October 26, 2003

                                    Colossians 1:1-14



v. 1 - “Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God”


Before Agrippa - Acts 26:13-18


God is sovereign - He can do as He wishes - Ps. 115:3


“But our God is in the heavens:  He hath done whatsoever

  He hath pleased”


v. 2 - “To the saints” - plural used of believers - not just

            to people of exceptional holiness or those who

            have died that were characterized by exceptional

            acts of saintliness.


II Thess 1:10 - saints described as “all them that believe”


Many have heard or even sung “When the Saints Go

Marching In” that will not be in that number.


Matt 8:11-12


If so, it is because they have not “been filled with the

knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual

understanding” - v. 9b


John 6:29       5:38     If you are not a saint, this is

                                    the reason, the flaw, the

                                    missing part of the puzzle

                                    in your life!

“faithful brethren” - Sherman Jones, in his galshers, with his

Bible and a toothpick”


Faithful brethren may have been on the Concorde’s last flight

to London this week, but having class, vanity and money

does not automatically put you among “faithful brethren”.


The only way to get that distinction is found in vs. 12-14.


“grace(Divine favor & mercy)......peace (harmonious

relationships between men, between nations, friendliness,

freedom from molestation, quietness, harmonious

relationship between man and God” -  Phil. 4:7


“from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”




John 16:33     I John 2:15-17            James 3:14-18


One of these scriptures that like Alexander the Great

who wept when there were no more worlds to conquer,

I weep for a different reason,  I have not the vocabulary

to deal with the situation.


Is. 57:20-21 - partial birth abortions/re-writers of history

            because they have nothing in their agenda that

            can replace morality taught in the Old and New



“And the way of peace have they not known” - Rom. 3:17


v. 3 - “We give thanks”  -  Phil. 4:6


“to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ”

not to Buddha, not to Mohammed, not the sun or

moon or any man, not even Saddam Hussein, much

less you.


vs. 4-5 - “faith.......love......hope”


Faith - Heb 11:1,3,4,5,6,7,8,13, and all other “by faiths”


Love - the characteristic word of Christianity - see

            how these Christians love one another” -

            John 13:34-35            I John 4:7-8


Hope - the anchor of the soul - Heb. 6:19-20


“which is laid up for you in heaven” - I Pet 1:3-9


Reservations - Gatlinburg -

Mary and Joseph experienced “no room for them

in the inn” - beware that you do not experience

“no room for them in the end”


Matt. 8:11-12


“heard...in the word of the truth of the gospel”


Rom 10:17 - “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing

            by the word of God”


“take heed how ye hear”  - Luke 8:18


“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall

make you free” - John 8:32


Isaiah 55:10-11          Matt. 24:35


v. 6 - “Which is come unto you, as it is in all the

            world” - Titus 2:11


“bringeth forth fruit” - John 15:1-8 - fruit, more

            fruit, much fruit


v. 7 - “a faithful minister of Christ”


v. 9 - “desire that ye might be filled with the

            knowledge of His will in all wisdom and

            spiritual understanding”


(The Whole Counsel of God) - Acts 20:27


Results in:


            v. 10 - greater pleasingness to God

                      moral fruitfulness & spiritual growth


The end of all knowledge is conduct, be it carnal

or spiritual.


“being fruitful in every good work” - the goal of

life is fruitfulness - EVERYWHERE!


            v. 11 - patience under suffering


“strengthened with all might, according to His

glorious power” - It is the splendor of God’s

revelations of Himself in which His might is so

conspicuous - Gazing on this glory, especially in

the face of Christ - II Cor. 4:6, in His Word - we understand

how that might is engaged on our behalf and this thought fills

us with invincible courage and endurance.


Patience is steadfastness and stout-heartedness under



Is. 25:6-9         Good News - Neh. 8:10


            vs. 12-14 - thankfulness for the blessings of



Rom. 3:24-26             Heb 9:12-14    I Pet 1:18-25


The redemption of the body - Rom. 8:19-23

                                                Job 19:23-27