ch. 3



There are many steps in the fall of a great nation.


This chapter is a picture of anarchy  (national and spiritual)


Jesus said that in the last days “because iniquity (lawlessness, anarchy)

shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” - Matt. 24:12


For this good neighborhoods are broken up for they must rest on the

acknowledgement of law and custom!


Government is one of the necessities of human life

and is ordained of God - Romans 13


Here the rulers are spoken of as "staff and stay, staff

of bread, and staff of water"




A nation needs heroes, men of courage on the battlefield (think of the

undermining and playing down of United States Forces and their success

in Iraq by the media), it needs men of discretion and integrity for the seat

of justice and the bar, for the legislature, it needs men of religious faith and

insight as prophets and teachers, and in every department, military, civil,

scientific,and religious, there is a constant demand for able and honest men.

 Isaiah says there is to be A DEARTH OF THEM IN JERUSALEM!


We have a vivid picture here of NATIONAL ANARCHY.  Its cause is found

in national rebellion against its rightful Lord. “Their tongue and their doings

are against the Lord, to provoke the eyes of His glory” (ver. 8).


Its signs are seen in:


  • The loss of all fitting leaders (vs. 1-3). Those who constituted “the

      stay and the staff” are no longer found in positions of authority; those

      capable of ruling, those qualified are either few or no where to be found!


  • The consequent elevation of the incapable (v. 4). Those who hold the high

      offices of state who are utterly incompetent to fill the posts they have



  • The presence of injustice and confusion (v 5).  Instead of all doing that which

      is conscientious and right, fraud and violence are the rule rather than

      the exception; and instead of the natural subordination of the younger to

      the elder, there is insolence and presumption.


  • The absence of unselfish patriotism (vs. 6, 7). They who are in a

      position to render help refuse to do so, untruly and unworthily excusing




We have here a vivid picture of SPIRITUAL ANARCHY.  Its cause is in rebellion

against God, and His consequent high displeasure showing itself in just and

appropriate penalty (v. 8).


Its signs are found in:


  • The dethronement of the soul’s true authorities: conscience, which

      directs us what we ought to do; reason, which leads us in the path in which

      it is wise to walk; pure affection, which draws us toward the objects we do

      well to love (vs. 1-3). When sin does its work within, these powers

      which were meant to rule are supplanted by unworthy rivals.


  • The enthronement of the unfitting (ver. 4).  They are  as unsuited to govern a

      human soul as are the rude, uncultured appetites and passions of our lower

      nature – therefore “children” and babes rule over the great affairs of state.


  • Internal struggle and insubordination (ver. 5). The animal appetites

      asserting themselves unduly and violently against spiritual aspirations and

      holy principles, and doing them dishonor.



Is this the plague of America today? Children, baby boys

and women becoming the princes/congressmen or leaders

of the nation????  WHERE ARE ARE STATESMEN AS OF



For instance Ahaz was quite a young man - his weakness

of character and foolish humors would have been quite

sufficient in the sixteen years of his reign to put the whole

kingdom out of joint! - II Kings 16:2 - 20 yrs old when he

began to reign - II Chron. 28:19, 22


Men of intelligence and virtue are the demand of every age

and if there are none or they be scarce, whether in Washington

or in seminaries   - weak and illiterate men swarm in and

become a sign of moral weakness and decay.


vs. 2-3 - the loss of "mighty men, men of war" - "the judge",

            "the prophet" - "the eloquent orator" (statesman)


Men of INTELLIGENCE AND VIRTUE are a great necessity in EVERY AGE!


A cessation of great and wise men - mediocrity everywhere

prevails once decline has set in  - the government necessarily

falls into the hands of the INCOMPETENT - development

of selfishness among the people – (I have read that democracies

last about 200 years and disintegrate once the public realizes

they can vote themselves money from the public treasury – and

now we have the infamous Stimulus Package of 2009) -  injustice and

confusion - everyman for himself is the cry - like in the book of Judges  -

"in those days there was no king in Israel, every man did that

which was right in his own sight" (obsession with individualism

 in America) Bill of Rights trumps everything – and now the

threat of global this and global that, the desire to be like Europe

and socialist countries, the theory that the United States Constitution

is out of date -  the dethronement of conscience, of reason - Generation

Gaps & Class Alienation – YOU CAN GUESS WHAT IS NEXT!


v. 4 & v. 12 - guess who takes their place  -


Youths – the extreme youth of later kings -


  • Jehoahaz  - 23
  • Amon - 22
  • Zedekiah - 21
  • Jehoiachin - 18
  • Manasseh  - 12
  • Josiah -  8


Women - The influence of women upon men was intended to be helpful

(Genesis 2:20), purifying, and refining. Woman is naturally more pure

than man, more modest, more retiring, more instinctively right in her moral

judgments. Good women exercise an extraordinary influence over the best

men, who continually consult them in the most difficult crises of politics

and diplomacy. They read men far better than men read one another, and

are excellent counselors on many of the most important occasions. But as

the power for good which they wield is great, so is their power for evil.

