September 18, 2005

                                       Romans 2:1-29



Latter part of ch. 1 - Paul talked about the

degradation, indignation and disgust at the moral

corruption of Gentile society.


It is man's own fault that he is in such a mess because

he has refused to retain and act upon the knowledge

of God that was originally imparted to him.


Not moral restraint  - approving of vice as well as

practicing it - steeped in sin and liable to the WRATH



v. 1 - none of us are exempt from sin


v. 2 - "according to truth" - always exactly just -

            it needs no court revision - no court of appeals


v. 4 - presuming too far on Divine forbearance - Go

            is kind/gracious


false inferences - God will not fulfill His threats,

            He will not enforce His awful sanctions of

            the laws which He has set in order - we are

            exempt from judicial authority.


"despisest  thou the riches of His goodness"


*daily loadeth us with benefits

*gives more than heart could wish

*sends His sunshine and rain on all


v. 5 - the day of display of the wrath/power of God

            when "forbearance" will be over


"the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous

judgment of God"


vs. 6, 11, 16


v. 7 - "seek" - "look" - "call" - "taste" - not hard to do!


"a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him"


Ps. 19:7-12


vs. 8-9 - sin, unrepented and unatoned for, must

            inevitably undergo its doom in the unknown

            regions of  ETERNITY!


Psalm 50:3-7, 16-21


There was a tsunami but God was not in the tsunami

There was a hurricane but God was not in the hurricane

There was an earthquake but God was not in the earthquake


What is it going to take to get your attention?


*Behold the lightning shining from the east to the west!

*He cometh in the clouds, every eye shall see Him, even those

 that pierced Him!

*In a moment in the twinkling of an eye!


*"The sun was risen upon the earth when Lot entered into Zoar.

Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brim-

stone and fire from the Lord out of heaven"

*until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew not

until the flood came, and took them all away"


What is it going to take to get your attention?


Are you so far gone that "you will not be persuaded

though one rose from the dead"?


v. 11 - Divine impartiality


v. 12 - "judged by law" - a definite standard of judgment



v. 13


v. 15 - "their thoughts accusing or else excusing one



An innate moral sense in the human heart is a characteristic

of man and is operative more or less in all communities.


Reason comes into play, evoked by conscience, to reflect

on its witness, and definitely condemn or approve what

has been done.  A kind of court is held - man calls himself

to the bar of his own moral judgment; his conscience

is a witness to his deeds or his deeds witness against

himself - his thoughts are advocates on both sides

arguing for condemnation or acquittal.


v. 16 - "every man's work will be made manifest"


v. 17 - from childhood the Jew was trained to reverence

            God's name, to recite God's Law and to listen

            to the teaching of God's prophet.


Remember -


It was their religion that was the bond which united

the nation;  let that be broken, then there would be a

chance of the Jews blending harmoniously with the

other races that made up the Syrian Empire.


v. 18 - distinguishing between right and wrong


vs. 28-29 - The conception of God must be spiritual;

            the character of worship must be spiritual;

            the morality of God's people must be spiritual;

            religious life as a whole must be spiritual!