August 12, 2001

                                        Hosea 10



v. 1 - Empty vine, fruit unto itself - luxuriant - like the

            fig tree which Christ cursed.


v. 2 - divided heart - “my son, give me thy heart”

            Prov. 23:26


Ecclesiastical disaster, secular disaster - no upholder

of church or state.


v. 3 - wild license - recklessly giving vent to an

            anarchical & atheistic spirit.


Fountain head of their wickedness!


“In those days there was no king in Israel:  every

  man did that which was right in his own eyes”

  Judges 21:25


v. 4 - hemlock - crimes springing up abundantly like

            an obnoxious weed.  SORROW - SHAME-



Moral corruption the usual consequence of

irreligious - deception, perjury, spin doctors.


v. 5 - Glory departed - Ichabod - I Samuel 4


v. 6 - “receive shame....and ashamed of his own counsel”


v. 7 - “foam upon the water” - reduced to nothing.


vs. 8-9 - hypocritical worshipping of God other than at



v. 11 - Also ch. 4:16 - Braced


v. 12 - Call to repentance and reformation


“it is time to seek the Lord”


The heart, like land untilled, hard & difficult to plow -

must be broken - loss of time - misspent time - redeem

the time.


v. 13 - Plowed wickedness, reaped iniquity - cultivated it.

            Rom. 6:19,21


Sunk into idolatry, no longer looking to Jehovah as the

source of their power & strength - confident of their

sagacity & thought - they fancied themselves independent

of the Almighty.


Trusting in political wisdom and the power & prowess of

their mighty men.


“eaten the fruit of lies” - Satan the father of lies.