July 15, 2001

                                      Hosea 1-2



                                          Ch. 1


v. 1 - 58 years of ministry - lived to see it fulfilled


Hosea was a pious & patriotic man in a godless

generation.  Never won any man of the year awards,

won no popularity contests in his home town.



& FAITHLESSNESS           


The background of Hosea is the story of a fallen woman and

a broken home - contrast that with God's ideal of marriage

and womanhood - Vernon McGee


v. 2 - “the land hath committed great whoredom, departing

            from the  Lord” - Really, a brothel


America relegated literally into a spiritual




Materially prosperous like Israel, but internally there are moral

weakness & rotteness, for which no amount of materialism

could rectify or remove.


Isaiah 1:1-6                Contemporary of Hosea


Hosea’s home life - symbolical of Israel, of America,

that second land of milk & honey in the Christian or

I should say, Post Christian Dispensation.


In this home there were three children, two boys and a girl.

Their names: (1) Jezreel - meaning national ruin or

                        God will scatter.  The name implies



                        (2) Loruhamah - meaning loss of Divine

                        favor - she never knew a father’s pity -

                        Didn’t know who her daddy was.  The

                        name implies extreme desolateness of

                        condition - a long course of iniquity had

                        sinned away  the day of mercy.


                        (3) Loammi - not my child - forfeiture of

                        position as chosen people of Jehovah.

                        The name implies deplorable degradation.


Hosea (salvation) marries Gomer (a daughter of pleasure

& devotee to sin)


From bad to worse, apostasy to idolatry.  God abandons

them to their fate.


v. 4 - the overthrow of the house of Jehu was the beginning

            of the end, the beginning of the process of decomposition.


It was more than the destruction of a dynasty, it was the

destruction of a kingdom.


The bond is broken - in verse 9 God tells them to their face -

ye are not my people”


The real message - THE TRAGEDY OF A BROKEN HOME!                                       


The home is the foundation of society - the most

important unit of social structure - God made man

and placed him at the head - how dare vain woman

to try and restructure placing woman at the head

and relegating man to effeminacy.  NEA


Then they wonder why people home school or send

their children to private schools.


A Rick Pitino this week - Providence College


What the atom is to the universe - the building

block of society is the home.


A nation is no stronger than it’s homes.


God put safeguards - Matt. 19:6 “what God hath

joined together, let no man put asunder”


God's attitude  is "marriage is honorable in all" - Heb. 13:4


Lev. 20:10                  Deut. 22:20-21



Maggie’s Testimony - a chaste virgin -

If I had to make a choice for life, I would stake

it on her virginity.


Article in paper - attitude of woman or girl that

wrote response concerning the motorcycle

convention in Hopkinsville recently.


Contrast attitudes in sitcom - while  channel surfing - this is the

outfit in which I plan to lose my virginity and it wasn’t a bridal gown.


Two peas in a pod - where secular humanism

is leading America - where such attitudes

led Israel - Read Hosea to see!


Especially ch. 4:14,17 my oft quoted fall!                            



                                    Ch. 2


One of the worst sins a man or woman can commit

is adultery.


The greatest sin is unfaithfulness to God, committing

spiritual adultery against Him, who created you,

sustains you, gives you health, intelligence, & talents

or gifts (difference)


v. 1 - playing both ends against the middle.


v. 2 - making breasts bare - cheap/tawdry type of

            allurement - just so happens that is the major

            issue of the afore mentioned motorcycle convention.


Have you ever seen the big convention

in Sturgis, South Dakota on TV? - a lot of blurs.

Their countenance bold, their breasts bare, shameless!


v. 3 - Nation threatened - property loss, prosperity,

            population & privileges - dishonor &

            aggravated misery.


v. 4 - “children of whoredoms - in the genes -heredity?  environment? - 

            II Kings 2:23-24


v. 5 - “their mother.... the harlot” -  hath done

            shamefully  Notice - my, my,  my, my.


Apparently Hosea was not wealthy enough to

provide for her life style.


v. 6 - hedging, walled - difficulty set up.  Get hurt

            trying to get through hedge, painful

            lacerations.  Barred, obstructed by wall.


v. 7 - Self interest.


v. 8 - Ignorance & abuse - blessings “prepared for Baal”


Perversion - employing blessings in service of idolatry.


Things created for man’s service to glorify God  -

Deut. 8:10,11,18


The question with the heathen, then & now, also Israel

& America is “What shall we eat, and what shall we

drink, and wherewithal shall we be clothed?”


The question should be:  How shall we use God’s gifts

to God’s glory; so that whether we eat or drink, or

whatsoever we do, we may do all to the glory of God!


The abuse of God’s mercies shortens their enjoyment!

Alas, how often do we abuse the best gifts of God & pervert them to the

vilest purpose.  How often are wemore zealous  in a wrong course than in

a right? 


How often do sinful pursuits engross our noblest powers

to the point of left-overs or no time for God?


Sin & mirth can never hold long together; but if men  will

not take away sin from their mirth, God will take away

mirth from their sin!


v. 9 - The taking away of God’s bounty, merry making

            ability - all because of declension & apostasy.


McGee - "We have too many judges who know a great deal

            about the law but know nothing about how God overrules

            even the laws of a nation, especially when the laws are

            wrong and the wrong men sit on the benches of our

            Judicial System - witness California's gay marriages

            in The Kentucky New Era - June 18, 2008


Food, refreshment, raiment, taken away - the effects

of materialism on a nation which is only interested in



v. 10 - For sale - bargain basement women, slightly

            soiled and greatly reduced in price.  Progressive

            Farmer of the 1960’s


v. 13 - Artificial beauty to attract attention to self -

            Today tattoos and earrings and wild hair coloring

            and provocative dress, anything to be but a

            nobody which apparently they are!


Great pains to secure acceptance of deities like

(Mother Nature) but God they forgot!


vs. 16-17 - Marriage - youthful love - my husband.





vs. 19-20 - A complete reclamation project -

            renovation, recreation.


Received back, not as a repudiated wife, but as

a chaste virgin.


Durable, lasting, forever.


vs. 21-23


Love in law, law in love!