October 10, 2004

                            Live By Jesus' Teachings

   Luke 6:1-49



vs. 1-11 - Christ's teaching on the observance of the



These laws were never intended to be a burden,

rather, they were meant to be a blessing for man.


"six days shall thou labor but on the Sabbath day

thou shalt not do any work"


"the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the



Works of love done for the bodies & souls of man

never mar or interfere with the holiness of the day

of rest!


What a blessing - a weekly cessation of toil.  It is for

repose of body, brain, mind and spirit.


It is okay to do good in the home and in the world on

this day!


v. 10 - "stretch forth thine hand" - How could he?


He did it through the power of the Lord!

Man comes in his weakness, his hand is withered,

he can do nothing; but through the power of God

he is enabled to stretch forth his hand physically

and to enter into the sphere of spiritual power.


vs. 12-19 - The Choosing of the Twelve.


"He prayed all night - "He chose twelve"

"He ordained twelve, that they should be with

Him, and that He might send them forth to preach"

                                    Mark 3:14


John 15:16


Christ sought counsel of God - Christ chose those to

whom He was to entrust the salvation of the world.


Two thousand years later we see how these have,

through the Holy Spirit, moved the world!




They were to be with Him, sitting at His feet,

learning of Him His heavenly truth, following Him,

eventually declaring Him to others all that Christ

had imparted to them, making known to a sad

and suffering world what a Friend and Refuge they

have in Jesus.



Apostle - one who is sent/an envoy or ambassador


First list - men of insight - Peter, Andrew, James & John


Second list - reflective & at first skeptical men - Philip,

                        Bartholomew, Thomas & Matthew


Third list  - practical men - James the son of Alpheus,

                        Jude, Simon the zealot & Judas Iscariot,

                        all grades of men.


vs. 17-18 - a crowd composed of various nationalities,

            some came with sick friends, some by curiosity,

            others for a real longing to hear more of the words

            of life from Divine lips - strict and careless Jews,

            Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians and nomad Arabs.


It was to this crowd that Jesus spoke the "Sermon on the



v. 19 - They wanted to touch Him and it was during this

            time of Jesus' ministry that His power was most

            abundantly displayed.


Two entries - the ear and the body - miracles were a part

of His message to mankind.  The healing of disease was to

tell how He could heal the soul and give them eternal life!


His person was the centre for healing or salvation!




vs. 20-49 - We see Jesus describing the members of His

kingdom in contrast to the world and describing the policy

they would pursue.


The Beatitudes draws the line between His people and the



The life that Jesus would have His followers lead.


This is not the road to salvation.

This is the road after conversion.


John 10:1


v. 20 - Blessed poor - "yours is the kingdom of heaven"

            * citizenship

            * home among the mansions of the blessed

            * place in the society of heaven

            * enjoyment of the sight of God -


v. 21 - Comedy was unknown to the Hebrews

            Puritans had their attitude


We read of our Lord weeping, His joy is mentioned,

and His sorrow, He sympathized with all classes of

men, even ate and drank with them, but we never read

that He laughed.  SIN IS VERY SERIOUS!           


Hungering after righteousness, a keen spiritual appetite,

an earnest state of religious inquiry, anxiously wanting to

"know what he must do to inherit eternal life"


To be blind when He is beckoning, deaf when He is calling,

insensible when He touches - Last week's lesson - Oct. 3, 2004

To seek God and to hunger for Him is the true heritage of man.

Not to do so forfeits the very best portion which our Creator


                                    Psalm 63:1


vs. 22-23 - encouragement - We stand on the same footing with

            Moses, Samuel, Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah who went

            "without the camp, bearing His reproach" - men &

            women "of whom the world was not worthy" - Heb. 11:38


v. 25 - self & over-indulgence - gratification of the senses


Rev. 3:17 - "I am rich & increased with goods & have need of



Luke 12:16-21 - "Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required

            of thee"


A cheerless state which poor souls who have lived only for this

world will find themselves after death.


vs. 27-31



v. 28 - Jesus' example on the cross - a charity which ignores its

            own rights and knows no limits to self sacrifice!


A broad, unselfish, generosity, believing Jesus' words

"it is more blessed to give than receive".


Lift a load from a brother's heart & brighten the

rest of his life on earth.


This influence of Christ is what has made America

great - the citizens over our history under the power

of Jesus Christ!


Beware/Caution - ch. 13:28-29


vs. 32-33 - Three manners of return.

      (1)  good for good, evil for evil - ordinary rule of men

      (2) evil for good which is devilish

      (3) good for evil which is Divine - this is what Jesus

            commands here.


v.35 - "your reward shall be great"


What is the reward?  Is it not a share in the life of God,

a hope and participation in His eternal work, an

expectation of dying to awaken in His likeness?!!


"As for me,.......I shall be satisfied, when I awake in they

likeness" - Psalm  17:15


"ye shall be called the children of the Highest" - we will

resemble God Himself, He is kind unto the unthankful

and to the evil.


v. 36 - James 5:11 - "the end of the Lord.... the Lord is

                        very pitiful and of tender mercy"


v. 37 - warning against censoriousness  which stunts &

            mars healthy religious life.





"ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of" - "for the

Son of Man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to

save them" - Luke 9:55-56


"I am come that they might have life and that they might

have it more abundantly" -  John 10:10b


Exodus 34:6-8


We are not to be overly severe, tending to crush rather than

to reform, which daunt the spirit instead of urging it on to

better things.


Remember - "He hath not dealt with us after our sins, nor

rewarded us according to our iniquities" , that "He will not

chide, neither doth He keep His anger forever"


v. 38 - Be givers instead of judges - giving is that act which is

            most Divine  - GOD LIVES TO GIVE - CHRIST CAME



Those in saddest need and darkest error have the

greatest claim on our pity and help!


vs. 39-49  - READ & COMMENT


Blind to self - purged from an evil conscience

            and dead works is a fit state in which to deal

            with erring brethren in an effort to lead them

            to a better way - God's Way - Jesus' Way.


v. 44 - If we do not give evidence of caring more for

            truth & for God and the establishment of His

            holy kingdom while here on earth than we do

            for our own temporal prosperity or present

            enjoyment, we should not get upset to be

            included among the ungodly!


Instead of devotion is impiety, instead of purity is laxity,

instead of beauty of holiness is the unsightliness of sin,

instead of honor is shame!


vs. 46-49 - Once we know His will, we have only to do it!


Teaching of Mamer (my paternal grandmother) telling me what she knew of Jesus!  I have heard her recite from memory, the

entire Sermon on the Mount - Matthew chapters 5-7 - before I was 12 


Obedience is the secret to stability.


v. 49 - "the ruin of that house was great"