November 30, 2003

                                   Colossians 3:18-4:18



The Christian view of family duties.


The family is the foundation of society - “If the foundations

            be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” -  Ps. 11:3


The degree of honor & reverence in which the family is held

in any society determines the degree of soundness in its

moral condition.


v. 5 - “mortify” implies that sin is not to be allowed to die out

itself - we must kill it!


Sins against ones body - study closely Proverbs 5-7.



I Cor. 6:18-20 - an especial insult and outrage to the
Holy Spirit!


God said of Abraham - Gen. 18:17-19


The secret of America’s strength - maintenance of family

discipline formed the character with extraordinary vigor

and tenacity.


This is why evil people and evil organizations are against

the Bible and its teachings - like Cain - their works are

evil and their brothers righteous.


v. 16


Obsession with sexuality and perversion its perversion

not only has created people who “make love, not war”

but has made men more effeminate - a la - the feminine

behavior associated with homosexuality!


v. 18 - “wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands,

            as it is fit in the Lord”


v. 19 - “husbands, love your wives”


v. 20 - There is something especially pleasing in the

            behavior of a lovingly obedient child that wins

            favor with “God & man” - Luke 2:52


v. 21 - abuse of parental authority which teaches the

            child to look on his father as an enemy, rather

            than a friend.


In place of this, discipline and admonition of the Lord

are recommended.  Eph. 6:4


v. 23 - The spirit that should pervade the work place.


Eph. 6:6 - put your soul into it - your best individual powers


“knowing” - there is a Master who will recompense you if

            your earthly masters never do!


                                    ch. 4


v.1 - “knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven”


The Lordship of Christ dominates this epistle - preeminence

in creation, redemption, the church and every believer.


equity - the mother of justice


v. 2 - Exhortation to prayer and thankfulness


v. 5 - “buying up each opportunity” -

            Think of Wasted time???




John 9:4 - “I must work the works of Him that sent

            me, while it is day:  the night cometh when

            no man can work”


125 pages of commentary on chapters 2 & 3!

209 pages on first three chapters of Colossians!


Apparently, Christ was not preeminent in the Laodicean



Laodecia mentioned - vs. 13,15,16


Revelation 3:14-22


Matt. 24:5:6-14 - I submit to you that we are living in the

                            days of which Jesus spoke.


II Thess. 2:3, 9-12 - a great falling  away - known as apostasy


Errant philosophy killed the churches of Colosse and Laodecia