November 24, 2002

              Serve God or The Damning Sin of Unbelief

                                            John 12



Welcome back WHOP - been off since July -

Thankful to be back on - a four month hiatus - since



Two observations - One at the funeral of Junior

Cook, Mr. Cook’s brother - I did not know him,

but in his life he kept good company with Bro.

Denny Burchett & Bro. John Christian, I trust

with the Savior also.  What I noticed at the

funeral was such an outpouring of love and

I understand the night before also.  It made me

want to go in the funeral procession to Pembroke

although I did not do so. I thought of John 11:36 -

“behold how He loved him” - translated - behold

how they loved him.


Number 2 - I was out on a local road the 13th

and saw a coyote in a field searching for mice

or voles.  They say for every coyote you see

there is a hundred you don’t - I say this in

reference to those of you who respond by

TV or radio - I trust for every one there is

a hundred that don’t.


Christ’s transition from public to private life.


This study I have thoroughly enjoyed, especially trying

to go with the flow of the Holy Spirit.


It is pleasantly tiring and I get a little washed out feeling -

Kyle Wallace Story - EKU - circa. 1958


Many don’t want to follow the Lord there - the

psyche apparently gets in the way!  More of that later.


vs. 1-2  A supper for Lazarus 


Martha serving.         Mary anoints Jesus.


Other gospel writers tell that Mary broke the alabaster

box & poured the costly unguent on His head in rich

abundance as though hers had been the royal high-priestly



Ps. 133


The perfumed nard ran down His garments & accumulated

at the Savior’s feet - she loosed her hair in her self-

humiliation and self  abandonment and wiped His feet with

the tresses of her hair.


vs. 7-8 - “Let her alone” - after this night you will not have

            opportunity to offer me the affectionate attention or

            symbolic homage - it is NOW OR NEVER!


vs. 9-11 - the chief priests deliberated to kill Lazarus,

            a type of destroying the evidence.


The raising of Lazarus had brought about a crisis - a sort

of sifting out process, which I want to emphasize today,

“some believed, some did not” - despite Christ’s

greatest signs, wisest teachings, His wonderful

love - ch. 11:45-46


vs. 12-19 - the triumphant entry -


v. 20 - The Greeks representative of the western

            world seek Jesus.


The cry of us all!!!!????  Sirs, we would see JESUS!


We still go to Him to know who God is and what He

would have us think and how to act.


For instance, in the liberal and often hypocritical

Courier-Journal last Sunday, WWJD - Drive?


vs. 23-24 - Getting to the heart of the lesson.


“the hour is come” - the hour of crisis for which He

came out of eternity.


Phil. 2:8 - “became obedient unto death, even the

            death of the cross”


Gal. 3:13 - “He became a curse for us” - thus

            redeeming us from the curse of the law,

            YOU SIN, YOU DIE!


v. 25 - When the instinct of self-reservation

            becomes a SELF-IDOLATRY!


There is a love of mere physical life that imperils

the higher life.


Flip side - a realization that there is a higher end

of life more valuable than self - NAMELY - “thy

lovingkindness is better than life” - Ps. 63:3a


There is a reward involved in the sacrifice of the

present life in the cause of God.


psyche - self - life - person - breath -person


The side psychology seems to be on - a

very damning philosophy.


Enjoys the things of the world - finer

satisfaction in the gratification of the senses.


losing self/destroying self in making it valueless.


The “psyche” is a great possession and “what

advantageth a man if he should gain the whole

world and lose it?


When one makes the earthly reign of the psyche

or its enjoyment the end of all striving - that

person has failed - this flies in the face of self-help,

self-worship and looking deep within so prevalent

in our culture.


v. 26 - “if any man serve me, him will my Father


v. 27 Your sin - my sin was on Him!


Our salvation was not cheap!


ch. 11:33 - “shuddered” - Christ’s psyche in the

            depths of agony - Luke 22:44 - read.


Heb. 5:7 - Either from death itself or from the

            fear and horror which accompanies it.


“He was heard” - raven’s cry sermon - Ms. Augusta.


The prayer, if selfishly delivered and answered

would have been the ruin of the world.


Christ died - was glorified - if He had not His life

would have been sterile.


