May 16, 2004

                                    II Timothy 4


v. 1 - verse one's import or impact on verse 2


"before God and the Lord Jesus Christ"


"who shall judge the quick and the dead at

His appearing and kingdom"


The time will come when Christ shall return to the earth

and before His judgment-seat were to be gathered the quick

(suddenly changed - I Thess. 4:15-17, I Cor. 15:51-53) and

the dead (those raised from their graves - John 5:25,28-29)


Timothy would have to take his place along with others,

to give account of his official work!


"We must all appear before the judgment-seat of Christ;

that every one may receive the things done in his body,

according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad"

                                                II Cor. 5:10


The time has come for Christ's Kingdom to be established!


Rev. 11:15                  Daniel 7:13-14,18,22


Christ is now concealed from human view, and men may

dispute His being the Son of God, may question that He

died, but at His appearing, His relation to the Father and to

human salvation will be made clear beyond all doubt.


Psalm 50:21                            I Cor. 15:23-28


v. 8 - "them ...that love His appearing" - a time of

            joy to the full when our Master shall be publicly

            honored and we share with His glory!


v. 2 - The Deposit - Matt. 25:14-30


            "Preach the Word" - It is impossible to exaggerate

            the dignity & importance here given to preaching

            by its being the subject of so solemn & awful

            an adjuration as in v. 1!


You may see popular preachers all around you, leading

astray silly souls by hundreds and thousands, tickling their

ears with foolish fancies, ministering to their idle lusts -ch. 3,

leading them away from the "Truth as it is in Jesus"


But do thou "preach the word" - take my place - carry on -

pass it on - and then join me in the kingdom of glory.


The Lord grant to His Church an unfailing succession

of men to carry out the Great Commission!


"Preach the Word" - All preachers must give account - his

first & pre-eminent duty is to "preach the gospel" - because

"it is the power of God unto salvation"  - Rom. 1:16






"be instant in season, out of season" - ready for every

opportunity  - he is to have his stated time or season for

preaching so that men might know when they can  hear the

Word of God, but to preach beyond the stated season "ready

always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a

reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear"

                                                            I Peter 3:15


"reprove" - bring faults home to the offender -

                     expose the real nature of sin.

"rebuke" - stronger word than reprove (more of

                   authority - less of argument) - impute

                   blame for sin

"exhort" - urge and encourage - use persuasion

                   against continuing in sin and leading

                  towards a better life.


"with longsuffering and teaching" - using a proper

consideration for others, not out of his own thoughts

but out of the Word of God.


Timothy had not to create a gospel but to preach the

one revealed - THE WORD is broad and vast enough

for any preacher.  The cross has for its circumference

all truth and is to be carried into all spheres of life.


It is not a mere philosophy nor is it an elaborate

theological thesis that he has to prove true.


It has to do with "present salvation" and the future

well-being of man.  The season is NOW - tomorrow

preacher and hearer may both be gone.


The TRUTH can never be out of season - the "truth

as it is in Jesus"


It is to be taught with authority, not as if the congregation

were patrons or Courts of Law to try your opinions..


Not of your own authority - it has its own witness

within - you can expect the HOLY SPIRIT to assist

and bear witness - John 16:7-11


The teacher is not to be merely a scornful satirist of

immorality nor is he to be a lightning-conductor of

Divine wrath, he is to teach Christ who saves men.


It is not enough to teach against evil - the Law is a

mirror /HOLD IT UP but remember that the Christ

he preaches is the Son of God who is come "not to

condemn the world, but that the world through Him

might be saved"


Long-suffering - remembering himself as frail, sinful

and needing mercy.


Get out God's message of grace, pardon, forgiveness,

love and reconciliation.




v. 3 - Failing to "preach the Word"  brings apostasy



"For the time will come when they shall not endure

sound doctrine" - Sound Doctrine - that is opposed to

the corruption of human nature.


Some show contempt of it, some show neglect.


A form (morphoo) of moral disgust at the gospel - they

will not discard the ministry absolutely, just exchange

one class of ministers for another.


"after their own lusts" -their fancies & appetites

are not to be taught God's truth by teachers sent from

God - compare I Kings 12:33 during the decline of Israel.


"itching ears" - an itch for novelty - new things, smooth

things - a wish to have their fancies gratified "after their

own lusts"


An intolerance of sound doctrine which leads to godliness.


Men find it intolerable because it binds them down to

thoughts and courses which are contrary to "their own lusts"


Ps. 2:1-3


v. 4 - Paying more attention to heretics.


The retribution - Turn away from TRUTH to FABLES


II Thess. 2:10-12



It is a solemn fact in Divine providence, that when men do

not like to return to the knowledge of the truth, God gives

them up to a reprobate (rejected) mind, so that they lose all

relish for sound doctrine.     Rom. 1:28 and following


Man is a religious being and by rejecting sound doctrine

does not mean he ceases to be concerned about religious

matters - the heart cannot long remain empty  - fables rush

to occupy the place that denies truth just as infidelity

brings a vacuum which superstition immediately fills

up.  What a waste of soul - profitless fables in exchange

for soul-saving truth - WHAT SHALL A MAN GIVE



The abandonment of truth and acceptance of MYTHS?


Not to truth but inventions - "God  hath made man

upright; but they have sought out many inventions"

                                    Eccl. 7:29


When men do not find the truth agreeable they take

the wildest fancies and accept the most childish beliefs -

for instance Darwinism - II Thess 2:11-12


"for this they are willingly ignorant" - II Pet. 3:5a


vs. 6-7 - Every Christian a soldier - fight against the

            world, the flesh and the devil.


A man of war - "fightings without, fears within"



Faithful preaching, holy example, fervent prayer and

patient suffering.


v. 8 - Blessed prospect

            "crown of righteousness" here

            "crown of glory" - I Pet. 5:4

            "crown of life" - James 1:12

            "laid up" - I Pet. 1:4


          Character of those receiving the reward -

            "love His appearing"


"thy kingdom come" their desire & petition


Isaiah 25:9                 


"Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power"

                                                Psalm 110:3a


"the Lord the Righteous Judge" - Referee, Umpire


"not to me only"    "but unto them also that love

                                   His appearing"


ch. 2:19a again


v. 9 - "Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this

           present world"


v. 14 - "Alexander the coppersmith" - I Tim 1:20 -

            trade interests got the best of him? idol maker?


Retribution - "the Lord reward him according to his works"


"Of  whom be thou ware"


v. 17 - "stood by me"


v. 18 - Paul's confidence is that the Lord would, in His own

            good time and way, transfer him from this present

            evil world, and from the powers of

            darkness, into His eternal kingdom of

            light and righteousness!