October 7, 2001

                               I Thessalonians 3:6-13


v. 6 - Good tidings of their spiritual condition - it is good news

            where we hear of others saved - the redeemed soul

            brings great honor and glory to the Great Redeemer!


The Puritans taught that the glory of God is the highest object

of life - influence on America - What hath God wrought?


Paul’s anxiety although he counsels “be anxious for nothing”


v. 7 - “in all our affliction and distress”


v. 8 -  “For now we live” - new life or encouragement to Paul -

            When Jacob saw the wagons which Joseph sent the

            spirit of Jacob revived.  Gen. 45:27


Almost like a dead man - “ I die daily”


“ye stand fast” - the secret -  “in the Lord” -


v. 9 - “What shall I render unto God for all His benefits

            towards me” - Ps. 116:12


“in everything give thanks” - ch. 5:18


Paul adds prayer - prayer & thanksgiving ever go



“night & day” - the great work of life - the most important

part of each day’s business.


How fitting that in the morning we should turn to God

and consecrate to Him the powers He has renewed!

How fitting that before returning to the world, to meet its

temptations, we  seek God’s help in meeting what the

day has in store for us.  How fitting that in the evening

we should thank God  for the benefits of the day, that we

should seek to be relieved of the burden of its transgressions,

and that we should commit ourselves through the night to

the keeping of Him who neither slumbers nor sleeps


Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

(One of my earliest recollections and learned from my Mother)


Rejoicing in the spiritual progress of others.


Care for others, not just self-seeking, not just material

wealth and saving of our own soul but labor for the salvation

of our neighbor - LOVE


We are not here without spot or wrinkle - that is connected

with redemption of the body - the final glorification of the



v. 10 - Confirmation - I Peter 1:5-6



depositories of the truth - a living chain completing the

circuit like an electrical system.


“Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief”

“Lord increase our faith.”


v. 11 - God Himself and our Lord Jesus Christ.

“direct” - singular verb - oneness of Godhead


“I and my Father are one”


“direct our way unto you” - the paths that I have

crossed of people that I have prayed for.


v. 12 - “increase and abound in love one toward

            another” - the Lord make you increase.


Prayer addressed to Christ - not just inner circle

but wider circle beyond to the world lying in

wickedness, add to kindness, charity.


v. 13 - “to the end He may establish your hearts

            unblameable in holiness” - holiness - thought,

            affections, conduct, clean hands, pure heart.


“without holiness no man shall see the Lord”- Heb. 12:14


“at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all His saints”


Glorious consummation - Eph. 5:26-27


He makes clean and blameless.

He checks sin in our lives.

He calls us to a closer union with God.


Above reach of a fall !!?!! to being one of God’s

trophies that swell the  majesty of His train.


Stability in holiness is the great end of Christian life in a

world that shakes believers by fear, temptation & delusion.