July 1, 2001

                                        Amos 6


vs. 1-6 - a second woe for those who were satisfied

            with the present state of things while reveling

            in luxury and fearing no coming judgment?


Zeph. 1:12      Apathy-sitting in lap of luxury in a

                        day of affluence.


Also, ingratitude for God’s favors.


v. 3 - Self-deception - “put far away the evil day”


Some try not to think about it at all - they refuse

to “consider their latter end” - Deut. 32:29


Jesus said “be ye also ready for the Son of man

cometh at an hour when ye think not” - Luke 12:40


v. 4 - idleness - “stretch themselves upon their couches”

         luxury - “lie on beds of ivory” - sex & gluttony


Destruction of the family -  careless & interested only

                                                in sex & ease


Having nothing else to occupy their attention, they

concentrate upon themselves


v. 5 - “they chant” - means to prattle, to sing idle songs.


A comparison of David’s music to honor God.  David was

a genius whose music was to praise & glorify God!

There were geniuses in Amos’ day but they were not

writing music to the praise & glory of God.  It was

music which took people away from God.


v. 6 - “the chief ointments” - such as were used for

            the Divine service.  Exodus 30:31-34


Underarms - McGee says it was important to use the

right kind of deodorant but it was drunkenness that

was destroying the nation -


Sins of the flesh (sex & gluttony), heathen music

and drunkenness - vs. 4,5,6 - same old story, wine,

women & song.


“they are not grieved for the affliction of Joseph”


All wrapped up in their selfish voluptuousness!


To such people, philanthropy & patriotism

are impossible. 




Increasing violence - v. 3 - History of Am. Ed. - sex,drugs,

                                                music, violence


Conscience is silent, strong delusion all around -

II Thess 2:10-12


An unbroken run of prosperity is most unfavorable

to spiritual life


Pride, fullness of bread and abundance of idleness in

Ezekiel 16:49 is a revealed occasion of spiritual declension.


God was lightly esteemed & forsaken when Jeshurun

waxed fat and grew thick - Deut. 32:15


It seems to me that humanity as Coach Woolum would





Sin blinds - sin hardens.  Never was Israel more corrupt

yet never so recklessly at ease.  USA


No surer sign of destruction near than the cry of “peace,

peace”.  I Thess. 5:3-4


vs. 7-11 - The people shall go into captivity, be rejected

            of God and given over to utter ruin.


v. 8 - “the Lord has sworn by Himself” - God can neither

            err or lie - He does what He promises -

                                                            Numbers 23:19


What is God’s attitude towards sex, gluttony, degrading

music and drunkenness?   He hates them!  These things

will take you away from God or keep you from coming to

Him in the first place.


v. 10 - Don’t make mention of the name of the Lord


v. 11 - Trouble in the big houses and in the small houses.


vs. 12-14 - It is easier to change the course of nature

            than to change the course of God’s providence

            & His laws of retribution.


v. 12 - The foolish devices by which men try to

            accomplish the impossible.


Lost time, lost labor, broken implements.


A foolish thing is never attempted in a wise way or for

a wise reason.




Mistaken opinion associates itself with unfitting action.


The idea that nothing is wrong or that man can help himself?


v. 13 - “a thing of nought” - Creation contrasted with the

            Creator is a “non-thing”  - a vapor, a bubble on the

            stream, a ripple in the water, a meteor in the sky,

            an unsubstantial thing that passes & leaves no trace!