Forty Days of Purpose

                                              Lesson 3


                                           May 1, 2005



Read off the fill in the blanks.


Fellowship - we enjoy fellowship and need it!


Fathers, mothers, siblings, peers, kinsmen, etc.


I have no doubt that in God's order of things that

this fellowship is transferred to churches.


I should think that the fact that we consider that we

have such need for an overhaul is an indictment that

we are far from God.   Not that we are or were perfect

but that it comes natural through the blessing of God.


It has only been in the last ten years or so that I have

thought much about fellowship - prior to this it was

a natural thing.  I cannot remember ever being

concerned about fellowship in the first 22 years of my

life in Oak Baptist Church in Pulaski County, KY.

Maybe I was too immature but the petty jealousies of

today never crossed my mind.  We went to church to

worship God and fellowship with fellow Christians was

a by-product from knowing God Himself!



I was many years in Second Baptist Church before there

was ever a question of fellowship.  It too was a

blessing of God to be able to go to church to

worship God without conflict.  Now it takes

a johnny-come-lately , a cure all, to teach us

how to fellowship.  This situation reminds me

of trying to catch a butterfly, running hither

and thither unsuccessfully, but if you will just

sit still, it will come and light on your nose.


This is not a chicken or egg thing - which came

first?  Fellowship comes automatically from God

when His people do His will!


I  should think that Lot, his wife, his daughters

and sons-in law had a concern about fellowship.

Sin cannot be more important than God's will,

else, no wonder there is no fellowship.


The Greek word is:


I Tim. 3:14-15


Rom. 12:9-16


v. 9 - Mr. Warren states - We desire a place where we

are able to share our true feelings (AUTHENTICITY) -

this is why the home is such a safe haven. 

                                    Heb. 4:12


I thought it interesting that the illustration that Mr.

Warren used dealing with authenticity/hypocrisy

was that the word "hypocrisy" referred to Greek

actors who wore masks - being called hypocrites because

they kept changing masks.  I don't know that Hollywood

has changed the perception any.


I John 1:5-7


When we admit that we are weak, that we have blown it

when it comes to sin, then we have forgiveness and peace

with God and with one another.


"When a man's ways  please the Lord, He maketh even

his enemies to be at peace with him" - Prov. 16:7


John 3:19-21     Out in the open - not hidden in the dark?


It is very important to study and apply the Word of God!


God made us for fellowship and intimacy with God and

 also with one another.


Heb. 4:12-16  


When we look at the Word of God and let it touch our soul

and show us where we do not measure up and where we

need to grow, then there will be authenticity, yea,

credibility with our fellow man.


v. 10 - Differences are respected (COURTESY).   Titus 3:2

For some of us - EGR's - Extra Grace Required


Courtesy will be taken care of automatically if we "do

unto others as we would have them do to us" - if we

would "Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving

one another, even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven us"


v. 12 -We are encouraged to grow spiritually (MUTUALITY).

                                    Eccl. 4:10


Together we are stronger than when alone. 


James 3:13-18                        Isaiah 32:17


UNITED STATES - importance of religion in - QUICKSAND


Alternative philosophies, many passed off as scientific,

imply that "man is the result of purposeless and natural

processes that did not have him in mind"


The atheist Bertrand Russell says science (hypocritically)

has presented us with a world that was "purposeless" and

"void of meaning".


A world without God and His moral strictures meant that

I could live 100% for SELF?  Lee Strobel  - The Case for a

Creator, The Case for Christ, & The Case for Faith



(a) encouragement - responding to the needs of others

     by offering comfort, encouragement and prayer.


Help one another on our  spiritual journey.


(b) honor - v. 10


(c) accountability - Heb. 10:24 -"And let us consider one

            another to provoke unto love and unto good works"


Malachi 3:16-18




v. 13 - We spend time with people, getting to know

            them (HOSPITALITY).         Acts 2:46


 v. 16 - We are supported in our purpose and are accepted,

            despite our weaknesses (UNITY).

                                    I Cor. 1:10


Psalm 133 - story behind it - Ward Correll/Gene Farley


Unity of purpose - not unity of personality.  There can be

unity without uniformity.  We are all different - we are not

alike except being made in the image of God, born again,

and under the control of the Holy Spirit. 


Leaves on a tree - different finger prints, voices, looks, etc.


There is power in unity.


"The locusts have no king, yet go they forth ALL OF

THEM by bands"  - Prov. 30:27


"one accord" in Acts - One accord in prayer, one accord

in one place, one accord in lifting up their voices, in

one accord in the temple, assembled in one accord and

with one accord gave heed unto the things which Philip



There is humility in unity, not hypocrisy.


Humility enables us to say the four difficult words,

"I need your help", the three difficult words "I was

wrong" and the two hard words "forgive me"!


James 4:6b - "God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace

            unto the humble"


I want God's grace in my life, even if I am an EGR (extra

grace required)


Humility accepts other peoples weaknesses.  It realizes

that self is not perfect and does not expect others to be so.






There are five building blocks of real community.  We

desire a place where we are able to share our true

feelings (authenticity), a place where differences are

respected (courtesy), a place where we are encouraged

to grow spiritually (mutuality), a place to spend time and

to get to know others (hospitality) and a where we find

support for our purpose in life despite our weaknesses!


Last week we mentioned that Jesus summarized the entire

Bible in two principles:  Loving God and loving others.


Loving God is worship.

Loving our fellowman is fellowship.


Jer. 10:23                   Prov. 3:1-26


Eph. 4:11-16               I Cor. 12:1, 4-27