Malachi 2:1-17


vs. 1-2 - the withholding of God's gifts and the

            power to enjoy them.


vs. 5 -7


"My covenant was with him of life and peace" - one

side of the covenant which God gave - the blessing of

life, abundance, prosperity and security and

undisturbed enjoyment of these"


God's gifts were life and peace  - Levi's part was

fear of God - the ideal priest observed all the duties

of piety and reverence,


v. 6 - "the Law of truth was in his mouth" - Deut. 31:10-13


"iniquity was not found in his lips" - neither false doctrine

nor perverse judgment was found in him - no - you know



"he walked with me" - not only his teaching was true,

but his life was pure and good; he was the friend of God,

living always in His presence, in peace and uprightness!


he "did turn many away from iniquity" - led many

sinners to repentance and amendment.


v. 7 - "the priest's lips should keep knowledge"


It was the priest's duty to study the Law and to teach it



"he is the messenger from the Lord of hosts" - HE IS




The burden is not "This I think" but "THUS SAITH



They are never to:

       "hold down the truth in unrighteousness" - Rom. 1:18


He announces God's will to men, explaining the Law

to meet the varied circumstances which occur in

daily life.


v. 8 - But they departed out of the way and had

            declined from the high ideal set forth in vs. 6-7.


They caused "many to stumble at the Law"


v. 9 - "I also made you contemptible and base before

            all the have not kept my ways, but

            have been partial in the law"


vs. 10-16 - violations of the law of marriage



v. 11 - "Judah hath dealt treacherously...hath profaned

            the holiness of the Lord.....and married the

            daughter of a strange god"


treacherous - acting faithlessly against another


The person who does this virtually cuts himself off from

the commonwealth of the saints, that he may join the

congregation of the aliens - he thus exposes himself to

the judgment of God, who will be impartial in His

treatment of all classes of those that lead into sin and

those that are lead - i.e. - "master and scholar" - the

deceiver and the deceived.


v. 10 - "why?"


v. 12 - "The Lord will cut off the man that doeth this" -

            it doesn't matter who!


vs. 14-16 - "Yet ye say, Wherefore? - the people will not

            acknowledge their guiltiness.


"against whom thou hast dealt treacherously" - deserted


Divorce was never contemplated in the first institution

of marriage.





No one acts as you have done who has in him any of that

Divine life which God at first breathed into man; in other

words, no man of conscience and virtue has ever divorced

his wife.


Why did He make two one?  that there might be godly



Dwight Moody said "It is much easier to lead your

            children into Sodom than to get them back"


Those who repudiate their own wives and marry strange

women do not so to raise up children to God, but to

satisfy their carnal lusts.


            "the Lord hath been witness between thee

            and the wife of thy youth...the Lord, the God of

            Israel, saith that He hateth putting away......take

            heed to your spirit, that ye deal not treacherously."


v. 15 - "did not He make one?"


Where is the  spirit of "If two were ever one, then we?"


God desires unity in the home - I Pet. 3:7 -






God was a witness of every word and vow at your marriage

ceremony - through the following years He notes how those

promises are kept - He is still a witness of every act of wrong

on the part of either husband or wife and He "is the

avenger of all such" - I Thess. 4:6


Aggravations of this sin are suggested by the terms

"companion", "wife of thy youth", "wife of thy



Sin is infectious - if we deal treacherously against our

"brother" - v. 10  - what does this do to other husbands

or the unmarried whom by example you may debauch

and destroy?


Our relations to men depends on our relation to God!


Beware lest ye lose the spirit which God has given you.  By

acting thus contrary to conscience and the light vouchsafed

to them, they ran the risk of being deprived altogether of this

heavenly guide, and losing all distinction between right and



"He hateth putting away" - God hates divorce - it is

contrary to His original institution and was only

allowed for the hardness of men's hearts.


Matt. 19:3-9               Deut. 24:4 - causing the land to sin!!!?


Put her away if you please but you must bear the consequences.


Home Room information in my early teaching years - I was

flabbergasted that around half had names different than

who they lived with.


"for one (who does so) covereth violence with his garment,

saith the Lord of hosts " - Iniquity attaches itself to him,

plainly encircling and enfolding him; the clothing of iniquity

is the mark of the foul soul within.


Two great mistakes made:

            (1) unfaithfulness to spouse - adultery

            (2) unfaithfulness to God - spiritual adultery


v. 17 - Wearying the Lord with words - wearing out God's

            patience by murmuring and discontent.


"Yet ye say" and v. 14 with those of chapter 1 -


"ye say" - v. 2, 6, 7 (2), 12

"ye said" - v. 13


            Two more mistakes:  "Yet ye say"

                        (1) calling evil doers good in the sight of the Lord

                              and that He delights in them

                        (2) doubting God's judgment (New Testament                                       parallel - II Pet. 3:4)