Romans 9:1-33

                                 December 4, 2005 



vs. 1-3


vs. 4-5


vs. 7-8 - all Abraham's posterity not in the

            covenant but "in Isaac shall thy seed

            be called" - (promised seed  - not of flesh)


vs. 11-13 - Gen. 25:23


vs. 17-18 - Some verses in Exodus 8:15,19,32

            and 9:34  - Pharaoh is said to have

            hardened his own heart while in

            Exodus 7:14,22 and 9:7, 35 it is

            generally said that his heart was



The two forms of expression seem to denote

two aspects of final obduracy in man  - one

being self-induced and the other judicial!







Pharaoh illustrates the position of the

obstinate Jewish nation now and apparently

the United States today - by setting himself

against the Divine purpose, and relying on

his own strength, was unable to thwart God's

design of mercy to His chosen and was himself

hardened and rejected.  (ch. 11:25-32)


vs. 25-26 - because of the repetition of their

            insensibility to and rejection of Jesus,

            the true Messiah.


vs. 27-28 - References to passages in Isaiah 7-10


Three names:


    Maher-shalal-hash-baz  - (the spoil speedeth)

    Shear-jashub - (a remnant shall return)

    Immanuel (God with us)


A series of predictions - the first - coming judgment,

the second - the return of a remnant and third  - God's

own presence with His people


A distinct Messianic reference


v. 29 - "Except the Lord.....we should have been as

            Sodom and made like unto Gomorrah



To see those conditions go to


vs. 30-32 - Human Responsibility - the rejection

            of the Jews is attributed to their own fault

            in that they rejected and did not accept

            God's terms.


When Israelites counted themselves unworthy of

everlasting life, the heralds of salvation turned to

the Gentiles.  No wonder that such a reversal of

customary methods angered those who prided

themselves upon their position of advantage (vs. 4-5)


Luke 11:52  (read)


vs. 32-33 (are located in CHRISTMAS LESSON 2005)