“many saints seen in Jerusalem” - “the firstborn

among many brethren” - Rom. 8:29


v. 28-29 - a mixed up population - some thought it

            thundered, some thought an angel had

            spoken - both were wrong  - it was the



When He speaks we ought to listen!


v. 31 - The turning point in history - victory of

            Christ - the defeat of Satan ( Game’s over)

            I John 3:8a


He came to die for the sins of the world - if you

will not accept this you are judged - John 3:17-18


The casting out of Satan, the usurper & god of

this world - II Cor. 4:4, Eph. 2:2


v. 32 - The attraction of the cross of Christ will

            prove to be the mightiest motive to human

            will wielded by the Holy Spirit, enough to

            defeat Satan.


There is a marvelous drawing power in the lifted up

Redeemer.  Are you lifting Him up today?


Some believed, some didn’t.  Compare Acts 28:24 and

your personal experience in the 21st century!


There is no other answer from Jesus - How sad!

“the harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are

not saved” - Jer. 8:20


vs. 35-36 - A last public appeal to individuals - a

gracious invitation.  He ended His public ministry

and vanished before them.


This is the last appeal to the Jews - use your

opportunity - don’t trifle with your destiny by silly &

idle objections.


“he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he

goeth” - results from not making use of the Light of

the world - no perception of imminent danger, drifting

over a fathomless unknown into infinite & endless

suspense.  When the Light of the world is spurned &

a godless evolution made to supply its place, humanity

and the world have no goal set before them, no aims,

no mind or will to guide the progress of mankind.


The way to become children of the Light is to

believe in the Light!


Matt. 24:37-39


Why Johnny can’t tell Right from Wrong!

Good Morals & Gentle Manners

Well Springs of Truth


v. 37 - Chase a butterfly, never catch it.

            Be still, it will light on your nose.


add walking on the sea - ch. 6


This verse implies that He did many more

miracles than recorded - who will may know it!


Internet/information - can find anything from

Little River Clovis Complex to information on how to cook

a pheasant.


v. 38 - One of the anomalies of life that man does

seem so insensible to his own highest interests -

prophets wondering - Christ marveling -THE LOGOS









The causes which produced the widespread unbelief in

the days of Isaiah were seen to be still at work in

Christ’s days on earth to produce strange, incompre-

hensible blindness in Israel.


A judicial blindness - punishing sin

Mark 6:5-6     Matt. 9:35-38


Very dangerous - if you do not accept Him, there will

come a day when you cannot accept Him.


vs. 39-40 - a moral impossibility inherited by the Jews

through ages of rebellion & insensibility to Divine

grace and misuse of revelation - “they could not

believe.  A fixed law - power unused destroys itself -

persistent disregard for religion makes it more difficult

to obey or believe.


Is challenging a nativity scene on public property

diffusing this blindness?


A solemn passage quoted four other places in NT

Luke 8:10       Matt. 13:14-15           Mark 4:12

Acts 28:26-27


The unforced & willful rejection of the Divine Word

is visited by a withdrawal of the faculty to receive

even more accessible & apprehensible truth.



If so, is America beyond help?  CBS satire on

issue of Ten Commandments etched in stone in Ala.


II Thess. 2:10-12


Thus falling into a curse that belongs to a neglect

of the Divine - “they could not believe”.


Disinclination to God and to righteousness leads

to moral incapacity.


Unbelief is punished by unsusceptibility to clearest

evidence, prejudice by blindness, rejection of

Divine Love by inability to see.


v. 42 - Notwithstanding Christ’s rejection by

the Jewish nation or the United States of America,

some individuals see and believe.


Acts 28:24-28


Until - Back to square one - v. 25


v. 43 - The glory of God Himself in His aweful

            holiness was of less interest than the

            glory of the Sanhedrin, in this day, less

            than Hollywood, and the approval of the

            world.  This has more to do with tangible,

            sensuous, advantages, than the Divine



Jude 16-19


It becomes then, of high value to grasp the truth.


v. 46 - “I am come a Light into the world”


All true understanding, all purifying, gracious

influences are the issue and result of the Divine

Life in Jesus Christ.


My experience - Nov. 19 - Leonid meteor shower -

5:15 a.m. - clear, beautiful, full moon


Nothing compared to Jesus, the Light of the world!


II Cor. 4:6 - “in the face of Jesus Christ”   


vs. 3-4 previous reference


v. 47 - Awful charge of responsibility upon every

            man who simply hears & knows what Christ’s

            words are - then keeps them not.


v. 48 - “the word that I have spoken shall judge him

            in the last day’ - Judged by the Word of God!


ch. 3:17-19



v. 49 - What I should say and how I should say it


v. 50 “I know that His commandment is life eternal”


It offers life, it tells of life.  In rejecting Christ & His

words, one rejects & insults the Father.