II Timothy 3:1-17

                             May 2, 2004


v. 1 - tells us that there are "perilous times" set for this

         old world and the people in it.  Perilous here means

         grievous, uneasy, trying, hard to deal with times.


They will be times when a Christian hardly knows which

way to turn or what to do.  He has to live under a constant

sense of hindrance and difficulty of one sort or another.


It will be a time of abounding wickedness!


II Peter 2:7-9 - vexed - tormented


I have always thought of this as dealing with the

general populace apart from God but apparently it

has to do with church people as well.


I Peter 4:15-18


vs. 2 - 5


A time of doctrinal degeneracy & widespread moral decay!


An absence of all restraint from law - human or Divine -

a spirit that loves darkness rather than light - John 3:16-21


"lovers of self"  and the exclusion of God from the central

place in life to which He is entitled.  Instead of God on the

throne in an individual's life, we see self enthroned.


"covetous" - literally lovers of money - Luke 12:16-21


"boastful" - "proud" - haughty blasphemers - evil speakers

            against God and holy things


And all this coming from where?  Mark 7:20-23


"disobedient to parents" - selfishness is early to show itself

in the form of self-will.  The young generation will show

impatience of being ruled by their parents, which is sure to

grow into impatience in respect of all rightful rule, church,

school, friends, government.



A large development of lawlessness beginning in the family



"unthankful" - "unholy" - profane - opposite of sacred  -

                                    lacking all relationship or affinity with



There are certain sanctities which are everlasting, anterior to

law & custom - like the sanctities of the marriage bond,

its permanence and sanctity of life - (article in New Era

yesterday about the march on Washington dealing with



Ingratitude to be a striking figure of the grievous times -

"without natural affection - no reverence, no love in their

hearts for marriage or children - affection sweetens life!


v. 3 - "without natural affection - parents to children,

            children to parents.


vulgarities of silly women at rally aforementioned - see v. 6

"truce breakers" - implacable - cannot be persuaded

to enter into a covenant - whether marriage or salvation



"false accusers" - slanderers - the arch slanderer is Satan -

            the accuser of the brethren - "accuses day & night"\

                                                            Rev. 12:10


"incontinent" - without self-control - with self-will uncurbed

in early life, it is not to be wondered at that the men of the

grievous times are to be men who have lost self-control.


Bro. Duncan's series - This was a series that lasted around three months - he would start out by reading Revelation 20:1-8 and then read one of the traits of the last time in verses 2-4 - taking each one individually and consecutively - and at the end of each sermon - Bro. Duncan would ask "Is he loose?" - This was in the late 1960's


I Cor. 7:5


Prov. 16:32b - "he that ruleth his spirit (is better) than he

            that taketh a city"


"fierce" - savage, unmerciful


"despisers of those that are good" - no lovers of good


I John 3:12


v. 4 - "traitors" - betrayers of those who trust in them.



"heady" - head strong - denotes obstinacy which will not be

            influenced by wise advice - a person who acts from

            impulse, without considering the consequences


Rash - reckless - (fall forward)


They have no right sense of their own position before

God - their insignificance, impotence and responsibility.


"high-minded" - puffed up


"lovers of pleasures" - carnality/sensuality destroy sense

            of duty and ignores conscience (seared with hot iron)


The antithesis of lovers of God - pleasure instead of God? -

finding pleasure in immoral art, where God is not, where

there is no reverence, no righteousness, no purity, no

goodness - worshipping at that shrine until they become

idolaters, worshipping worldly applause, fleshly satisfaction

and carnal joy.


II Cor. 10:5


Apostasy started out by the love of self and ends with the

love of pleasure to the utter exclusion of "love of God"!


v. 5 - "form" - morphoo  - the shape, structure as compared

            to dunamis - power.



"Excerpted text Copyright AGES Library, LLC. All rights reserved.

Materials are reproduced by permission." - (here and following):


Christianized paganism in the church?


It is easier to deal with pure heathenism than with christian



By life, character & conversation, one can give the lie to

his Christian profession - an outward form, not an inward

living power of godliness.


Outward show of devoutness to cover a heart enslaved in sin.

A theorized short-cut to peace between worldliness

and religion......Prevalence of moral evil & its strange

coexistence with Christian forms.


Compare Romans 1:29-32


"from such turn away"


v. 6 - "silly women" - not of the right stamp


v. 7 - their own selfish inclinations, not the grace of God,

         the motive power within them.


Hearts  calloused through an evil life and so made

inaccessible to the truth


v. 8 - "resist the truth"


"men of corrupt minds" - in a moral sense

            men whose understanding is gone - perished -

            moral death = corruption


"reprobate" -    

                 - rejected - opposite of approved in ch. 2:15


"avoid" - ch. 2:23,  "from such turn away" - v. 5




"Jannes & Jambres" - historical prototypes - reported

to be the sons of Balaam - represented as having as much

authority of Moses himself?   Said to have perished in

the Red Sea with the Egyptians!



We too, can believe that the great development of evil

in the last days will end in complete exposure of evil

and the triumph of good!


v. 9 - "But they shall proceed no further"


Imus in the morning-Doonesbury cartoons


"their folly shall be manifest unto all men as

theirs also was"


Ultimate extinction - Rev. 20:10


I pray that God will frustrate, thwart evil in society

and in my life and family!


Overthrown in the Red Sea - recent comment on

the overthrow of Sodom - a catastrophe!


(See arkdiscovery.com)


v. 12 - The world is essentially at war with the

            Kingdom of God - John 15:19


v. 11 - "out of them all the Lord delivered me"


I Peter 4:12-13           John 15:20-21


"all that will live godly in Christ Jesus" - the

highest aim of man in this world - Puritans - no

more the aim it seems????


v. 13 - "evil men & seducers" -  imposters - jugglers,



Be not like these juggling heretics, blown about by

every wind of doctrine and always seeking some

new thing, but abide in the old truths which thou

has learned from thy childhood.


Let men repeat falsities with sufficient frequency

and deliberateness, and they will come eventually

to believe it themselves.


Contrast with v. 12 - sad to say...the worse specimens

have not yet been seen.


There is no grace in the heart to arrest the downward



v. 14 - "continue thou in the things which thou hast

            learned"   and "hast been assured of" ....

            "knowing of whom thou hast learned them"


vs. 15-17


"for correction" - setting a person straight, revisal/



The design of scriptures - That the man of God may

be complete, furnished completely unto every good work.


Perfection for the believer in life and service.

Supply men with due appliances for this end.

Knowledge, faith, holiness, wisdom, guidance for life!


Psalm 19:7-11


"instruction in righteousness" - equipped fully -

A century ago Americans & their leaders were so

equipped - nowadays people are clueless -


How did it happen - a rejection of the Word of

the Lord!



Beware lest the curse that came on Saul come

on this society - "for thou hast rejected the word

of the Lord, and the Lord hath rejected thee"

                                    I Sam. 15:26