Christian Service

                                    I Timothy 3:1-16

                                     March 14, 2004



v. 2 - "blameless" - without reproach - leave no part of the body

            exposed to the adversary!


"the husband of one wife" - attitude of that time in Roman

 culture - common for a man to have more than one living

wife - a distinct breach of God's original law - Gen. 2:24


v. 3 - three negative qualities - three positive qualities


v. 6 - "Not a novice" - one recently converted & received

            into the church - lest he be puffed up and fall into

            the condemnation of the devil  - lightness, emptiness,



(condemnation into which the devil fell through pride)


v. 7 - "good testimony" - importance of character in the



v. 8 - "filthy lucre" - Baalam, Gehazi, Judas Iscariot,

            Achan - scripture examples,


When lucre is the price for doing wrong, it is filthy

When lucre is sought on occasions when none is due,

it is filthy!  When the desire of just gains are excessive,

it ceases to be clean!


v. 9 - "a pure conscience" - great stress laid on this


v. 10 - "blameless" - importance of a holy and

            blameless conversation even in deacons.


v. 15 - "that thou mayest know how thou ought to

            behave thyself in the house of God, which is

            the church of the Living God"


There must be reverence - reverence is the root of

all religion.  Flippancy of manner, indevoutness of

heart, will ruin the best service.


"ye shall keep my sabbaths and reverence my

  sanctuary:  I am the Lord" - Lev. 19:30


Ezekiel 43:12



v. 16 - Christ the mystery - "Christ in you - in  Christ"


Eph. 3:1-12                 Col. 1:27