June 17, 2001

                                    Amos 4:1-13



vs. 1-3 – The reproving of voluptuous women


v. 2 – “by His holiness” – God swears by His holiness

            which cannot tolerate iniquity.


The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!


If her influences tend to the enthronement of corruption

& wrong, she must be disposed of as a matter of policy,

& punished as a matter of judgment.


Luxury had become a chronic social evil!  It was a cancer

eating out the well-being of society, devouring generation

after generation.  Historically true but not necessarily an

extention for the profligate.


with hooks….& fishhooks” – always painful but doubly

so if there is resistance.


v. 3 – “ye shall go out at the breaches” – as a herd of cows

go through a gap or down a path, one after another – the

level of intelligence goes down with the level of morality.


Living a brutes life of sense has a penalty, a weakening

of the heavenly gift of reason, by which we are

distinguished from them.


vs. 4-5 – An unholy alliance of corruption & religiosity.


The acted like men & women who had praise to offer

and gifts to bestow, but no sin to be atoned or to confess?


The offer to do more than was required of God – THE




A salvation by works – an escape from religious

realities – no longer God’s but man’s idea and

inconsistent with what God had appointed.


The observance of them was not service but

disobedience and rebellion.


God will take no gift from a sin-stained hand.  Is. 1:15


vs. 6-11 – Israel incorrigible


In these verses God mentions instances of His judgments –

famine, drought, blight, pestilence and earthquake.


God’s signature on these judgments but the love of sin

is stronger than the fear of suffering.  Courses which are

known to all by experience and observation to ruin health

& happiness are entered into deliberately by millions.


Five times recurs this sad refrain – “yet have ye not

returned unto me, saith the Lord”


v. 11 – Not only a narrow escape but an escape

accompanied with loss.  The brand not wholly

consumed is yet blackened and diminished by

the burning.


Once green, fresh, fragrant, with leaf or flower,

now scorched, charred, blackened, all but consumed.


An escape with a certain amount of injury –

it can never be like it once was – Humpty Dumpty.


And then – “He that being often reproved hardeneth

his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, & that without

remedy” – Prov. 29:1


The criminal often leaves prison more callous than

he entered – not softened but hardened – hatred to

God and love of sin are intensified, rebelliousness

is stirred up, self-will is the rule, so moral

insensibility is increased by the process of resistance.


v. 12 – Because all previous judgments had been

useless, therefore will the Lord send something

more terrible still – perhaps the suspense may

work fear and repentance.


“Prepare to meet thy God, O Israel


v. 13 – The prophet declares God’s power &


The mountains mentioned as the most solid

and everlasting of His works.


The wind, as the subtlest & most immaterial

of created things.


declareth unto man what is his thought” – shows

that He knows man’s thought before man puts it into