Zechariah 4-6

                                    July 22, 2007


v. 6 - The Lord's message unto Zerubbabel  is that his

         work will be accomplished through the grace of

         God alone.


            "not by might, nor by power, but by my

            spirit, saith the Lord of hosts"


Not by an army or any human means.


v. 7 - "Grace, grace unto it"


The operations of the Spirit are manifold, and His

aid alone could bring these mighty things to pass.


The oil is a figure of the grace of the Holy Spirit

and as the lamps are not supplied by human hands (v.2),

but directly from the olives - the work will be

supported by Divine means


All obstacles shall be removed - mountain made into a

plain - "if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye

shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder

place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be

impossible to you" - Matt. 17:20


"headstone" - an allusion to Christ - "with shoutings,

crying, Grace, grace unto it"


v. 10 - "who hath despised the day of small things?"


The beginning of the temple - can anyone after these

promises and prophecies, presume to be doubtful

about the future?


v. 12 - "golden oil" - the grace of God, the influence

            of the Holy Spirit, which alone enables the

            Church to shine and to accomplish its

            appointed work!


v. 14 - "These are the two anointed ones that stand

            by the Lord of the whole earth"


The two olive trees are the two authorities - the

civil and the religious, through which God

communicates His grace to the Church - these

stand by the Lord because instituted by Him, they

carry out His will in the ordering, guiding,

extending, and purifying His kingdom among men!


state and church - two authorities are intimately

connected and when united their action tends to


in the salvation of men - thus was American History

prior to 1963




In Messiah these offices are united - He is the

channel of Divine grace, the source of light to the

whole world.


Talk about American History - talk about the

divorce of these two - look what has happened

in the last 40 years - since the sixties, when the

courts started separating the two -


"What God hath joined together let no man put



In fact Israel originally was a theocracy - remember

the history of Samuel - Eli - Saul - then the hay day

of David and Solomon and all went down hill after that!


The church was to be a lamp - a candlestick - to be a

continual witness to men respecting things unseen and

eternal - a standing testimony in favor of truth, righteousness

and against error and sin!


Consider the blame or praise administered by Christ in

Revelation 2 and 3


The role of the state is explained in Romans 13:1-7


With or without us God always maintains in the world

a succession of special witnesses for Him - as Joshua would

ask - "who is on the Lord's side?"


God's great love for His people is shown in giving us His

only Son, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit to bear witness

of Him


John 3:16-18


God has entrusted especially to men the duty of keeping

alight among men the "candlestick" of His truth.


"Go ye therefore and teach all nations" - Matt. 28:19


"upon this rock I will build my church and the gates

of hell shall not prevail against it" - Matt. 16:18




                                    ch. 5



This chapter seems to portray the expulsion

of wickedness from the land - during the

captivity, the Jewish people had become lax

in morality - especially towards theft and perjury - v.3.


The spirit of covetousness  lies at the

root of all theft -


"flying roll" - covering the entire earth



"ephah" - the largest measure in use - this

measuring something of unusual magnitude -

national sin and wickedness


v. 8 - "this is wickedness" - contents of the ephah


v. 11 - "Shinar" - where the first world power arrayed

            itself against God at Babel.


"mystery Babylon" - Rev. 11:8 - which is also called

"Sodom and Egypt".


Sin has a cumulative nature - like compound interest -

it accrues - the sins of yesterday greatly aggravate the

sins of today.


If sin is not repented of, nor atoned for, the issue is

not only banishment but "death" itself.


Rom. 6:23 - "the wages of sin is death"

Prov. 19:1


                                                ch. 6


vs. 1-5 - spirits who "stand before the Lord of the whole

            earth" - represented as chariots of war - they are

            orderly and diverse - some go in this direction,

            some in that - some go before - some follow - some

            in one direction - some in every direction - but all

            in strict subordination to the purposes of God.


vs. 11-12 - "Behold the Man whose name is the Branch"


Branch-Shoot-Messiah - whom Joshua represented.


He and no one else shall build - "He shall bear the glory"


"shall sit and rule upon His throne"


"He shall be a Priest upon His throne"


"the counsel of peace shall be between them both"


Two offices in one person - Priest and King - He

shall bring peace to His people!


These are generally divided and incompatible offices!

(ch. 4)


Acts 5:31 - "Him hath God exalted with His right hand

            to be a Prince and a Savior"


The two-fold glory of v. 13 -


Joshua - after the exodus brings the children of Israel into



Another Jesus in ch. 3:6-10  - after the captivity typifies the

two natures of Christ


A third Jesus - the Messiah - arises and is He in whom all these

things are fulfilled.


Whenever we penetrate far enough beneath the surface,

we find this one "Rock" - must He not, like the granite

in geological formations, be the Foundation of all?


Acts 15:18


Spurgeon:  Would you know astronomy?  It is here;

            it tells you of the Sun of Righteousness and the

            Star of Bethlehem.  Would you know botany?

            It is here; it tells you of the plant of renown -

            the Lily of the Valley and the Rose of Sharon.

            Would you know geology and mineralogy?  You

            shall learn it here, for you may read of the Rock

            of Ages and the White Stone with a name graven

            thereon, which no man knows, saving he that

            receives it.


I Cor. 12:6-11