Perhaps you have noticed that I refer to a few Spurgeon sermons on this web site

and I have some downloaded.  From time to time, I hope to continue to do so.


I personally have all Spurgeon works on one CD.  However, for others, I have hit

the “mother load” of Spurgeon sermons and their easy availability to the honest

seeker of salvation, spiritual growth and edification.


I was considering to compile a list of his sermons with their texts from the

Bible, which would be quite a timely (but worthwhile) undertaking.  I thought

that if I had a list, then I could recommend them individually, provided

that I could type the title in my browser and it come up handily for you

also.  Imagine to my surprise when I typed in a known Spurgeon sermon

which I picked at random:


Gathering without Planting by Charles H. Spurgeon


When I did that, the sermon came up via the work of Emmett O’Donnell

who has a web site called: http://www.spurgeongems.org/   To my great

delight, not only did this sermon come up, but over three thousand of

his sermons came up and are there for the clicking. 


If you have a scripture that you would like to learn about, the above site has

Old Testament and New Testament Indices that will help you easily navigate

to your desired scripture.  For example, Gathering without Planting mentioned

above is found in Joshua 24:13.


Many sermons are in an audio format.


I recommend this site wholeheartedly to spiritually motivated seekers,

whether saved or unsaved.   Your, My, Our, eternal destiny, in one way

or another, is affected.


Carl Yahnig

February 15, 2014