I Timothy 1 & 2

                                            March 7, 2004



                                                  ch. 1


vs. 1-3             Exhibit - Greek New Testament - Dictionary


"heteros" - different - other - strange - a different doctrine



America seems to be marching to a different drummer

than the God of all the earth, who only doeth right.


In Hosea it explains it best  - ch. 13:1 - "When Ephraim

spake trembling, he exalted himself, but when he offended

in Baal, he died"


There is a secular coup in the process in this great nation,

much like to what happened when Israel of the Old Testament

was carried into Babylonian captivity.


Hosea 5:1-3 - Priests, king and people are "revolters" against

God.  Halley's Bible Handbook says they were steeped in sin,

and proud of it, "their doings would not suffer them to turn

to God" in vs. 4-5, "strange children" - v. 7




Sad words - "Whoredom and wine and new wine take away

the heart" - ch. 4:11 - "Ephraim is joined to idols:  let him

alone" - v. 17


v. 4 - "fables & endless genealogies" - having no useful

          purpose or end!


"questionings" -


"a dispensation of God which is in faith" - the gospel as

delivered by revelation and received by faith.


Exhibit - Dispensational Truth"  book by Clarence Larkin.


Paul is saying that these fables & genealogies address

themselves to the disputatious, itching, curiosity of men's

minds, not to their faith.  The substance of them is matter

of doubtful disputation, not revealed truth.


Darwinism, Freudism, Marxism, Hedonism, etc.


The Bible is so expressive in its exposing of such falsehoods.

There is a reward to those who study & keep God's Word!


Who will may know it!


Isaiah 8:19-22





v. 5 - Love from a pure heart, a good conscience and of

            genuine, unfeigned, faith!


Take for example Abram or Abraham, the Father of faith!


In the matter of the rescue of the king of Sodom, of all things,

Genesis 14.


In the revelation of God's plan for he and Sarah and

concerning the destruction of Sodom.


Lot's experience - ch. 13, looked toward it - v. 10, chose -

v.11, dwelt in Sodom - ch. 14:12, sat in the gate of Sodom -

ch. 19:1


II Peter 2:6-10 and chapter for personal study

Jude 6-7


Jer. 19:3-5


"Save yourselves from this untoward (crooked) generation" -

Peter on Pentecost" - Acts 2:40


skolios -            - morally crooked, perverse, froward

                            (willfully contrary - not easily managed) -

                            leading an incorrigible condition.



Bad beyond reform - Oh, the things I come in contact

with during a week working with adolescents - personal

things - not even looking for them -


And to think the teachings of vs. 9-11


"lawless.....disobedient (unruly - insubordinate - resisting



fornicators -v. 10 - "pornos"


Lev. 18:22 - "thou shalt not lie with mankind as with

            womankind: it is an abomination"


The Bible reveals something different than what

Hollywood or Broadway portrays.


And to think of the teachings of ch. 2:1-3, which we

will probably not get to today.


How can one pray for a member or once member of a

church, that after getting into politics, sacrifice principle

for temporary gain - do things very contrary to sound

doctrine that they apparently were taught as a child -

II Tim. 3:15


How can one pray for a representative that says he is

against abortion but is for a woman to choose, thus making

no sense??


How can we pray for senators who are openly gay

or support the gay position - a la - the major problem

of Sodom and Gomorrah.


Sadaam Hussein is nothing compared to the sins of

Sodom - who to this day "suffer the vengeance of

eternal fire" - God testifying to the end of all such

perversion, immorality and nonsense!


Worried about certain people blamed for the

crucifixion of Christ and its repercussions?


Better be worried about what is happening



We need good government to preserve us from the violent,

the lewd and the criminal.  The sea of human passion, of

a much more worldly sort than the Passion of Christ,

is always ready to break its barriers.


Government is ordained by God, see Romans 13, and for

what purpose, so that we might lead and enjoy “a quiet and

peaceable life in all godliness and honesty”


This is not the goal of the world today - there are false

teachers who desire the blessing of peace while they sin

like the devil! 


If you think about it, much of the next presidential election

is over the lewd, and the perverse.


Jefferson said in his views of freedom of expression, that

it may become vulgar, but that is a condition against which

there is no remedy - no problem the first 200 years of the

existence of the United States - remember - democracies last,

on the average around 200 years.  At 227 and counting, that

means we are on borrowed time.


v. 15 - the SOLUTION - it is on a lot of lips

            this past week - I am not talking about a

            re-enactment - I am talking about the REAL

            THING - What Jesus did on Calvary for you

            & I and what He did in overcoming death

            when "Up from the grave He Arose" -


By all and without reserve!  The idea of a glad, willing

acceptance - a hearty reception!


"Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power”.


Christ said “Peace I leave with you” and He intended this

to be the element in which nations and families and

individuals should live.  Through faith in Him,

we have peace with God, our Heavenly Father,

peace with our brother and peace in ourselves.




