ch. 6:13-20



v. 18 - "by two immutable things"  - the promise

            and an oath


"it is impossible for God to lie"


"strong consolation"   

"refuge of hope"

"an anchor of the soul"

"both sure and steadfast"


Life is likened unto a storm - believers possess

complete security in the midst of the storm


Christian hope is an anchor - of the three great

graces - faith, hope and love - hope often receives

the least prominence in our thoughts


Hope calms and cheers in the midst of trouble!


It connects with the cable of faith in the promise

and oath of God!


It is a living "lively hope"   - I Pet 1:3


The anchor does not quell the storm but it

holds fast the vessel - in Christ


Many a soul has reached the desired haven

out of life's storms but some have "made

shipwreck concerning the faith" - I Tim. 1:19


"God is our refuge and strength, a very present

help in trouble" - Ps. 46:1-3,7


"Christ in you the hope of glory" - Col. 1:27

"Your  life is hid with Christ in God" - Col. 3:3




                                    ch.  7


The whole Jewish economy only prefigured

and prepared for one availing priesthood - the

True High Priest of mankind - Jesus Christ the

Son of God - God assigned royalty to His Son -

He is  King as well as Priest -  a new order, not

of Aaron but of Melchizedek - and that "for



All that the Bible says about him is in three

verses - Genesis 14:18-20







v. 1 - In Genesis - in the midst of history in which

            a point is made of parentage and descent

            of the patriarchs of Israel - at a time of

            peculiar glory of the first and greatest of

            them - Abraham - one suddenly appears

            on the scene, a priest and king, not of the

            peculiar race at all - his parentage and

            ancestry unrecorded and unknown, who

            blesses and receives tithes from

            Abraham and then suddenly

            disappears from view.


v. 3 - almost seems like a riddle - he had no predecessor

            in office and he shall have no successor.


v. 4 - "consider" - though hard of interpretation the

            theme deserves careful study since it concerns

            the dignity and glory of the Son of God.


Melchizedek is superior to Abraham - remember

Jesus' words - "Your father Abraham rejoiced to

see my day: and he saw it and was glad"...."before

Abraham was, I am" - John 8:56,58


Abraham was greater than Aaron; Melchizedek

was greater than Abraham, but Christ is infinitely

greater than Melchizedek


v. 17 - To the Psalmist in ch. 110 this individual is

presented as the ideal of "a priest for ever"


The very mention of a different order of

priesthood implies that the old order, and

with it the legal dispensation which depended

on it, was imperfect and to be superceded.




vs. 11-12


vs. 13-14 - it is to be distinct from the tribe of Levi

             - the order changed not only because

            the Priest of the new order is from the

            tribe of Judah (see Revelation 5) but

            because it is of a different kind and of

            a kind much higher and diviner.


The subject of Psalm 110 is the Antitype of

Melchizedek rather than Melchizedek himself.


ch. 9:11,14


v. 16 - "the power of an endless life"


Earthly priests - short duration - death - successor


The Aaronic priesthood stands as the representative

of service limited by the necessary boundaries of

human nature.


Jesus stands forth as One whose service is

unlimited save by the unbelief of the one He seeks

to save


vs. 18-19 - the disannuling of the Law because of

            its insufficiency - "the Law made nothing

            perfect but the bringing in of a better hope



Jesus Christ is the true Priest of mankind, for

whom the nations have been waiting - "the Desire

of all nations" - "thy people shall be willing in the

day of thy power"


The Levitical priesthood and the entire ceremonial

law which it enshrined have been abrogated and

in their stead has come an introduction of "a

better hope"


No Levitical priest was installed so solemnly - the

Divine oath shows the certainty and importance

and unchangeableness of the thing sworn!


v. 22 - "Jesus made a surety of a better covenant"


            surety - bail


God's oath - says it is so


"Say it ain't so Joe" - Chicago Black Sox scandal


This is no mere temporary ordinance but on the

immutable Divine counsel - see again ch. 6:17-20


v. 24 - Christ "continueth ever...unchangeable

            priesthood" - His eternal personality

            assures the complete efficiency of our

            High Priest!  (v. 25)


A contrast with mortal men of v. 23


v. 25 - Read - "Ask of me" - Ps. 2:8


"He ever liveth to make intercession for them"


Through Christ, man belongs to the same order of

being as God Himself!  How sweet to know that our

High Priest  is also a man - that His earthly life

was full of experiences basically as ours - He

knows our difficulties, sorrows and temptations.


Believers can approach Him with confidence -

ch. 4:16


v. 26 - the word "high priest" is introduced for

            the first time - a key-note of what is to



"For such an high priest became us" - is fitting -

to our state and needs - same word used in ch. 2:10


That He should be  both human and superhuman

was in all respects fitting - the sympathizing brother -

"through whom we can draw night to God" -

He is "holy, harmless, undefiled, separate

from sinners and made higher than the



The sacrifice of Christ is in itself all-sufficient to

expiate guilt, cleanse the conscience, and purify the

soul - His blood atones, it is the blood of God!


ch. 10:29


Christ was not only outwardly holy -

"hagios" but inwardly holy "hosios"




Christ was holy - He kept the first four words of the

Law - He was guileless, just and kind towards His

fellowmen - He perfectly observed the six precepts

of the second table - He injured no one - He went

about doing good.


He was singular in this holiness - "separated from

sinners" - we are of the other group - "all have

sinned and come short of the glory of God"!


Jesus stands by Himself and in that He has

suffered being tempted, He is able to help us!


His reward - "made higher than the heavens"


Christ, living among men, showed what a glorious

thing human nature is when we can see it in its

full purity - Jesus is not only pure Himself but

He can purify the medium through which He is



The Great High Priest stands in the midst of

sinful men to whom He ministers for the

most practical purpose of MAKING THEM



(see v. 27)