Forty Days of Purpose

                                                Lesson 5

            Ministry:  You Were Shaped for Serving God

        May 15, 2005



Read Fill in the Blanks.


Practical Christianity - steps to become a true servant of

Jesus Christ.


I am blessed when I think of how saturated American

culture once was - the effect on society was tremendous

AND GOD BLESSED IT - like He promised in Deut. 28


Unfortunately, the curses of Deut. 28 seem to be upon us

and they are in direct proportion to our disobedience and

turning our back on God. 


I both marvel and am embarrassed, how this nation has turned

from God to become pagan - it is not complete yet - there

seems to be a great struggle - 50-50 now - divided country?

Both sides seems to understand the importance of the

judiciary  (the origin of the conflict).   I am very disappointed

with the judiciary system in this society because judges have

not represented God very well - He, the Judge of all the earth

doeth right!  (see Genesis 18:25)


This "holy experiment" by the Puritans has led to America

being the "Good Samaritan" to the rest of the world.


Luke 10:25-37


I heard over the radio this week where people who

help others are much happier than those who look

out only for #1.


Jesus Christ has left us an example that we should

follow His steps.


He had a servant's  heart  - Phil. 2:1-8


Christ-like servanthood is counter-cultural to the

self-centeredness of our generation.


I John 3:17-18                        James 2:15-17


Talking a lot about John 14:23 - Christ & God

living in you, me and everyone who will do His will!


Hands are apparently a part of His plan also -



Acts 10:38 - "How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth

            with the Holy Ghost and with power:  who

            went about doing good"


Gen. 32:28 - "thy name shall no more be called Jacob,

            but Israel:  for as a prince has thou power with

            God and with men and hast  prevailed"


This "certain lawyer" - tempted Jesus - eventually

asked  "And who is my neighbor?"


Jesus could just as easily asked him "And just who

is thy God" - that explains it all in 30 AD or 2005 AD


I Cor. 12:1,4-27                      Eph. 4:11-16


Jesus asked the lawyer - "Which now of these three

            thinkest thou, was neighbor unto him that

            fell among the thieves?"


The reply "he that showed mercy on him"


Jesus said "Go thou and do likewise" - No doubt

historically, Americans have taken this LITERALLY!


Genesis 1:1  - literally


The Case for a Creator by Les Strobel -


Evolution - believing of a lie - doctrine of the devil -

thus religion is alive and doing well in America's

public schools even be it a falsehood.


"For this cause " - Rom. 1:21-28      II Thess. 2:10-12




Unity- Forty Days of Purpose - whether it does the

trick or not - time will tell! 


Library - What if all Kentuckians read the same

book? --- once they did - it affected the lives and

culture of Kentuckians to the point that it is

even in an agnostic 21st century, considered to

be a part of the "Bible Belt"


KERA testing - nothing but political correctness -

whoever originated it  - it seems to me to be

a concession to mediocrity and an attempt to

subliminally steer the children of Kentucky in

another direction, albeit an "amoral" one.


Back to "he that showed mercy" and "go and do

thou likewise"






We have all, at one time or another, passed someone

in need.  The needs around us are very overwhelming.

Sometimes we are numbed by it and wonder "well,

what am I supposed to do?"  This study is about

the answer to this question!


Three attitudes towards those in need.


            a.  a life style of avoidance - don't get too close -

                 keep everyone at an arm's length

            b.  curious but uninvolved

            c,  treat others as you would want to be treated


Four steps to serving the needs of people the way

that Jesus would.


            a.  Start seeing - open your eyes to those in

                 need around you - there are many around

                 you - wounded people - beaten in life -

                 physically and emotionally - in too big a

                 hurry is the death of kindness - SLOW

                 DOWN - be sensitive - look people in the

                 eye - give them your undivided attention -

                 Put out your spiritual radar.


                        I Cor. 10:24                Rom. 15:1-2


            b.  Sympathize with people's pain.  The Good

                 Samaritan had pity on the wounded man.


                        Rom. 12:15                 Gal. 6:2

                        II Cor. 1:3-4


            c.  Seize the moment and meet the need.  Don't

                 delay or procrastinate!  Love is not so much

                 what you feel as it is something that you do!


                        I Cor. 13                     Prov. 3:27-28,1-10

                        Luke 10:31 - "and by chance"  Eccl. 9:11-12


                 We must be willing to be interrupted - love is

                  often inconvenient - serving takes time - for one

                        reason or another we often do not want

                        to get involved but God has fixed it to

                        where we are to get involved - "am I my

                        brother's keeper?"


            d.  Spend what it takes - there's a cost - a cost

                 for kindness and service - a sacrifice of time,

                 energy, money or reputation.  The Good

                 Samaritan paid the bill  at his own personal

                 expense.  Luke 14:12-14


                        Gal. 6:10


APPLICATION - pp. 47-48 - Rick Warren's teacher help


                        Matt. 10:42                Matt. 25:31-46

                        Heb. 9:10                    II Cor. 8:1-5