April 15, 2001

            The Greatest Event in the History of the World:

            the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Dead

                                    John 20:1-31



Hebrews 2:9-10, 14-18


II Cor. 4:6-7a


Ps. 90:9b - “we spend our years as a tale that is told”


A sudden accident, a few hours of disease - all is gone!


Pain is the red flag of reality to a rebellious spirit.


Ps. 103:15-18


Ps. 39:4-13


The wise woman of Tekoah - II Samuel 14:14


v. 1 - “first day of the week” - “Mary Magdalene”


“Better is the end of a thing than the beginning

  thereof” - Eccl. 7:8a


Ps. 63:1-8


v. 9 - ???? - Psalm 22, Isaiah 53, Psalm 16:8-11


Acts 2:25-36


Luke 24:44


Job 19:25-25                    14:13-15


Acts 26:7-8 - “King Agrippa”......... Why should it be

            thought a thing incredible with you, that God

            should raise the dead?”


I Cor. 15:35-38, 42-58


v. 50 - Romans 8:5-8


Isaiah 25:6-9


I Thess. 4:14-18


I John 3:1-3


John 5:24-29









Matt. 8:11-12 - To some the Door to Heaven is closed

                        by seven seals:


Materialism  - matter the only fundamental reality &

                        can explain everything.

Agnosticism - unknown & unknowable

Dogmatism - arrogant ideas based on insufficiently

                        examined premises

Scientism  - exaggerated trust in natural science to

                        explain the meaning of the cosmos

Worldliness - devoted to pursuits in this world rather

                        than the next

Indifference -                       

Unspirituality -


This whole school might have rambled around the Garden

with trowel and spectacles and would never have seen an

angel or the risen Christ.


Thank God, some saw and they have revolutionized the

world’s thought.


Revelation 22:4-6


Back to Luke 24


v. 13 - Angelic wonder at human unbelief -


            Over 300 OT prophecies, 321 NT prophecies


Odds/Water - the odds of these prophecies coming true

are in ratio to one drop of all the drops of water in the world.


v. 15 - first words to console human weeping over

            the most irremediable of human sorrows -


The beginning of the fulfillment of promise “to wipe

away tears from all eyes” - Is. 25:8


v. 17 - “my brethren” - new name dearer than

            slaves, servants, disciples, ministers,

            apostles, friends.


v. 19 - Christ’s new body - different from the one

            with the five senses -

Additional senses acquired!! of which we have no

conception or experience.



He could eat, had flesh & bones, a voice but a higher

order of being than crosses the field of scientific vision.


v. 20 - “Then were the disciples glad when they saw

            the Lord” -


Ps. 110:3, 141:7-8,


I Peter 3:18-20                       Isaiah 9:2


v. 28 - “My Lord and My God”  -


v. 29 - Beatitude - I Peter 1:8-9


Jesus’ words ring loud and true to us - “O foolish and

            dull of heart not to believe all that the prophets

            have spoken” - Also, now the Holy Spirit’s witness!


Our departed friends and loved ones lives are a part of the

harvest of which the Risen Redeemer was the first fruits -


The bright hope of personal immortality!


The summer is ended, the harvest is past and we are not saved!

Jeremiah 8:20