Bad women are far worse than the worst men; and the ruin of a state is always

partly, sometimes mainly, caused by its women.


v. 5 – “And the people shall be oppressed” - This would be no new

thing (Isaiah 1:17, 21, 23), but perhaps might be more widely

spread, having passed from the upper classes to the lower ones, as is

usual with vices.   "the child shall behave himself proudly" - rather,

the youth. Shall behave  himself proudly;or, insolently. the respect for

age taught by the Law  (Lev. 19:32 - "Thou shalt rise up before the hoary

head, and honor the face of the old man, and fear thy God:  I am the Lord")

shall disappear. Youths shall set at naught the counsel of the aged.

The spirit of Rehoboam shall prevail over that of Solomon, with the usual

result — rashness, recklessness, and failure.  "and the base against the

honorable"  - Respect for station shall likewise disappear. the dregs of the

people shall grow insolent towards those above them in the social scale and

the old social order will be inverted! 




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The Sins of the Men – vs. 8-15 (open and shameless) – v. 9

  • speech - vs. 8-9
  • action – childishness – v. 12
  • effeminacy – v. 12
  • irreligion – v. 12
  • leading people away from God – v. 12
  • oppression of the poor and afflicted – vs. 14-15


The Sins of the Women – vs. 16-26


·        pride - v. 16

·        wanton manners – v. 16

·        obsession with dress and appearance – vs. 18-23


v. 8  - “Jerusalem is ruined” or, has come to ruin — the “perfect of

prophetic certainty” - Their tongue and their doings. Sins of the tongue are

denounced in the Old Testament as well as in the New, though not,

perhaps, so frequently (Exodus 20:7; 21:17; 22:28; 23. 1, 2;

Psalm 31:18; 94:4, etc.). To provoke the eyes of his glory. This is an

unusual metaphor. God’s glory seems here to be identified with Himself, as

being of His very essence; and thus “provoking the eyes of His glory” is

simply provoking Him to look on them with anger.


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The Secret of National Sin  - “Their tongue and their doings are against

the Lord” 


“to provoke the eyes of His glory” – they willfully intended to offend Him,

in contempt of His authority and defiance of His justice!




Rebellious speech is a corrupting forcea la our “hip-hop” culture –

the young especially are carried away by self-indulgence.


Infidelity never lays foundations for virtue to build on.  Underneath



One of the most significant passages in scripture for explaining what

we are going through in America today is “If the foundations be destroyed,

what can the righteous do?” – Psalm 11:3


Break down the sacred restraints of faith in God, and evils rush in like

a flood. When man feels free to do what he likes, his likes are

sure to be bad ones (he has not the capacity to be different).

Nobody was ever ruined by accident. Man’s tongue and doings

will always provide the explanation of his extreme calamities.


A nation is bad to the core when it can doubt and

dishonor God; no nation can stand long - God will

surely arise to vindicate Himself and will shake

terribly the earth.


“I will ease me of my adversaries” - ch. 1:24


"they declare their sin as Sodom" - Genesis 19:5, 9-29


v. 9 – “The show of their countenance doth witness against them” -

Vice, long indulged in, stamps its mark upon the countenance, giving men what

is called “a bad expression” — a guilty and hardened look. It does not

require a skilled physiognomist to detect at a glance the habitual criminal

or sensualist - they declare their sin as Sodom” -  Not only does their

countenance betray them, but, like the Sodomites (Genesis 19:5, 9-29),

they boldly and impudently declare their wicked purposes beforehand, and

make no attempt at concealment. Hypocrisy has been said to be the

homage that vice pays to virtue. Where there is none, where vice has

ceased to shroud or veil itself, a very advanced stage of wickedness has

been reached. “they have rewarded evil unto themselves” - they have

“received in themselves the recompense of their error which was meet”

(Romans 1:27). Their sins have at once marred their countenance and

injured their moral nature.


vs. 10-11 – “Say ye to the righteous that it will be well with him” - . The mention

of the fact that the men of Jerusalem have permanently injured their moral natures

by sin, and thus“rewarded evil to themselves,” leads the prophet to declare at this point,

the general law, which extends alike to the evil and the good — that men receive in

themselves the recompense of their deeds. The righteous raise their moral nature,

become better, and, in becoming better, become happier. “It is well with them, for

of the fruit of their doings they eat.” – “Woe unto the wicked!  it shall be ill with

him” -  The wicked deprave and corrupt themselves,  lower their moral nature,

become worse than they were, and, in becoming worse, become more miserable.

“Woe unto them! with them it is ill; for the achievement of their hands is given them.”


v. 12 - The people suffer from the childishness and effeminacy of their rulers.

            Here the emphatic words are “children,” “women.”  The rulers are

            “children,” or rather “babes” — foolish, capricious, cowardly.

