, Samaria, Dan &

Beersheba - v. 14


Oppression was the result & sin against the second table -


The safeguards of property, liberty and life were alike

removed - ch. 3:9-10, 5:7, 12, 6:3


The order of society had been converted into chaos.


Incapable of using liberty without perverting it into license,

it was high time to deprive Israel of the grossly abused trust.


As slaves they would be under a regime that was strong-

armed and suited for their present circumstances.






Overripe fruit will go bad at once - national decline waits

on the development of national corruption.


vs. 4-6 - Business practices - sap the very foundations of

            social life - HANKERING AFTER SUNDAY TRADING


v. 7 - “ I will never forget any of their works” - THE LORD



Israel’s manners are past reforming & past enduring.

By their intolerance they showed their fitness to only be slaves.


v. 8 - “shall not the land tremble for this?”


v. 9 - Surprise - the ante-diluvians were no better prepared

            after 120 years of warning.


The end sudden, premature and tragic!


Sin is war against God - wickedness is invariably a shortener

of life - the sore spot of the sufferer reveals its mission as

from God Himself - AIDS Virus


vs. 10-11 - Those that despise the Word of the Lord

                        shall someday suffer a famine of the Word.


Men who will not have the words of the Lord shall be treated

to a dispensation of silence.


McGee -Happening in America today - a rejection of the Word

of God - Churches have turned to liberalism, the Word no longer

preached,  a famine, so many of the great churches have turned

from the Word of God, many have closed shop or have lost

their influence and drawing power.


Even the music is affected - the great hymns with sound theology

are no longer sung  - reference - Dr. Stanley on June 8, 2008


v. 12 - “they shall wander” - their unsatisfied desire seeking

            everywhere for revelation which their sin had denied them.


Calling evil, good and good, evil.  There is a penalty for being

left alone.  “It is not in man himself to direct his steps”


Never finding that which they recklessly rejected -

search made everywhere but to the south where

alone the true worship of God was!


v. 14 - “they shall fall, and never rise up again” - dissolution

            and permanent downfall.



                                    Ch. 9


vs. 1-3  - Escape impossible - Here we see, not judgments,

            but the Judge Himself, active for destruction.


Isaiah 3:10-14


The Omnipresence of God and His immutability - He

never changes.  These bring fear to hearts of the disobedient.


When God approaches sin it is only to destroy it.


vs. 4-5 - “I will set mine eyes upon them for evil, and not for

            good,  And the Lord God of hosts is He that touched the



He is Omnipotent and is a Monarch of a multitude of heavenly

spirits who execute His will, worship Him in His abiding place,

and are attendants & witnesses of His glory.



The wicked do well to fear God & the future - “and ye will not

come to me that ye might have life”???????


v. 7 - Like the heathen - apostate Israel  can only rank with

            the heathen.



v. 8 - “Behold, the eyes of the Lord God are upon the sinful

            kingdom, and I will destroy it from off the face of the

            earth” - Leviticus 26:23-25a


vs. 9-10 - winnowed by affliction & persecution.


vs. 11-15 - The Messianic kingdom shall be established -

            salvation shall be extended to all nations who will

            embrace it, “saith the Lord” - the covenant God

            Himself has predicted it!


“saith the Lord, thy God” - not a God unknown, not a

God apart, not a God untried but a God to trust.


Acts 15:13-18