Prepare for Suffering

                                        I Peter 3:13-4:6

                                         April 15, 2007



vs. 10-13 from previous lesson


v. 14 - Christians often suffer because of their confession

of Christ - the purity of their lives was a standing

reproach to the heathen.


v. 15 - The fear of God will lift you above the fear of man.

            "Let Him be your fear, and let Him be your dread"

                                                Is. 8:13


"in your hearts" - inward and spiritual - our inmost being.


v. 16 - compare ch. 2:12


A man should live so that if anyone says anything bad

about you that no one would believe it.


v. 17 - better to suffer for well-doing than evil-doing.


            One is Christ-like - the other is natural.


v. 18 - Christ is our Great Example of suffering for well doing!


He set us the example of obedience unto death.


"Man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward"


Psalm 119:67, 71


"the Just for the unjust: that He might bring us to God"


vs. 19-20  -                  Eph. 4:9                      Acts 2:27


"spirits in prison"                  ch. 4:6 - "for this cause  was

                                                            the gospel preached also to

                                                            them that are dead"


The gospel is the good tidings of salvation through the

cross of Jesus Christ!


v. 22




                                    ch. 4


v. 1 - Christ's example - "arm yourselves likewise with

                                           the same mind"


Luke 9:51                   Isaiah 50:7


Suffering in the flesh is not, as the world sees it, an

unmixed evil, but it is often a great blessing!



v. 2 - "the rest of his time" - emphasizes the shortness

            of our lives here - live for eternity.


"While we look not at things which are seen but at the

things which are not seen - temporal - eternal!


Are we living - prone to the lusts of men as our goal -

or - "to the will of God?"


God's will is our sanctification - I Thess. 4:3


v. 3 - "to have wrought" - think of it as past and



Rom. 6:21


Latter part of the verse - a party mindset


Vast multitudes living in unbelief, eating and drinking and

spending their whole time in worldly pursuits, as if this

was the end of life, as if this world in its pomp and vain

glory were to abide for ever.


Think of the conflict today - individual freedoms

crying out to be separated from the will of God - our

Maker -


The law of the land - "Congress shall make no law that

would establish religion while at the same time not to

forbid the free exercise of it.


Gradually our laws are becoming like Roman law -

Christianity was condemned while at the same time

condoning idolatry while idolatry is opposed to the

eternal Law of God.


Little surprise if we experience the woes of Rome in

its decline!


v. 5 - "who shall give account" -


Rev. 14:13-18 - highlighted areas


ch. 3:19 - "spirits in prison" - prison - the end of

                  unbelief and disobedience - the word

                  suggests fearful thoughts and dark and

                  unsatisfied questions.





v. 4 - Christians once lived like Gentiles but are wholly



"run not with them to the same excess of riot" -


Matt. 7:13                 




riot/walk in v. 3 - a lost state in which a man is

            given  up to self-indulgence, and saves

            neither reputation, earthly position, nor

            his immortal soul!


"speaking evil of you" - really against God


v. 5 - "Who shall give account to Him"


Men call you into account now - ch. 3:15

They themselves must give account to God!


v. 6 - compare ch. 3:19-20


We must not presume to dogmatize in a matter

so mysterious, about which so little is revealed!


Gospel of Nicodemus while at Cumberland College -



Matthew 11:20-24


These in this passage apparently heard from the

Lord Himself what He had done for the salvation

of mankind.


"judged according to men in the flesh, but live

according to God in the spirit"