Exercise Submission's Power

                                                I Peter 3:1-12

                                                 April 1, 2007


Christianity  has been the means of abolishing slavery

and of raising woman to her proper place in society.


However, not above her place as seems to be the case in

these days when secularists lose no opportunity to pervert

the teachings of Christ and the Word of God!


Eph. 5:22        Col. 3:18         I Peter 3:1


I Cor. 11:7-16


Woman was made as an "helpmeet for man" - the

Lord said "Thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he

shall rule over thee" -  "man was not created for the

woman, but the woman for the man"




v. 1 - "subjection" - submit yourselves - a military term,

            to rank under -


Satan's influence in this - now human being's influence in

this -


"be in subjection to your own husbands" - literally,

submitting yourselves - to yield - to withdraw -

ch. 2:13 - law - Romans 13:1-4

      2:18 - masters

      3:1, 5  - wives to husbands

      5:5 - younger unto the elder

               all to one another

      3:22 - angels and authorities unto Him


Do you not want to be a  part of that?


CONSIDER:  "husbands...obey not the word"


There are apparently husbands who like the

heathen, never enter the sanctuary, nor listen to the

Word of God, whose case seems hopeless.  But the

Word of God can be carried to their heart and

mind as much by a Divine life as by a Divine book -

these women spoken of here are the embodiment

of the teachings of Christ and are living epistles for

Him, read of all and the promise of the Word lived

as of the Word spoken - "My Word shall not return

unto me void"


A true Christian life is a standing proof of the Divinity

of Christianity - that is why the world wants to stamp

out Christianity today - it bothers them to see an ideal

imprinted upon the soul - and like their forefather Cain,

who resented Abel to the point of murdering him, and

why - "as Cain....that wicked one....slew his brother.

And wherefore slew he him?  Because his own works

were evil, and his brother's righteous" - I John 3:12


"conversation (behavior) of the wives" - these examples

of the beauties of holiness are a constant persuasion  - acts

of forgiveness, endurance, sacrifice, and adherence to the

right gradually tell even on the hardened and plead loudly

for Christ - so thus the disobedient husbands are "won by

the conversation of the wives"


A self-denying holy life will do more to win those

with whom we live in close intimacy than even

holy words, and much more, than debate and



Lady that we met at Wayne County Museum

in Monticello on Friday - exhibited Christian



Eph. 5:22-24


"resisteth the ordinance of God" - Rom. 13:2


I Tim. 2:11-14


We are so accustomed to the rewriting of history

by modern pseudo-philosophes that when they

rewrite the Bible into their own terminology

or deny it,  that even the words that I just read

from Holy Scripture grates on our reconditioned

ears - such has been their subversion.


There will come a time that like when Jannes and

Jambres withstood Moses, that they will

"proceed no further" - II Tim. 3:9-10


Our straight edge is the Bible and we are

measured by it - how that we size up.


v. 2 - So precise are they that the fear here

            is the reverence for the husband to

            the point of avoiding anything that

            might seem to interfere with his

            conjugal rights and authority.


v. 3 - Peter does not forbid the moderate use

            of ornaments, but asserts their utter

            worthlessness compared with Christian

            graces.                 Compare I Tim. 2:9-10


Attention to dress and personal decoration is natural

to woman - consider the customs of every nation in

every age - the Apostle Peter must not be misunderstood

as in this place censuring such attention but is pointing

out that there is apparel, that there is ornament, far

preferable to any bodily costume and jewelry that

taste can devise or wealth can purchase!


The dress curse is one of the greatest curses today!


Polly's remarks about co-eds at The University of the Cumberlands - a Baptist institution!


The hypocrisy to be laid aside of ch. 2:1




Contrast the outward adornment today

which gives prestige and meaning to lives

of the hollow - gold, apparel, hair styles -


I refer without comment to Isaiah 3:16-24


Attempting to make "the commandment of

God of none effect by your tradition" - Matt. 15:6


The worst possible scenario - "Christ should be

of none effect" - I Cor. 1:17 - Christ the Son of God,

the Lamb of God and the Savior of the world!




"hidden man of the heart" - hidden in the

sense that it does not display itself like the

conspicuous ornaments mentioned in the last



It is "hidden with Christ in God" - Col. 3:3


"a meek and quiet spirit" - such clothing and

ornamentation command the admiration of all

whose admiration is desirable.


