August 26, 2001

                                            Hosea 13



In preparation for this lesson I somewhat experienced

what the Apostle John did when the angel told him to

take and eat, that in his mouth it would be like honey but

in his stomach it would be bitter.


Such are the effects of sin of which we are all too familiar.


“Righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to

any people” - Prov. 14:34


v. 1 - “when he offended in Baal, he died”


The elevation of the tribe of Ephraim (Jeroboam) was soon

followed by religious declension sealing the doom of the

northern kingdom.


“A house divided against itself cannot stand”


The actual dying commenced with the introduction of

idolatrous worship. 


The modification of national worship by Jereboam - a

change of the place & plan of worship that introduced

calves - “let the men that sacrifice kiss the calves” v. 2


A relapse, at least in form, to the idolatry of Egypt.

It did not stop with Jeroboam but progressed in the

days of Ahab to where the Phoenician deity Baal became

the object of worship.


A violation of the second commandment neglecting the

solemn instruction that the worship of Jehovah must

be spiritual, not material.


A violation of the first commandment that requires

exclusive worship of Jehovah.


Pride brought Ephraim down from his exalted position

and laid his honor in the dust.


v. 2 - Persistent adherence to idolatry.


Own understanding, work of the craftsman.


A very debasing thing - man’s work, man’s wisdom, the

product of man’s willfulness becomes the object of man’s



First with Jeroboam-calves, second, with Ahab-Baal,

next thing you know the people are multiplying other idols

in II Kings 17:9-12


A departure - Ambrose’s Crazy Horse & Custer.


Natalie’s teacher application form - Political correctness gone crazy.


Little League team from the Bronx waving flag.


v. 3 - Sins of Israel so great & multiplied that punishment

            could not long be delayed.




Four figures representing their political extinction:


            Morning cloud     

            Early dew              } - that which is good but passing


            Chaff of wheat

            Smoke from the chimney } - that which is worthless


Senselessness of their idolatry from verse 2


Punishment of their sin sternly denounced.


Psalm 37:35-37                       Daniel 9:7


vs. 4-5 - History of God’s favor to Israel from ancient

            times, all which they forgot - “the Lord thy God

            from the land of Egypt”


“There is no Saviour besides Me”


Isaiah 45:21-22   


Acts 4:12 - “Neither is there salvation in any other: 

            for there is none other name under heaven

            given among men whereby we must be saved”


Then, why is there always someone clamoring Deut. 13:2

            “let us go after other gods”  - “that dreamer of

            dreams” they were not to follow but “shall be put to



Psalm 2:1-3, 6


v. 6 - “they have forgotten me” - in the Chaldean version

            “they have abandoned my service”

Too luxuriant pasture, too good, become headstrong

and unmanageable.


Misuse of riches - forgetful of He who made it!


Not without warning - Deut. 32:12-20


Good gifts used to dishonor God & to neglect His service.


God naturally claimed, not only their knowledge, but

acknowledgment of Himself.  It was their bounden duty,

in turn, to acquaint themselves with Him, to know Him to

be their God and no other,  (see Genesis 17:7,9) to acknowledge Him in His ineffable perfections, in His glorious attributes, and in

the ordinances of His worship, and allegiance to Him alone!



His saving power is a SPECIAL REASON for knowing and

acknowledging  no Saviour but Him.


vs. 7-8  - Israel compared to a flock fed in luxuriant pastures,

            now the threat of wild beasts attacking the flock.


Ch. 4:16  - last week, backsliding heifer - this week their

            sad plight.


Sinning with a high hand and vilest lust.  Season of

punishment has arrived - God leaves them to themselves.


In these circumstances they will resemble a lamb taken

away into a wilderness and left there to range the wild &

live at large but without provision & protection.


going to and fro without rest or feeding. 


Isaiah 63:7-10                        Amos 5:18-19


Remember Amos 3:12


Beasts of prey seizing victim & rendering there

on the spot!


v. 9 - “thou hast destroyed thyself” - their conduct

            had been suicidal.




Micah 6:14 - “thou shalt eat, but not be satisfied”

Psalm 106:15 - “He gave them their request; but

                        sent leanness to their soul.”


This was brought on by their rebellious behavior

against Jehovah who otherwise would have been

their Shield & Deliverer!


v. 10 - “where is any other that may save thee?”




Neither help nor hope from man, only in God &

God alone. 


Throughout history, wrath & ruin are the deservings

of man - goodness & mercy the dispensation from God!


v. 12 - Sin of Ephraim neither forgotten or blotted out.


Job 14:17 - “my trangression is sealed up in a bag,

            and thou sewest up my iniquity”


Treasures usually counted - sinner pictured thus

in Romans 2:5-6


v. 13 - Sinfulness brings many sorrows & severe



Travail - Birth - I Thess. 5:3 - “For when they shall

            say, Peace & safety; then sudden destruction

            cometh upon them as travail upon a woman

            with child; & THEY SHALL NOT ESCAPE”


“unwise son” - sheer folly that postpones repentance

            and aspirations for a new spiritual life!


How lamentable the fate of those Israelites who had

reached Kadesh-barnea, within eleven days journey of

the promise, but who never set foot in that goodly land,

their carcasses having fallen in the wilderness.


God is a Spirit! 


Do not remain another single hour in distress, but turn

to the Lord & He will deliver thee.


ch. 14:2           Prov. 1:23 - “Turn you at my reproof:

                                    behold, I will pour out my spirit

                                    unto you, I will make known my       

                                    words unto you”



v. 14 - Though men are now dead, there is nothing to

            prevent God to quicken them.  He is the ruin of

            death and the excision of the grave.


Though death swallow up all men, though the grave

consume them, yet God is superior to both death and

the grave, for He can slay death and abolish the grave.


Ezekiel 37:1-14


I Cor. 15:50-58


It is a peculiar prerogative of God to be the perdition of

death and the destruction of the grave.  He is endued

with that incomprehensible power by which He can raise

us from a state of putrefaction; nay He will also raise us

up from the grave, for He is the death of death, the grave

of the grave, the ruin of ruin, and the destruction of

destruction;  that incredible power of God, which is

beyond the reach of human understanding.


John 11:25-26             John 5:24-29


Philippians 3:9-11,14


Psalm 78:41 - “they limited the Holy One of Israel”


Ps. 50:21 - “These things thou hast done & I kept

            silence: thou thoughtest that I was altogether such

            a one as thyself:  but I will reprove thee and set

            them in order before thine eyes”



Ransom & Redeem - the word rendered ransom signifies

rescued them by the payment of a price, the word redeem

relates to one who as the nearest of kin, had the right to

acquire anything as his own by paying that price.

Both words in their exactest sense, describe what

Jesus did, buying us with a price and becoming our

near kinsman by His incarnation.


v. 15 - Element of destruction is already on the way

            not by chance but commissioned by Jehovah

            as a minister of vengeance to execute His wrath.


v. 16 - Samaria - not only the capitol but the seat &

            center of idolatry and from here it spread

            throughout the land.


All the evil in the world may be seen in sin.  Sin dries

up all our springs, stops our fountains, spoils our

treasures, and robs us of all our pleasant things, our

pleasant land, our pleasant food, our pleasant raiment,

our pleasant houses, our pleasant children.