Zechariah 7-8

                                     July 29, 2007



ch. 7


The question was whether a fast instituted in

memory of the calamity of Jerusalem was still

to be observed.


v. 5 - "Did ye at all fast unto me?"


It was not by God's command, or to do Him honor,

that they fasted, not from repentance or sorrow for


CITY AND THEIR COUNTRY but from vexation

at the calamity itself and in a self-righteous spirit,

with some idea of gain-saying merit by this

punishment of the body.


v. 6 - "did ye not eat for yourselves and drink

            for yourselves?"


There the matter ends; it is self that is concerned,

and there is no reference to God!


Isaiah 58:6-9a


vs. 7-10


The exceeding penetration of God's Word!


Heb. 4:12-13


Give example of exposure of dogs with which

Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons has been



"laid open"


"naked and laid open"


"laid open" - a seizing by the throat and

pulling back the neck - overthrowing or laying



Bending back the neck is the primary reading -

also throwing on the ground supine (with back on

ground and looking upward) so as to be

thoroughly exposed to view.


The idea that whatever shamefaced creature

bows its head and would fain withdraw and

cloak itself from the eyes of God has indeed,

as its throat bent back before those eyes, with

no possibility of escape, exposed and naked.


"laid open" - complete exposure


v. 7 - "when Jerusalem was inhabited"


He recalls the former prosperity to their memory,

contrasting it with their present low estate, to

remind them of all that they had lost in

punishment and disobedience.


vs. 11 - Three degrees of obduracy are named

            in this verse:  they refused to listen; they

            resisted the warners, they exhibited open

            contempt for them.


II Chron. 36:14-16


v. 12 - No message from God could find entrance?


"therefore came a great wrath from the Lord of

hosts" -


How many cities, kingdoms, empires and races,

once great on the earth, might have all that is

really essential to their history recounted precisely as

told here?


v. 14 - "I scattered them" - what had happened in

            the past is a sign of what shall befall in the



"for they laid the pleasant land waste"  - the

disobedient Jews' sin being the cause of the


                        ch. 8


v. 2 - "Thus saith the Lord of hosts" - this formula

            occurs ten times in this chapter, thus enforcing

            the truth that all the promises made to Zion

            come from the Lord Himself!


2, 4, 6 - twice, 7, 9, 11, 14 - twice, 19,20, 23


* twenty-seven (27) times - "thus saith the Lord of hosts"

   in book of Zechariah

* fifty-three (53) "times Lord of hosts" - in Zechariah


v. 3- "Thus saith the Lord; I am returned unto Zion,

            and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem"


God had returned to Jerusalem - compare sequence in

Ezekiel 8:4, 9:3, 10:4, 18, 11:23, 43:4


Compare Revelation 21:1-8


"Jerusalem shall be called a city of truth"


Exodus 34:6 - "The Lord God.....abundant in truth"


vs. 7-8


v. 12


vs. 14-15


vs. 16-17 - the prevalent sins of that time was not idolatry

            but cheating and lying and injustice, vices learned in

            the land of exile, where they had turned their

            energies to traffic and commerce - see ch. 5:2-4


v. 19 - "joy and gladness,.....cheerful feasts....love the truth

            and peace"


vs. 21-22 - The Gentiles would be moved, not only to make

            the pilgrimage to the great annual festivals, but to

            seek to know the Lord and how to worship him



"I will go also"


v. 23 - "we will go with you" - the true Israelites are not

            merely those of the natural posterity of Abraham,

            but all true Christians united under Christ, the