Empty fools may approve of  the outward display

of riches and fashion that the worldly seek to

dazzle and captivate those who are as worldly

as themselves.


Consider that one may seek the approval of his

fellow creatures too earnestly and the possibility

that their attachment may be valued beyond its

true value.


Also  - poverty may deprive a woman of the power

to dress fashionably and that even the fashionable

with advancing years,  their dress, excused in younger

years, may appear unseemly and ridiculous.


Consider that "a quiet and meek spirit" remains

unchanged with the changing time and change which

time does to us all!


Beware of the honor which one craves from others -

"and seek not the honor that cometh from God only"

                                                John 5:44


John 12:43 - "For they loved the praise of men more

                        than the praise of God"


What true men look for in a woman - Prov. 31:10-31




True men honor not simply the young and the

beautiful, those of high birth or accomplishment,

but they honor all who are stamped with the seal of

a true, gentle and virtuous womanhood.


The meek spirit does not flash into anger, does

not answer again, takes harsh words gently and

humbly - is calm and tranquil - at  peace with

self and spreads peace around.


"which is in the sight of God of great price"


God would have us understand that the soul

is far more precious than the body.


The ornaments of the world are costly in their

sight - that is what is impressive to them - the

meek and quiet spirit is precious in the sight

of God.


Which means the most to you?


v. 5 - "adorned themselves, being in subjection

            unto their own husbands"


How they showed their meekness - submission to

authority is the key note of this part of the epistle.



Remember - "Blessed are the meek for they shall

            inherit the earth" - Matt. 5:5


v. 6 - Sarah given as an example


v. 7 - "Likewise, ye husbands" - husbands must do

            their duty to the wives submitting themselves

            to the duties arising out of marriage.


Husbands are reminded that their wives are Christians

like themselves and are joint-heirs with them of the

grace of life. 


Womanhood is God's own creation, and the feminine

characteristics and graces are revelations of God's own

thoughts and purposes.


Humanity without the feminine element would be

incomplete, one-sided, and lacking in the harmony

of "perfect music set to noble words"


Marriage is a holy institution designed by God - a

parable of the mystical union between Christ and

His Church.







The ideal is - two hearts, two lives bound together by the

                        closest ties - with the same hopes, the same

                        desires, the same service - united both in

                        the Spirit and the flesh, they kneel together,

                        pray together, support each other with

                        gentleness, they share one another's trials,

                        and conceal nothing from each other - God

                        sends down His blessings and peace on them!


If two were ever one, then we.


Greeting card material - When I count my blessings I count you



Holy matrimony is a very sacred thing - it is not a creation

of human law - human law surrounds it with its sanctions,

regarding it as a civil contract but it was instituted by God

in the time of man's innocency.


The institution is in such trouble that states of the

union have reinforced it with laws stating that it is

a union between one man and one woman - yet men with

men and women with women have tried to undermine it

with homosexual unions - a perversion which not only has

the attention of God but will surely bring His displeasure

in forms of judgment like the Biblical Sodom - arkdiscovery.com

one more time - while at the University of the Cumberlands

this week, I discovered that it had been under attack the day

before with a demonstration of homosexuals over the dismissal

of an openly gay individual within the last year.  (3/28/2007)


Sad times we are living in - sad situations - to never know the

sweet sanctities of wedded life and the quiet

happiness of home - so much bitterness - so little true

sweetness - all because God is left out.


For unions which God forbids and the trouble that come

from such disobedience - there is no consolation here!


"dwell with them according to knowledge"


"as being heirs together of the grace of life"  -


God's gracious gift of eternal life!


"that your prayers be not hindered"


The family that prays together stays together.


Jealousies and bickerings - selfishness and

stubbornness are opposed to the spirit of prayer.


v. 8 - to others - five Christian graces of which love -

            the root is in the middle - unity, compassion,

            pity and courtesy


There is a lot of sorrow in this world and a lot of

room for tenderness.



True religion softens the roughest natures and  produces

a sweetness and spiritual refinement far more beautiful

and attractive than the superficial polish which comes

only from a Harvard education and Amy Vanderbilt.


The best Christian is ever the truest gentleman - and may

I say - a good citizen - I have never met a true Christian

that was not a good citizen.




v. 9


vs. 10-12 - Psalm 34:12-16


                        Post Script



v. 4 - "in the sight of God" - Psalm 11:2-6


            Heb. 4:13