            The rulers were womanly, -  weak, wavering, timid, impulsive,

            passionate, and are therefore called actual “women.” There is no allusion

            to female sovereigns. They which lead thee cause thee to err; or, they

            which direct thee lead thee astray. Professing to point out the right path,

            they led men away from it. Destroy the way; literally, swallow it up, or

            obliterate it.


v. 13 -  “standeth up to plead, and….to judge the people – There is great force in

            this sudden entrance of Jehovah, Himself, as Pleader and Judge!


v. 16 – “daughters of Zion” - The role which women have in producing the ruin of a nation.


The sins of women chiefly noted by Isaiah in this passage are:


  • The vanity and love of admiration which show themselves in excessive

      attention to dress and ornament.

  • The wantonness and immodesty which sometimes characterize their


  • The pride and haughtiness which under certain circumstances they

      display. All these are corrupting influences in a state, and help forward its

      decay and ruin.


"walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes" - A desire to attract

            men's attention shamelessly and immodestly.


                                "As for Venice and her people, merely born to bloom & drop,

                                Here on earth they bore their fruitage- mirth & folly were the crop,

                                What of soul was left, I wonder, when the kissing had to stop?

                                Dust and ashes!"


Christian Dress -  I Peter 3:3-5


Dress reveals character




  • chains 
  • headbands
  • earrings
  • nose jewels - Actual nose-rings are not represented in any of the ancient remains;

      and the use of them seems to be confined to very barbarous communities.

  • changeable suits of apparel (designer clothing)
  • hoods
  • well set hair (hair arranged like a work of art)



The management of her household and the training of her children, which

are the principal duties, at any rate, of married women, are apt to be neglected

by the woman of fashion, who dresses five times a day, and passes half her

time in front of a mirror. Selfishness, worldliness, littleness, are impressed on

the character, all higher aims being set aside, and nothing sought but the

admiration of the other sex.


Wantonness and immodesty often follow on the love of admiration and grow

out of it. A woman who courts admiration forgets the reserve which becomes

her sex, and is tempted to enhance her charms by an indecorous display of them.

Once let the limits of modesty be overstepped, and one defense falls after another.

Wanton glances (ver. 16) are succeeded by immodest words, and these lead on to

immodest deeds; and at last every barrier is thrown down, and the world sees a

Messalina or a Lucrezia Borgia. (“rolling eyes” are often mentioned with Aphrodite

or Ashtoreth, the unchaste goddess of sensual love).  General immodesty in the women

of a state is of infrequent occurrence; but where it occurs, is an almost certain

indication of approaching social dissolution. The most flagrant instance is that of Rome.

There, from the time of the establishment of the empire, the disorders of married and

domestic life were excessive. “A kind of rivalry in impurity grew up between the two sexes;

and there were more seducers than seduced of the female sex” (Dollinger, ‘Jew and Gentile,’

 vol. ii. p. 257). “In Rome the women, deprived of all moral support, became just what the

men made them, and so sank with them incessantly deeper and deeper” (ibid., p. 276).

Historians generally, ascribe the fall of the Roman empire to no cause more than to the

corruption of the Roman women.


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Animal appetites assert themselves against spiritual

aspirations -


It is the last stage in spiritual demoralization, when an appeal is

made to that which is left in the soul that is heavenly and Divine

and there is no response, or one that is a miserable resort to that

which is FALSE.


v. 26 - Instead of such elaborate attempts to improve their

looks, the daughters of Jerusalem would soon pluck

their hair out by the roots, or shave it off, in mourning!


A different attitude than portrayed in v. 16


In the New Testament Paul taught  The aged women likewise, that they

be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much

wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be

sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste,

keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of

God be not blasphemed.”   - Titus 2:3-5


Instead of managing her household and using her

influence in "rocking the cradle and ruling the world" -

marital duties are ditched for fashion, women’s liberation,

pseudo-freedom, dressing and redressing five times a

day and passing half the time at the vanity table looking

in the mirror -


Just as homosexuality is perverting and undermining

the role of family - National Organization of Women,

Planned Parenthood, People for the American Way,

and others pervert and try to undermine the role of the

design of God from the beginning - like in the Garden

of Eden, Satan today is everywhere utilizing the witting

and unwitting to pervert and undermine God's way and

will.  I will term them "cold-bloods"


Then there is the "hot bloods" - nothing sought but

the admiration of the opposite sex - a woman who

forgets the reserve, which becomes her sex, is tempted

to enhance her charms by an indecent display of them.


Once let the limits of modesty be overstepped and one

barrier after another falls - general immodesty in

the women of a state is almost a certain indication of

approaching social dissolution!



When women step out of their spheres and assume

to direct the policy of states and to lord it over the

people of the land, their haughtiness outdoes that of

men and provokes a more intense feeling of dissatisfaction

and resentment - (and to think that were contemplating

a woman presidency in the United States)


“Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples:

and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the

ends of the world are come” - I Cor. 11:10 - a word to the wise


Notice the utter ruin of that generation that owned such

women as mothers!


Add to that the sin of 40,000,000 + abortions and you have

a country overwhelmed with iniquity!