November 16, 2003


                                      Colossians 2:6-23


John 8:32 - “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth

                      shall make you free”


vs. 2-3


I Tim. 3:3b-4 -  “....God our Savior; who will have all men

                        to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge

                        of the truth.”


State of the Union - Isaiah 5:4 - “What could have been done

            more to my vineyard, that I have not done in it?”


Isaiah 5:7a - “For the vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the

                        house of Israel”  - America - in modern times?


There was a time - 200 yrs. this was never questioned - now

there are people who know not God that are trying to rewrite

history - denial - can’t face reality - candidates for Western State


Isaiah 1:2-4 (no progress - retrograde - CEO’s would fire people

            for doing this)


A controversy - no end to this - Hosea 4:1 (smile)


v. 4 - “beguile” - reason falsely, to deceive by false reasoning -

            America’s bane and why we are turning away from God!


v. 8 - “spoil” - booty

Philosophy of the Universities - Psychology substituted

for the Bible.


Philosophy - Seminaries - Know lots about

Freud, Plato, Kant - little about the Word of God.


These damning philosophies killed the church at Colosse

and the church in Laodecia - the weakest of the seven

churches of Asia.


A psyche job!


They boasted of affluence/wealth/knowledge

but they were blind to how they really were.


Beguile - to victimize with enticing words/slick talk?


The reason I smiled was that I had prepared to use

Hosea 4:14c,6a, 7,9b,10c,11,12b, 17


Isaiah 3:8-13              Eccl. 8:11-13


Notice Ezekiel 9:4


Judge Moore of Alabama  said “he was born to do this” -

Acts 23:11


Do you think the Lord was not near this man?

Do you not think that God is far off from those who are

Satan’s representatives among us - calling his like

“neanderthal” - judiciary committee member -

sat against Judge Robert Bork - May I recommend the

Bible to you - also Slouching towards Gormorrah!


Eph. 4:18 - speaks of “the ignorance that is in them” -

            once again may I say there is a distinct possibility

            that the letter to the Ephesians is the letter to

            Laodecia that Paul mentions in Col. 4:16


v. 5 - “beholding your order” - “steadfastness in the faith”


These are military terms - an ordered array, a solid front -v.8


Someone has been asleep at the wheel in the last 40 years -

Valdez - Staten Island ferry boat - people get upset


v. 6 - “so walk ye in Him”


This is the way we get around in this world - by walking.


Enoch - Gen. 5:21-27 - “walked with God”


Father of Methusaleh - oldest man in the Bible -

His name means “when he dies it shall come” - talking of



Notice the longsuffering of God - I Pet 3:20 (smile)

            II Peter 3:9                 Jude 14-15


If it was me - I am more like James and John - sons of

thunder - “Lord, shall we command fire to come out of

heaven” - “ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of”

was Jesus’ reply.


Notice - Methusaleh - 969 year old - 187 before son

            Lamech, 782 after Lamech was born = 969.


Notice 187 + 182 = 369 + 600 (ch. 7:6) = 969


Now notice Genesis 4 - gives insight into the record

            of the evil character of the ungodly line of

            Lamech from Cain


And Genesis 5 gives the record of the godly line through

            Seth  on p. 161 from The Genesis Record  by Henry          

            Morris.  (See next page)



v. 7 - “rooted and built up in Him” -

                                                Ps. 1:3-6   John 15:4-6


v. 8 - “spoil” - booty


“philosophy & vain deceit” - none have a confidence

in the Word of God whether the secularists in our

universities or theological seminaries like the one

in Louisville included (attempted to retake from

liberal control - Courier Journal bad mouths at

every opportunity because it is a mouth piece for

the anti-christian spirit that I have been harping on)


Now it seems to me the State Baptist Convention

is very moderate from reading between the lines - can

you imagine who would vote for such leadership?


This “philosophy & vain deceit” - is selfish,

partisan spirit and overbearing in conduct.


Human authority - natural reason  - presented as

superior to faith in Christ.


 v. 8b - “traditions of men” - rather than the

            Word of God - Acts 20:27 - “avoid”

“rudiments of the world” - I John 2:15-17




v. 9 - The Pleroma of ch. 1:9



v. 10 - “And ye are complete in Him” - a complete

            Christ makes His people complete - His

            pleroma is our plerosis.  Finding the whole

            fulness of God brought within our reach and

            engaged in our behalf -  Phil. 2:7, Matt. 20:28 -

            in Him, we need not resort elsewhere to supply

            our spiritual needs - Phil 4:19


Eph. 1:8-10


This completeness includes the furnishing of men

with all that is required for their present and final

salvation as individuals.



                  SOCIETY - a loose relationship with

                  JESUS CHRIST?


“puffed up” - conceited/fleshly minded/sensuous origin





v. 18 - Judged out of own mouth

v. 19 - “the ties that bind”                


            I Kings 16:21 - “Then were the people of Israel

                        divided into two parts:  half of the people

                        followed Tibni the son of Ginath, to make

                        him king; and half followed Omri”.


United we stand, divided we fall - our state motto.


Ask Artose Pinner about binding - broken leg but

ligaments and tendons in leg injured also.


v. 19                v. 2                  Eph. 4:15-16