November 11, 2001

                                     I Thessalonians 5






The Day of the Lord  comes:  suddenly       


                                                  as a surprise to ungodly world

v. 2 - “a thief in the night” - when Christ comes the world

                                                will be unprepared.


Sept. 11th feeling, death feeling - not realizing we never had it so good!


Christians are not in darkness - Luke 21:7, 33-36


Our duty is not to pry into the times and seasons which the

Father has put in His own power but to exercise watchfulness!


v. 3 - when most off guard - in the greatest danger as

            travail on a woman with child symbolizes.


“and they shall not escape”


vs. 4-7 - As children of the Light we know what is going on!




Watchful & sober - “let us not sleep”

Religious carelessness - intoxication needs spiritual vigilance

and sobriety.


v. 8 - John 3:19-20

Armed - faith/love are breast plate to protect heart

              hope the helmet to protect the head.


Gal. 1:6-9


v. 9 -