Celebrate the Resurrection

                                                John 20:1-31

                                              March 27, 2005


The Greatest Event in the World's History!


The Empty Tomb - The Author of Life died for us

and death could not hold Him!


Life from Him and in Him


v. 1 - "The first day of the week"  - Genesis 1:3-5


Mary Magdalene - out of whom He had cast out

seven devils - Mark 16:9, Luke 8:2


Luke 7:47


Christ appeared to her first - vs. 14-17


"Christ the first fruits, afterward they that are

Christ's at His coming" - I Cor. 15:19-28


vs. 6-7 - Raiment cast aside for the clothing of

            heaven that by made in spiritual looms. 


I Cor. 5:1-11


v. 8 - "he saw and believed"


"This is the work of God that ye believe on Him whom

He hath sent"  - John 6:29


Heb. 11:6                    Matt. 8:11-12             Jer. 5:31

Rev. 21:22-27             Acts 26:27-28, 24:25-26

Luke 24:25-27, 44-45

John 3:16-19                          Rom. 10:9-13

Mark 16:16 (damned)           John 3:18 (condemned)


v. 9  - Psalm 16, 22               Isaiah 53


"not possible that Christ should be holden by death"

                                    Acts 2:24

v. 12 - The entire teaching of the Bible from end to end

reveals and bears witness to a world ordinarily unseen

by human eyes, but none the less real. 


To some this door to heaven is closed and sealed by

the seven seals of materialism, agnosticism, dogmatism,

scientism, worldliness, indifference and unspirituality.


Materialism  - matter the only fundamental reality &

                        can explain everything.

Agnosticism - unknown & unknowable

Dogmatism - arrogant ideas based on insufficiently

                        examined premises

Scientism  - exaggerated trust in natural science to

                        explain the meaning of the cosmos

Worldliness - devoted to pursuits in this world rather

                        than the next

Indifference -                        Unspirituality -


The whole of secularist America might have rambled

abut the garden, with trowel and spectacles and would

never have seen an angel or the risen Christ!


Thank God, all eyes are not that dim.  Some there saw

and believed and they have revolutionized the world.


v. 13 - angelic wonder at human unbelief


The eyes of Cleophas and his friend were holden,

even though their hearts were burning within them"


v. 15 - "Woman, why weepest thou?" - the first words

            that He uttered after He arose from the dead

            were intended to console human weeping over

            the most irremediable of human sorrows.  The

            beginning of a fulfillment of the Divine promise

            "to wipe away tears from all faces" - Is. 25:6-9


Rev. 21:4


"she supposing him to be the gardener" - Even

though Christ was the same, yet He was different.


Luke 24:38-39      Import of flesh and bones -

            Blood?   "not yet ascended to the Father"



v. 17 - "my brethren" - not slaves, nor servants, not

            disciples nor ministers, not apostles nor friends,

            but "my brethren" - an eternal inheritance.


I am ascending to "my God and your God" to "my

Father and your Father"


v. 18 - "I have seen the Lord"  -  I John 1:1


Matt. 28 - Tell the disciples to go unto Galilee.


The two disciples on the road to Emmaus - went to

Jerusalem and found the disciples rejoicing that the

Lord had risen indeed, and had appeared unto Simon



v. 19 - Laws profoundly different from five senses only.


A new order of existence - apparently the resurrected

body possesses additional senses, of which we have no

conception or experience.  The spirit is clothed with

such properties of matter and dimensions of space

and active forces which are supernatural to us.


Jesus manifests the kind of life which will

eventually be the condition of all the redeemed!


v. 22 - The special action of Christ, the gift of

            spiritual insight, the God consciousness,

            the experience of two worlds.


Whoever enters into the sphere of that Divine

breath becomes "alive unto God".


It lies beyond the expertise of science and

cannot find any place in a sensational philosophy,

and is not a universal experience.


"Except a man be born again, he cannot see

the kingdom of God" - "Ye must be born again"

                                    John 3:3, 7b


Nowhere else in the New Testament is this word

used to describe the breathing on them of the

Holy Spirit.


It is used by the LXX (Septuagint) in Genesis 2:7  to describe

the essential distinction between the living soul

of Adam and the living soul of all other animals.


Man's life was no evolution of the life in other

creatures, neither did it come from properties

in the the dust of the ground.


A direct decision of Almighty God conferred upon

humanity - the life of the flesh. 


I Cor. 15:45



Here Christ confers on those He now sends forth

to complete the mission of His grace, the Divine

life which would make them new creatures, and

bestow on them power to generate the same spirit

in others.


v. 23 - Announce boldly the remission of sins on

            condition of faith and repentance to all

            nations beginning at Jerusalem. - Luke 24:47


This has been the divinest function of the church

ever since.


v. 25 - "we have seen the Lord"


Thomas did not receive their witness but said

"except....I will not believe."


v. 28 - When confronted by Jesus, Thomas' testimony

            was "my Lord and my God"


v. 29 - "Blessed are they that have not seen , and

            yet have believe"


The latest beatitude which Christ left us is

faith, in reality through the power of the truth,

is declared to be the law of the kingdom.




A great benediction is pronounced on those

who can rise in faith in Himself through the

Word which He has spoken and which His

disciples will continue to proclaim until He

returns again.


Luke 1:45                   Romans 4:16-25


I Peter 1:3-12


Rom. 10:6-17             I Cor. 1:17-21


John 11:25-26            Isaiah 53:1


v. 30 - Jesus Christ has fulfilled the entire

            idea of a Messiah - He is the Perfect

            and Only Son of God!