June 10, 2001

                                         Amos 3


v. 1 - “Hear this word that the Lord has spoken”


God is speaking and His voice is worth listening to!


“family” - Matt. 19:4-6     “whole family”


v. 2 - “you only have I known” - intimately,


            Ephesians 5:31-32   Genesis 1:27-28


From the beginning!            


Teach children - Deut. 4:10, 6:7, 11:19


Secret to life - Psalm 34:11


The Lord says “I know my sheep” - “I never knew you”


These sentences mean salvation and condemnation



“you only”...therefore I will punish you” - Do you believe this?


v. 3  - Israel quarreling with God, cannot reckon

            on His company.  Israel’s rebellious attitude

            was nearing a climax of irreconcilableness

            and makes continuous intimate relations



Utter incompatibility - defection & disobedience.

“Enoch walked with God” - a short biography.


Would to God it was mine - youngster on the

farm - going to school - took a picture a few yrs ago.


A hallowed spot to me - although I have mired that walk!


Rev. 3:4 - “They shall walk with Me in white” - Church

            at Sardis - TV - show on Roman aqueducts.


We live in God’s Presence, walking by faith, He holding

our hand, GOD WITH US - an invincible escort thru life!


Walking with God is a habit - men are naturally at enmity

with God, we know not  and desire not His ways, 

“Therefore they say unto God, Depart from us; for we

desire not the knowledge of thy ways” - Job 21:14******


The Gergesenes after Jesus cast out devils into swine

asked Him to depart out of their country - Matt. 8


Alienation from God causes a separation - “Your

iniquities have separated you & your God”  - Is. 59:2


Alienation leads to apostasy and apostasy creates

a spiritual outlaw.


When men forsake God they sit up a false god in His

place - the obverse of apostasy is always IDOLATRY.


The deification of nature is a common practice -

Mother Nature, a kind of mystical personification

of some unknown existence and to whom the omnipotence

denied to God is freely attributed to someone else.


v. 4 - Jehovah ready to spring judgment and Israel

            helpless as prey of lion


v. 5 - thought here is the punishment is deserved

            and certain.    CAUSE - EFFECT


It is the lighting of the bird on the trap that snaps it.

If there is no trap laid, no bird would be caught.

If there is no bird in the trap it will not raise the net

from the ground.


Israel is the bird, God is the Fowler, His judgment is

the snare, and the lesson is Israel is already in

God’s destroying grasp!


No smoke without fire!


Let the doomed sinner tremble, for all his insensibility

he is no better than a dead man.


v. 6 - The prophet knows what is coming and was aware

            of the alarm already ringing over the land.


v. 7 - The putting of prophecy between His secret and

            its execution is a special favor from God!


God in His mercy does not judge without

            warning - The prophet is a negotiator, hearing

            the truth from God and handing it on to men.


God does not destroy men unwarned.  He warns them

through His accredited messengers.  But:


II Chron. 36:15-16    Mockery - Gen. 19:14-17, 23-28


Luke 17:28-30


To erect the gallows before a criminal brings into sight

the fact of sin and its demerit.  Next to execution, the

sentence of death is a revelation to the criminal of

the enormity of his crime.  A mental association of

guilt with penalty.


The fear of the rod is a wholesome deterrent on the

folly of a child.  Something that seems far removed

from American culture today.


God wants His Word believed and aims at cure and

prevention rather than death.


Nineveh, a notable instance.  Jonah came crying,

“Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown”


The king of Nineveh repented & led others to do so

“And God saw their works that they turned from their

evil way; and God repented of the evil, that He had

said that He would do unto them & He did it not.  Jonah 3:10


If Nineveh’s repentance was more common, her escape

would be more common also.


Example of endangered species.  “If the foundations

be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”


v. 8  - God’s spokesmen are moved at the coming evil.

            They are in sympathy with the Divine Compassion.


Like the apostles, they “cannot but speak the things that

they have seen and heard”  - Acts 4:19-20


v. 9 - The heathen summoned to witness the judgment

            of Israel - Ashdod & Egypt


Tumults - “many marvels” - as if it was a surprise to the  

heathen - eternal disgrace of Israel - things going on

in which heathen condemned.


v. 10 - “they know not to do right” - IGNORANCE


The way of right had been forgotten.


Restlessness of greed, fever of speculation, wrangling in

trade, & extortion are all included here.


Oppression of power without principle.


Sow an act, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character;

sow a character and reap a destiny.


America’s 21st century legacy seems to be this:  Raising

a smart trader whose son is a swindler, the son of the

swindler is a burglar, the son of a burglar is the robber-

assassin.  The pupil of the religious liberal is the rationalist,

and the pupil of the rationalist is the atheist.


Begin by imitating wicked men, and you will end up

outperforming them in sin.


v. 11 - “bring down thy strength....shall be spoiled”


v.12 - Too late except to pick up the pieces. 


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men,

could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again!”


Of all the words of mind & pen, the saddest are these,

“what might have been?”


Paltry leavings here mentioned, not worth the effort to

rescue.  Such was Israel and such will be America when



v. 13 - “Hear ye......saith the Lord God, the Lord of Hosts”


            Pulpit Commentary Scanned Entry


v. 14 - “in the Day that I shall visit”


Embarrassment of unexpected company. 


As a youth no one had to announce their coming to visit -

it was excitement to see someone coming down the lane

or to be milking at the barn and look to the house and

see a visitor’s car.


Modern manners - modern unreadiness.  Luke 19:42-44


“I will also visit the altars of Bethel” - Jereboam, the

son of Nebat, who made Israel to sin -  I Kings 12:26-33

When sin is done, it is not done with!


The sins of youth are the sowing of which the sufferings

of manhood and old age are the harvest, a harvest too

constantly & painfully reaped to allow the harvester to forget.


The detected thief, the broken-down sensualist, the besotted

drunkard, what is each but a human wreck.  The kernel of

life is wasted and only a husk remains.  No wallflower of good

can ever cover these wrecks of time.


However, God will give a new birth, a new body in Heaven,

if the guilty will repent and turn to His only begotten Son,

Jesus Christ!


God’s problem with Israel was their idolatry - His revelation

was too pure for their taste.  Israel compromised the matter

by adopting man-made ordinances, loading them with corrupt



The formula for eternal separation from life:  First, part with

the spirit of true worship (God is a Spirit & desires such to

worship Him), but always retain the form.  Second, part with

the object (God) and corrupt the form.  Third, adopt a new

object in God’s place, and adapt it to your already corrupted



Heresy at the outset always masquerades in the guise of truth.

The Proverbial Wolf in Sheep’s clothing always gets easy access

to the sheepfold.  It is only after entering & the danger of eviction

is over that the true character is assumed.  Abortion, liberalism,

you name it.


Evil naturally spreads - one sin leads to another. 

Covetousness leads to theft, drunkedness to

uncleanliness,  all three often to murder & almost

every sin to deceit & lying.


No man can set up one sinful idol and say he will have

no more. It will bring others whether he will or no, like

the first swallow of spring of evil doing, others are sure

to follow.


“Thou shalt have no other gods before me” prevents



God dethroned and self enthroned is the state of things

which contains the promise and realization of all evil.


v. 15 - Read


Man’s self indulgences, his luxuries which become the

necessities of his life, that take the place of God in

his life, will all be taken away.