Modern psychology thinks it can do without

godliness.  It has invented some philosophy of

morals on its own, some ideal of utility called “the

greatest good of the greatest number”.  Pseudo-

philosophers may think they understand it but

practically the common people do not.  For if you

exclude the soul, the greatest good is only a secular

paradise, and that is death to all heroism which

can deny itself earthly pleasure for the sake of high

spiritual ends.


Remember that “maturity is the ability to delay

pleasure” - something unwanted by the undisciplined

and unspiritual today.


ch. 2: 6 says that Christ gave Himself a ransom for all -

            What is this age giving?  What was the great

            study of the end of the Roman Empire except

            an exercise in selfishness.


Not only in the age of Rome but the humanity of

every age without Christ, tends to SELF-ISM - me-

myself and I!



v. 16 - Paul an ensample - a pattern - which you and

           I might expect for ourselves.


For the Jews - I Cor. 15:8 - Isaiah 66:8



v. 17 - "the King eternal" - through all ages - the eon

            of eons

"Excerpted text Copyright AGES Library, LLC. All rights reserved.

Materials are reproduced by permission." - (here and following):

"the image" - the icon - The Passion of the Christ"

produced by Icon films?



v. 19 - "which some having put away" or thrust from

            them, a strong expression implying willful

            resistance to the voice of conscience.


Hence the important lesson that deviations from the

true, revealed faith, are preceded by violations of the

conscience.  The surest way to maintain a pure faith

is to maintain a good and tender conscience.





Contrast love out of a pure heart, and of a good

conscience with unfeigned faith in v. 5 with those

corrupted in mind - ch. 6:5, who have a seared

conscience - ch. 4:2, that are "reprobate (put to the test

and failed) concerning the faith" - II Tim. 3:8

ch. 2


vs. 4-6 - It is God’s will for all men to be saved and

            to come unto the knowledge of the truth as it

            is in Jesus.


Christ is the One Mediator between God & men,

by whom alone men can come to the Father, and

who gave Himself “a ransom for ALL”


to be testified in due time” -    Isaiah 9:6-7


Acts 17:31 - “Because He hath appointed a day, in

            the which He will judge the world in righteousness

            by that man whom He hath ordained; whereof He

            that given assurance unto all men, in that He hath

            raised Him from the dead”



vs. 9-15 - The women folk - their duties - first - modesty &

            demeanor in dress - the contrary to these being

            likely to prove a hurt & hindrance to fellow-

            worshippers and a bad witness to the world.


I Peter 3:3-4


A woman’s true ornament is not the finery that comes

from her clothier or beautician but the chaste discretion

which she has from the Spirit of God.


Remember Bro. Bob’s plea - his concerns tolerated and

then swept under a rug.  The Bible is talking of women

here but it is also true of men - the gaudy, the spectacular

to flip-flops, shorts and beepers - what - sincerity - or to

make another in -your - face or in-His-face statement.


Dress ought not to be showy or conspicuous, calculated

neither to swell the heart of the wearer with pride, or to

attract the eyes of others in forgetfulness of the solemnity

of public worship!


Christians meet together in the Name of the Lord Jesus

Christ and when they meet, they are to be the friend of the

human race.


Christians come together to worship the glorious God,

to humble themselves before His holy presence and to

hear His Word - not for display, not to attract notice, not

for vain-glory or worldly vanity.


The ornaments best suited for persons professing godliness

at all times, but especially when they approach the throne

of God, are those of a pure heart and a meek spirit.


well ordered, well behaved” - the Bible always presents

people in heaven as "clothed"


Dress is the symbol of character -  If there is absence of

shame-heartedness, there will be absence of shame-

facedness.  Say what you like, dress acts upon the mind

and character.  Dress like a clown and you will feel like a

clown and possibly act like one too!  Dress like a thug and

guess what your tendencies are? 


Do you remember, I do,  when earrings were not allowed in

school - contrast student behavior then with now - think of

the role of tattos today - are they promoting law and order?

Without being offensive, consider the devil, the beast and

the false prophet in the days of the anti-Christ for they will

apparently, get a lot of mileage out of tatoos!


v. 11 - “silence” - offensiveness of women

            so-called preachers


Titus 2:2-4


The difference of sex, and the different social and

religious functions of each sex, are of Divine



Paul says in I Cor. 11:9 - “the woman was made for

the man, and not man for the woman” - not in the sense

of Gangster Rap, a great plague in the 21st century.






There is a great battle for the minds of youth which

crosses racial and cultural lines and it is producing

results - the kind that will bring about the end of the age

and destruction of the world by God Almighty -

not its salvation - see vs. 4-6


See Rev. 11:18 - "and that thou shouldest ....destroy them

                                    which destroy the earth"


Did you know that Tim LaHaye, one of the authors

of the Left Behind Series wrote an excellent book

called the Battle for the Mind?




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