April 8, 2001

                                  I Samuel 11-12


The following comments and gleanings from

various sources are in reference to our plight

today, much like the Children of Israel experienced

some 3100 years ago:


v. 2 - someone wanting to “thrust out our right eyes

            and lay it as a reproach upon Christianity”


v. 4 - People everywhere for various reasons

            “lifting up their voices and weeping”


v, 6 - “the Spirit of God coming upon Saul”

            * enthusiasm *


v. 7 - “they came out with one consent”


Deuteronomy 28:1-14


If....of all the words of tongue or pen, the saddest

are these, what might have been!


Ammonites on the rampage because of disobedience

of Israel.





Today, spiritual ignorance, contempt of religion,

infidelity, open vice and crime, is another way of

saying that the professed followers of God & His

Christ have not been earnest and united  in effort

against evil.


The cure for all evils is the gospel of Jesus Christ.


No secular social reforms, sanitary arrangements,

scientific discoveries will arrest the real dangers

of human nature, a people fallen from God & His



Israel was never in any real peril during any

season of obedience to God.


Spiritual fidelity, holiness and obedience before

God is what is necessary - the material and the

social will follow.


Irreligion and adverse influences are traceable to

unfaithfulness of God’s people throughout history.

Compromise with the enemy, the world,

“know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity

  with God”  James 4:4


I John 3:15-17


Matthew 3:8-11


“Take heed; and beware of covetousness: for a man’s

   life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which

   he possesseth” -   Luke 12:15


Men have lost much good and brought on much misery

by their falling away from God and His resources &



Periodic decline of civilization - the earth, air and sea

have for ages been full of God’s hidden treasures for

the use of man; the power to heal, to accomplish work,

promoting the material and domestic good of all.


(ex. fire in the rock - here I am talking about such a blessing of fire which God had enclosed in flint for earlier peoples - compare this with the blessing of oil for later man)


(See I Samuel 11-12 - John Bunyan's poem)


Jesus said to the woman at the well (who had seven

husbands) “if thou knew the gift of God and who it is

that speaketh unto thee” you would not go hither &

thither in your frustrations, all sad, weary and teary

eyed, but would ask of Him and He would give thee

“living water”


Pocket money - Living Water.  What a contrast!




Material wealth is a boon not to be despised, often

it is the gift of God but for its full development

and enjoyment it needs another gift, health of

body and generosity of spirit.


The highest gift of all is the rich, abundant,

all sufficient, outpouring of the Holy Spirit.


Each of us should live as to be a fit vehicle for

the transmission of the healing, saving power

of God on mankind.


Much of our wailing and fear are the result of

a guilty forgetfulness or God or failure to trust

Him to bless our endeavors.


Concurrence of Divine and human action.

Few men consider what is involved in

“entering into the kingdom of heaven”.


Apparently, much of the action of God on the

world is through His people, arms, legs, hands,

heart, etc.


POEM - see I Samuel 11-12 Jesus Hands


It is good to pause in life’s struggles and consider

gratefully our personal indebtedness to God's working

in and through us.


It is He “that giveth power to get wealth”, Deut. 8:18,

it is He that keeps us from “the destruction that wasteth

at noonday” - Psalm 91:6


God works with and for every nation that loves

and seeks righteousness.


“Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is

a reproach to any people.”  Prov. 14:34


Much of the non-success of effort may arise

from an insufficient recognition of God as

a co-worker with us.



                                    ch. 12


The confirmation of King Saul - his clemency

in the previous chapter.


vs. 3-4 - How things are supposed to be!

vs. 6-7 - Reality of things - History


Isaiah 5:1-7 - highlighted material rest of chapter.


“briers and thorns” - expose of who they are - ACLU,

ungodly hiders (haters) behind first amendment expression,

pseudo-intellectual college professors, etc.



Examples of the blinding effect of moral corruption

on the intellect - the prosperity of fools is in the long

run their destruction.


If only dispisers of the gospel knew the richness of

its mercy for ALL MEN, they would surely not seek

to hinder its acceptance by this sorrowing world.


The concerted efforts to keep American youth from

knowing, churches, family structure, gratification.


We are not left to wander at our will, or to follow the

contradictory voices of depraved men.  There is a

“sure word of prophecy which shineth as a light in

a dark place.”  - II Peter 1:19


“And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee,

saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn

to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.”

Isaiah 30:21


It becomes the child of God to manifest tender sympathy

for men who are spiritually weak and erring trying to

convince them that though they are very sinful, God

is merciful and waiting to bless!


v. 10 - “We have sinned........”




v. 11 - “and dwelled safe” - with sin came danger

            and unquiet, with repentance, free from

            danger and minds at rest.


v. 12 - Distrust of God’s all-sufficiency.


            The attempted substitution of a form of

            government apart from personal righteousness.


            The attempted substitution of what is formal

            and outward for what is moral and inward.


“Abide in me.....for without me ye can do nothing”


“For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness,

and going about to establish their own righteousness,

have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God!

Romans 10:3


vs. 13-15 


v. 14 - “to follow Jehovah” means willing and active

            service as His attendants, going with Him where

            He wills, and being ever ready to obey His voice!


vs. 16-19





v. 20 -  “ye have done all this wickedness” - Don’t let

            past sins & mistakes spoil your life.  Regardless of what

             you have done, if you turn to the Lord for salvation and

            forgiveness, God will accept & richly bless you.





“turn not aside from following the Lord, but serve the Lord with all your heart”


v. 22 - “the Lord will not forsake...”


vs. 23-25


v. 23 - “God forbid that I should cease to pray for you”


            “I will teach you the good and the right way”


Jobs to do! 


v. 24 - “consider” - Isaiah 1:3 “my people doth not



Obedience the only rational conduct, sinful behavior most irrational conduct!


The alternatives are Life and Death!