Showing Respect

                                     I Timothy 5:1-6:2

 March 27, 2004


My task today, it is a pleasant one, is to try, with God's

help, to teach the 5th chapter of I Timothy.


I put great stock in this chapter as I do in all the Bible

because it is God's Word, His purposeful revelation as

He has seen fit to give it.


Historically, this is one of the chapters of the Bible

that has had a very positive influence on American



It has to do with manners and respect.  Other

Scripture references teach us morals.  Today we

live in a country where our manner of life is under

attack by selfish, ungodly people.


In the process, morality and manners are being

discarded at a very rapid rate.


The United States, society or the world are none

the better for as it is bringing about "a certain fearful

looking for of judgment and fiery indignation which

shall devour the adversaries" - Heb. 10:27


Currently, the Supreme Court is contemplating

whether the term "under God" is proper in the

Pledge of Allegiance.


Where has "Honor thy father & thy mother gone"?

What about "esteeming others better than self"?


vs. 1-2 - Mrs. Deal at the Mall


"owe no man anything but, but to love one another"

Rom. 13:8a    


Lev. 19:32                  Phil. 2:3


Compare Isaiah 3:10-12


v. 4 - "children or grandchildren" - obligation on

            the part of children and grandchildren to

            express in a practical way the dutifulness

            toward their own family.


"let them learn" - hard to do when you already

            know it all - Evidence of decline in America -


"to show piety" - reverence - first at home, then



This is not translated to show piety to gangs, but

to the order God has ordained:  God first, family,



Luke 4:21 - "This day is this scripture fulfilled in

                        your ears"





v. 5 - "hath her hope set in God"

            Matt. 6:33                              Psalm  63:1-3


v. 6 - "giveth herself to pleasure"


"hath God said"         "all these things will I give thee"


v.10 - "good works" - Matt. 5:16 - marks of Christ's

  (works of mercy & piety)         disciples as also, love/badge.


Good actions as opposed to sentiments.

Love is not a good work - feeding the hungry,

clothing the naked and visiting the sick are good works.


v. 11 - To be luxurious - from fullness, like the state of

            Jeshurun who waxed fat and kicked - Deut. 32:15 (read)



The sense, therefore, is that these young widows, in the

wantonness and unsubdued worldliness of their hearts,

reject the yoke of  Christ, return to the world and its



I John 2:15-17                        Luke 16:10-11


clothing lesson from past -


What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world

and loses his own soul?


v. 12 - "cast off their first faith"       v. 8 - "denied the faith"





v. 13 - "learn to be idle.....going about.....idle...tattlers..

            busy bodies...spreading things that they ought not"


(Meddling with things that did not concern them)


v. 14 - Directions - "marry, bear children, guide the house,

            not shack up, when pregnant get an abortion - ad



"give none occasion to the adversary" - I Peter 5:8-9


v. 17 - Duties & privileges of the clergy - labor to learn and

    labor  to teach others what they have learned themselves.


I Thess. 5:12-13 - a given that they will teach the Word of God


II Tim. 4:2-4


v. 18 - look out for "filthy lucre"


v. 21 - Witnesses named - God, Christ, angels


"without preferring one another, doing nothing by



v. 22 - Don't appoint ministers hastily - the glory of God, the

            salvation of man, the honor of religion  are at stake

            in such appointments.


"be not partakers with other men's sins" - the danger of

adopting sins he overlooked.


"keep thyself pure"


vs. 24-25 - Sins come trooping up to their condemnation.


Unknown for the time to all but the all-seeing eye of God,

yet going forward notwithstanding to the final judgment,

where nothing can be hid.  The judgment of man may

have meanwhile absolved such a sinner, but the mournful

secret comes out after all.    Luke 12:2-3




Paul's testimony:    II Tim. 3:16-17   Gal. 15-16

(a chosen vessel)    Acts 26:12-18       


Peter's testimony:  I Peter 1:16-21 


Jesus' testimony:  John 16:7-15


Heb. 1:1-3                   Acts 1:11b      John 6:29


Abraham's example:  Rom. 4:17-25



Rules for Life!