Forty Days of Purpose

                                            Lesson 6

            Evangelism:  You Were Made For a Mission

   May 22, 2005


Read Luke 5:17-26


Read - fill in the blanks


Acts 13:36-42 - "David served his generation"


Pass It On - Go Tell it on a Mountain


Matt. 12:20


John 4:34-38  


A mission in the world in which we share with

unbelievers the "unsearchable riches of Christ"


It means more than just going to church - a ministry

that is not just for pastors and missionaries  - every

Christian is called to serve and minister to others.


We have studied four purposes that God has for your

life - worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and

today evangelism.  God wants you to share the good

news with others - the same mission that Christ had -

He now gives to us - to pass on to others the same

Good News about God's love that someone told YOU!


Deut. 6:4-9                 Matt. 28:18-20


infiltrate - not isolate - insulate - not contamination


Acts 15:18                  Acts 28:23-31

Col. 1:25-29                Rom. 11:25,29-32

Luke 21:24


Rick Warren's father - "reach one more for Jesus"


Jews - Gentiles - Muslims ????


John 17:18,15,20-21


A mission - GOOD NEWS


I Cor. 3:9-17


Four Keys to Fulfilling God's Mission in the World


(1) They became CONCERNED (burdened) - the principle

      of compassion -the four men cared enough about their

      helpless friend to do something about his pain -

      compassion is love in action.  You must love people and

      look out for their needs - spend time with non-Christians -





        Prayer is essential to fulfilling that mission - Col. 4:3-5

            a.  ask God to soften your heart & give you a real

                 love for unbelievers with whom you come into


            b.  ask God to soften their hearts - God usually

                 does this through problems and pain - look

                  around - see who is hurting.


(2)  They believed that Jesus WOULD SAVE their friend.

            a.  they brought their friend to JESUS

            b.  the sick man was paralyzed - people can be

                 suffering from paralysis of fear, guilt, loneliness,

                 or circumstances  & problems in life.  They can't

                 get to Jesus on their own - they need us to bring

                 them to Jesus!


                        Heb. 7:25


            No one is beyond the reach of God's love -  He

            specializes in doing the impossible.  Don't give up

            on anyone.  Someone had to bring you.


(3)  They didn't just pray for their friend; they BROUGHT

       HIM  to JESUS!


       a.  if you are paralyzed you cannot come on your own.


                        Col. 4:5-6                    Luke 14:23

We are to be aggressive - not to sit back and wait

            for people to come to church.

(4)  They didn't let difficulties DISCOURAGE them.


            a.  there was too big of a crowd - the door was

                 blocked - they took their paralyzed friend up on

                 the roof and started pulling away the roof tiles -

                 they created a disturbance - they let the man down

                 on a mat through the hole in the roof right before

                 Jesus.  Bold, costly, but it was WORTH IT!


                        II Peter 3:9


"And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall

reap, if we faint not" - Gal. 6:9



someone to heaven is the greatest thing that you can do for him.


Fulfilling God's five purposes in this study:


            Bringing pleasure to God through worship.

           Experiencing life together through fellowship.

 Growing spiritually to be more like Christ through discipleship.

           Serving the needs of others through ministry.

           Sharing the Good News through evangelism.


Acts 13:36 - tells of David serving his generation - our prayer

   should be that we serve God's purpose in our generation.


Psalm 78:1-11 I Cor. 12:1,4-27                      Eph. 4:11-16