May 20, 2001

                                 I Samuel 24 & 25



                                          ch. 24


Adam, Abraham, David, Christ - chain of events that are

traceable to fulfillment in Christ.


David has a chance to kill Saul but refuses - he is no rebel - he

recognizes Saul's lawful authority as king.


Ponder:  Respect for office is a power in social life, being one

form of reverence for law and order, and contributing to the

easy maintainence of LAWFUL AUTHORITY. 


See Romans 13:1-5


David commits  his cause to Jehovah, in the sure confidence

 that He will avenge him, and has a firm determination not to

raise his hand against God's anointed.


Saul operating under a different set of rules, a

different agenda.


v. 2 - no sooner than conflict with the Philistines

            is over and Saul goes out chasing David

            “upon the rocks of the wild goats.”


How is it that the king of Israel is here away from

his ordinary seat of government and exposed to

peril of life?


Saul’s disobedience & self-will eventually gained

mastery over his whole life.   The same can be said

for any of us who undergo the same enslavement

whether in pursuit of wealth, worldly fame or personal

enjoyment as the chief end of life.  It comes by degrees.


The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt

until they are too strong to be broken!



It is a device of Satan to make his captives content

with the chains or to blind them to reality.


v. 15 - "The Lord ......plead my cause and deliver me out of

            thy hand" - David appeals to God to be both his judge

            and advocate that he is innocent.


Nominal Christianity waters down order, purity,

reverence and truth and will be avenged in years

to come by corruption of manners, low spiritual

tastes and apostasy from the truth.


Too often people criticize some of the Psalms

as though they were uttered against anyone who

was against David but they were deliberate,

calculating liars - TODAY’S HATCH


History, yea, the Judgment will render David’s wrath

and indignation most holy in view of what would be the

calamity to Israel/United States should these liberals

succeed in annuling the purpose of God.



The course adopted by Saul can only be explained

on the supposition that he suppressed the truth.


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It is the nature of truth to assert its power over the

life by convincing the understanding and constraining

the will.


Every man persisting in a sinful course has to force

truth out from thought.  The internal war consists

partly in crushing the free evidence of knowledge.


Men know more than they like to admit and act

upon; and all kinds of devices are resorted to, to

explain away or to divert attention from what is

manifestly true!


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It is unavailing for sinful men to try and find rest

apart from God.


The chosen life of sin is hard, the holy are happier

than the sinful, that Christ is waiting to be gracious,

and yet that truth is constantly put away from view

as unwelcome and troublesome.


Men who deny Christ’s authority know deep down

that He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings and

will establish His kingdom


The aid of the Holy Spirit is as available for one sincere heart

as another - our duty is to bring the most vigorous powers we

can command to bear on our understanding of the will of God!


That will alleviate our evil tendencies and preserve us from a lot

of trouble and regret like unto what Saul got himself into!


“The zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform this”

                                                Isaiah 9:7


Sin makes men dishonest to themselves - they prefer

darkness because their deeds are evil.  John 3:19-21






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                                    Reread vs. 1-22





                                    Ch. 25


v. 1 - Samuel died.  “Precious in the sight of the Lord

                                    is the death of His saints.

                                    Ps. 116:15


In the fulness of time Samuel died and all Israel gathered together

and made lamentation for him.



v. 2 - “shearing his sheep” - usually a time of lavish



v. 3 - Nabal - churl - rude - ill-bred - stingy - vulgar


His name, whether one which he had acquired by

his conduct or if given by his parents, shows them as clownish people.

"such a son of Belial, that a man can not speak unto him" - v. 17


He was a self-willed man whose rude exterior

answered to his inner nature.


Dog-like - though he has plenty, yet grudges others.



vs. 6-8 - David waits until sheepshearing.


v. 11 - “my bread, my water, my flesh” -


David taking too rough a course?


vs. 21-22 - David’s religiousness showing through

                        in conflict.  Piety or semi-piety.


v. 26 - Abigail under God’s direction saves David from

disgrace later on. 


See I Samuel 25 Spurgeon Sermon:  Christians Kept From Sin


“Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay”


v. 28

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v. 29 - “bound in the bundle of life with the Lord thy God” - kept

            under God's personal care and protection.


vs. 30-31


The theme of the book of I Samuel is the conflict

of the Messianic hope with opposing evils.


Nabal’s churlishness  is an illustration of all

who scorn lofty spiritual aspirations that are

involved in the working out of the Divine purpose

for mankind.


A low, groveling disposition, reveling in sensual

indulgence and proud of wealth, could not but

embitter a woman of good understanding as

Abigail.  vs. 27-31.


Unfortunately throughout history there are

many examples who have been “unequally yoked



Many have married putting fashion before happiness,

love of wealth that lays beauty, sweetness, & culture

at the feet of mammon.


God meant material wealth to be shared for the welfare

of others and no narrow, private view or

acquired greed or gain can release man from

the laws of God. 


Example of the rich young ruler - Matt. 10_20-22



The “love of money” is so strong as to blind the

intellect and harden the heart against a recognition

of the proper uses of it. 


Wealth is not for self-indulgence or aggrandizement

to increase one’s power, wealth or rank.


I Tim. 6:6-10


Mark 10:23-27


Abigail another one of God’s providence’s to David.


We are all of the spirit of Samuel & David or Nabal

and Saul.


Our spirits are either devout, reverent, trustful &

obedient or groveling, profane and alien to God.


We either promote individual and  public righteousness

in association with God’s revealed will in His Messiah

or we live for this world’s wealth and gratification.


We either influence the world to elevate, inspire &

enrich with what is best and enduring or we try, like

liberals, to drag people down, embitter or brutalize





The end is, like Samuel, peace, honor and future

blessedness or like Nabal and Saul, wretchedness,

dishonor and future woe.


Matt. 8:11-12