Habakkuk 1-3

                                    June 24, 2007



The coming of the Lord to judge the world and to

bring salvation to the righteous - though the fulfillment

be delayed, it is absolutely certain!


If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?

                                                                        Psalm 11:3


Habakkuk's name means "embracing" - one who embraces

or one who is embraced.


The name points to the faith of Habakkuk which cleaved

unto the Lord amid the perplexity of things seen.


Luke 21:25-26


The moral and spiritual degeneracy of the age in which he

lived harmonizes with the reign of Manasseh or Jehoiakim -

Manasseh - 55 years - you ought to read of what that man

did - II Kings 21  and 24


The religious degeneracy of his age - deep national corruption

as in the days of Jehoiakim - Jer. 22:13-17


The Law of God was fallen into disrespect - what was

designed or the soul and for all political, religious and domestic

 or personal life, was slacked.


Paralyzed through moral and spiritual apathy of the

nation which gave it no response and yielded it no



Human justice was perverted - because men's hearts had

declined from the love of God and had ceased to respect

His Law, judgment seldom or never proceeded forth against

evil-doers or if it did it was perverted.  Criminals were

brought to trial and usually could always secure a verdict

in their favor.


It was not merely a degeneracy secretly eating its way into

the vitals of the nation  - vice and irreligion was not a

private thing - iniquity flaunted its robes openly in the

eyes of passers-by.


The prophet saw it, looked upon it, felt himself surrounded

by it - Sodom vexed or tormented Lot's righteous soul yet

Lot looked toward Sodom, chose Sodom, dwelt in it and

sat in its gates.


The V-word - VIOLENCE


Habakkuk speaks in the person of the righteous who is

grieved at the wickedness he sees around.


v. 2 - "O Lord, how long shall I cry"


            Isaiah 6:8-11


v. 5 - "I will work a work in your days"


Same said of God to Samuel - I Samuel 3:11-14


Of Manasseh - II Kings 21:7, 9-13


v. 7 - "their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of



"scoff.....mind change....ordained...for judgment"


v. 13 - God's holiness cannot endure the sight of wickedness

            nor His mercy the sight of man' misery!


Up to the time of the Chaldean invasion Jehoiakim, nor his

people thought such a conquest was possible.


So the antediluvians knew not till the Flood came and took

them all away - Matt. 24:39


So shall the coming of the Son of man be - II Peter 3:1-10


The Judgment of the great day will surprise the ungodly of the

world and a sleeping church!


Learn that no good man can be indifferent to the moral and

spiritual character of the age in which he lives!



That good men bear the best interest of their country before

God in prayer - that God is on the side of the righteous

even when iniquity seems to triumph, that God hears

prayers even when He delays or appears not to hear them!


Suffering is the royal road to moral and spiritual perfection



                                    ch. 2


v. 1 - "I will stand upon my watch" - David served his



v.2 - Who ever reads this announcement run and publish

        it to all within reach - use all dispatch in making the

        Divine message known.


"the vision" - "all plain to him that understandeth" - Prov. 8:9

            makes "wise the simple" - Ps. 19:7 - a "wayfaring

            man, though a fool will not err therein" - Is. 35:8


v.3 - the world power in the end typified by Babylon

        will be overthrown


"it will not tarry"   - "the day of the Lord will come"


vs. 4-5  - contrast of an evil character with the one who lives by

        faith - those who wish to be independent of God shall

        perish but the righteous shall live and be saved through

        his faith in God!


"the just shall live by faith" - in one sentence all true religion.


Proud...puffed up...arrogant...haughtiness will eventually

culminate in antichrist.


"without faith it is impossible to please God"  - Heb. 11:6


Faith and holiness are inseparably connected in NT


insatiable - "cannot be satisfied" - compelled to disgorge

them in due time - "naked came I out of my mother's womb

and naked I shall return thither" - Job 1:21


"of dust thou art and to dust thou shalt return"


vs. 9-10 - men think that riches will add comfort and increase

            their happiness - they desire the mental gratification

            then seek it for the lustre in others' eyes it is supposed

            to give.


"sinned against thy soul" - "riches profit not in the day of

  wrath" - Prov. 11:4              Ezek. 7:19       Zeph. 1:18


v. 11 - the tie-beam out of the timber work shall "take up the

            refrain" and answer the stone from the wall.


Luke 19:40 - "I tell you if these should hold their peace,

            the stones would immediately cry out"


v. 13 - "weary themselves for very vanity"


What is here said of Babylon is true of all earthly things

and ought to moderate men's desires in running after them.


v. 14 - All the earth is to be filled with, and recognize the

            glory of God as manifested in the overthrow of

            ungodliness - a time  is looked forward to establish-

            ment of Messiah's kingdom which shall "break in

            pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and shall

            stand for ever" - Dan. 2:44


In the overthrow of mystery Babylon men will see a

display of Jehovah's character and power never seen



v. 15


v. 18 - "Thou shalt have no other gods before me"

            "Thou shalt not make a graven image"


Idolatry:  brings a curse - Deut. 27:15

                 brings endless sorrow (sorrows multiplied) -Ps. 16:4

                 brings everlasting death - Rev. 21:8


"a teacher of lies" - II Thess. 2:11-12 - "God shall

            send them strong delusion that they should believe

            a lie (because they received not the love of the truth -

            v. 10)......damned....believed not....pleasure in



v. 20


The highest glory of the universe is God's presence in it!

Man's truest hope springs from the vicinity of God!

The finest worship may at times be inaudible.



                                    ch. 3


v. 2 - "in wrath remember mercy"


v. 6 - "His ways are everlasting' - "Jesus Christ the same

            yesterday, today and for ever" - as God acted of

            old, so He acts now - the eternal, unchangeable

            purpose and operation of God are contrasted with

            the disruption of the everlasting hills.


v. 12


v. 13


v. 16 - "my lips quivered" - this word is used of

            the tingling of the ears in I Sam. 3:11 and

            II Kings 21:12 - Manasseh again!


(for the sensation of tingling of the ears, take your palms

 and box both ears at the same time)



"that I might rest in the day of trouble"


vs. 17-19


Let a man lose what he may, so long as he has God and

Jesus Christ, the Bible and the throne of grace, with the

gift of forgiveness and the hope of heaven - he is not

utterly undone.


What remains to the good man after the departure of

creature comforts is the BEST PART OF HIS ESTATE!


The Source of all strength, whether physical, intellectual

or spiritual, for the human being, is God!


This Divine strength is indispensable for enabling the soul

to cling to God in the day of trouble.


The idea here is the tenaciousness to hold on like the feet

of a female deer, which quickly senses danger and bounds

along with safety among the crags and cliffs of its native



The language is descriptive of one who, in the season of

adversity, in the hour of trial, temptation and danger, is

quick to discern, eager in adopting, and steadfast in

pursuing the path of duty and safety.


"He maketh me to walk in mine high places"


"our sufficiency is of God" - II Cor. 3:5