II Timothy 2:1-26

                                        April 25, 2004



v. 1 - An Exhaustless Resource - "the grace that is in

            Jesus Christ"


"be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might"

                                                Eph. 6:10

"I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth

  me" - Phil. 4:13


v. 2 - succession of apostolic doctrine - pass it on  -

         preserving the pure & unadulterated faith once

         for all delivered unto the saints" - Jude 3


"the deposit" placed in his charge - last week's lesson -

notes - pp. 5-6


ch. 4:2-4 - What he had received, he was to hand in

            like manner to faithful men who would teach

            others also!


v. 3 - Present world - ease - self-indulgence - outward

    prosperity - pleasure seeking - "being entangled - v. 4 -

    absorbed - engrossed.


I John 2:15-17                        Heb. 11:27b - Moses endured


vs. 4-6 - three examples - soldier - athlete - husbandman



Same concentration of purpose as a warrior - disciplined -

the soldier does not shrink from fatigue, exposure,

hunger and hardship, from wounds or death -

so must the man of God not shrink from labor,

suffering, troubles, even bonds or death - (Paul)


Same as athlete - go by rules

Same as husbandman - wait on fruits


American Society once was governed by rules -

athletics once the bastion rules!


Chaos associated with anarchy - Matt. 24:12


v. 7 - the Lord "give thee understanding - v. 15


Col. 1:9, 2:2                Eph. 1:18-20, 9-11, 3:1-12


Paper articles about shortage of men going into the

ministry - Seminaries producing growers of

churches instead of feeding the Word - Rom. 10:13-15,

ch. 4:2


v. 9 - "the word of God is not bound" - they may

            bind me with an iron chain but they cannot  

            bind the gospel - while I am within the walls

            of a dungeon, the sound of the gospel is going

            throughout the ends of the earth with the

            saving Gospel!


Acts 28:24-28             Rom. 11:24-25           

II Thess 2:2-3             I Tim. 4:1, 3:15


Not any more - Brittany Spears' apparently with

parental approval influencing 9-13 yr olds.


Nobodies - wannabies - Is. 55:2


Black Culture - poverty - Gangster Rap


Porn industry/AIDS/  HIV


Somebody in and through Jesus Christ


vs. 11-13 - "He cannot deny Himself


Three choices - die, suffer, or deny?


"Christ is Truth"      


Satan is a liar - Pornography is a lie - Gangster Rap is a lie

Brittany Spears is a deceiver.


Making a fast buck/rebelling against work or if it is work, it is work in sin!


v. 14 - "Put them in remembrance"


We need to be reminded of the truth in all its

aspects in all our situations.





We are apt to forget the consolatory aspect of

truth under the pressure of present trial just as

worldly men are apt to forget its threatening aspect

under the absorbing worldliness of their lives.


Not preaching the Word and Truth as it is in

Jesus is subverting - a catastrophe -


II Pet. 2:6       Gen. 19:29 - subverting - "overthrow


Edification and building up contrasted with tearing

down - the effect of these vain talkers & deceivers.


v. 18 - "who concerning the truth have erred"


ch. 4:3-4


v. 15 - "handling aright" - "rightly dividing the word

            of truth"


To cut straight - teaching accurately - thought of Mr.

Cathcart in his upholstery business - also personally -


"The lines have fallen unto me in pleasant places,

yea, I have a goodly heritage"


This book must form the matter of his preaching, the

mold of his thoughts, the inspiration of his imagination.


Distributing it to babes as well as full grown men

according to their capacities and their circumstances.


He must not pervert or wrest its true sense, he must

not keep back anything that is profitable, but must

declare the "whole counsel of God" - not wandering

to the right hand or to the left but keep a straight course

in the path of truth


vs. 16-18 - There is a close connection between a lax doctrine

            and a lax life.


By throwing off the checks of authority & conscience -

it is emboldened by temporary success.


v. 17 - calls it a "gangrene" - will spread - errorists in

            in the church - pretending to give true spiritual

            food, only cause gangrene and it will spread,

            if unchecked, further and further.


It enlarges the area, corrupting the flesh that was sound

before - heretical opinions spreading in the body of Christ!


Hymaneus apparently didn't profit - I Tim. 1:20



"Excerpted text Copyright AGES Library, LLC. All rights reserved.

Materials are reproduced by permission."


v. 18 - It is the usual way with heresy to corrupt &

            destroy the gospel under the pretense of

            improving it and there are always some weak

            souls ready to be deceived  and misled.




v. 19 - "the foundation of God standeth sure" - unmoved

            and unmovable


"having this seal - the Lord knoweth them that are His"


Study closely the matter of the gangrene of Korah -

Numbers 16:3,23,26


I remember this story from my youth in my grandmother's

Bible story book!


Christ is the Cornerstone - the truth stands firm from

age to age - a constant witness in the midst of error and



"Let every one that nameth the name of Christ, depart

from iniquity" - There is no place for unrighteousness

in the Church of God, therefore the believer must

separate himself from all evil.


v. 19 shows two sides of the Christian's standing -

            God's election and man's holiness.



v. 20 - Every one that names the name of Christ

            ought to depart from iniquity - yet we must

            not be surprised if it is not so and find there

            are those in the church with an inconsistent



Visible Church  - men see - as it appears

 Invisible Church - only God sees - true church


Two kinds of vessels mentioned - some precious and

durable, others comparatively valueless, easily and

soon broken.  Vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor.


Compare Christ's teaching of the drag-net in Matt. 13:47-49


In I Tim. 6:5 - Paul tells Timothy "from such withdraw

thyself" and in Titus 3:10 he says "a man that is a heretic avoid"


v. 21 - "purge himself from these"  - seems to be that

            of separation from false teachers described

            under the image of the vessels unto dishonor.


v. 17 - Paul mentioned two such - III John 9 - John

            mentions another - "Diotrephes who loveth

            to have the preeminence among them"


Korah - "perished in the gainsaying of Core" -

            Jude 11, v. 3


"meet for the Master's use" - "Son, go work

today in my vineyard" - Matt. 21:28


Many dislike the Master's work


vs. 22-23 - "unlearned" - ignorant - a term

            properly applied to ill-educated, ill-

            disciplined people.


Ill-regulated passions - intemperance, peevishness,

grudging, ambitious, love of display (show over



"avoid" - have nothing to do with


Pulpit Commentary says this has been neglected

by the Church in all ages.


"they do gender strifes"


v. 24 - "not to strive, gentle, apt to teach" - forbearing,

            bearing up against ill treatment, patient,



v. 25 - "instructing" - correcting - from same root

            word as "unlearned"


Bring up, train - sometimes teaching, sometimes

disciplining - the end result of Paideia - is to bring

to the knowledge of God's truth.



Instructor, tutor, child, chastening, chastisement,

correcting, instruct, learn, teach - all same roots


"recover themselves" - like sober up from drunkenness,

come to one's self - like the prodigal son in Luke 15:14-18


To a right mind - Luke 8:26-35


"who are taken captive by him at his will" - to take alive,

of prisoners of war, who, if not ransomed, always become

slaves of the conqueror.


Meaning here - having been captured and enslaved.

Being deprived of their own will and made subservient

to the will of another.


The will of God, once established in such hearts, as the

guiding principle of life, completes the recovery from