Respond to God's Direction

                   II Kings 8-10  II Chronicles 21-22

                                    July 4, 2004


(Read II Chronicles 21 & 22 in light of notes from II Kings 8-10)

                                         ch. 8


vs. 1-6 - The Shunamite woman - ch. 4:8-37 - her

               response to God's direction


Old Testament example of "all things work together for

good to them that love God, to them who are called

according to His purpose"


God's direction - Exodus 20:1-6,13-14


Bro. Arrice Taylor's funeral - his response to God


vs. 10-15 - Roles of Elisha and Elijah - their response to



The office of the prophet was to rebuke sin, to sustain faith,

to train up fresh prophets, to teach the faithful, to announce

God's will to the king and to the people, and to execute

commissions from God - Elisha never failed his duties.


These two were first-rate prophets who were raised up to

meet the extreme danger of the introduction and main-

tenance of a false state religion by apostate kings.


Their obedience was to be perfect, exact, whatever they were

ordered to do, they did and no more, they were not to seek to

better their instructions.


vs. 16-29  - Jehoram - king of Judah - picking up from

            I Kings 22:50


v. 18 - Jehoram introduced into Judah the Baal & Astarte

            worship which Ahab had introduced into Israel

            from Phonecia - I Kings 16:30-34


Joram and Jehoram are the same person.


Jehosophat, king of Judah, had made an alliance with Ahab,

king of Israel.


This compromise was the origin of the introduction into

Judah, the licentious & debasing superstition that had

spread over Israel.


Jehoram married Athaliah - the daughter of Ahab & Jezebel -


Like mother - like daugther.


(See II Kings 8-10 Pulpit 174-175)


Jehoram responding - "and he did evil in the sight of the

Lord" - II Chron. 21:4-6, 7, 10-20.


Ahaziah's response - II Chron. 22:2-5


vs. 25-27


v. 19 - import of - Deut. 28:15-68 - Warning


The apostasy of Jehoram and of the nation under

him, was calculated to bring about the immediate

fulfilment of all these threats and would have done so

but for a restraining cause.


God had made promises to David  -


(See II Kings 8-10 Pulpit 169)


Ezekiel - chapters 16 & 23 in context 300 yrs. later -


America's response to God - trash heap of eternity???




Think what it could have been


David -II Samuel 23:5


I Cor. 10:11-13








                                                ch. 9


vs. 1-3 - Elisha's last public act - to transfer the

            kingdom of Israel from the unworthy dynasty

            of Omri, which because of idolatry had fallen

            under the condemnation of God - to a new dynasty,

            that of Jehu, which will check the worst excesses of

            the idolatrous system and maintain Jehovah worship.


I Kings 16:23-26, v. 21 *****


I Kings 19:15-16 - of God - God ahead of the times.


Rest assured that He is today - who knows Babylon may

yet be rebuilt in our day as the Bible says


Job 38:16-23     Things working out!!


Matt. 24:21                Rev. 2:20-22    Great Tribulation


Jehu's response - vs. 6-10


vs. 21-22 - witchcrafts -


(See II Kings 8-10 Pulpit 192-193)


vs. 23-28 - slaying of Jehoram & Ahaziah


Desperate diseases  require desperate remedies.


Leadership which corrupted national honor, that

undermined the national existence and depriving the

nation of a religion whose spirit was pure and elevating,

and replacing it with one whose spirit was corrupting

and licentious!


If Elisha and Jehu had waited with folded hands for

Jehoram and Jezebel to work out their wicked will, the

faith of God would have MERGED WITH HEATHENISM

and perished from the earth.


vs. 30-37 - retribution to Jezebel -


(See II Kings 8-10 Pulpit 198)


v. 33 - "throw her down"


ch. 10:16 - "come with me & see my zeal

                    for the Lord"


10:30-32 - His reward - positive & negative


Still in ch. 9


v. 7 - a command, not a prophecy!


v. 9 - Like Jeroboam's - 70 years before - I Kings 15:29

         Like Baasha's - I Kings 16:11

A double warning of the fate reserved for those who

deserted the religion of Jehovah  - they disregarded the

warnings and examples and provoked God yet more than

their predecessors.



                                    ch. 10


The fear of man  -


(See II Kings 8-10 Pulpit 215-216)


v. 10 - *******


v. 18 - partying


v. 21 - ".....& the house of Baal was full from one end to



v.23 - General laxity of the time that there might be

            worshippers of Jehovah at a Baal Bash?


v.29 - calves set up to prevent return to Judah -

            they were essential, worldly speaking,

            for political purposes - sacrifice principle for

            temporary gain - Jehu's zeal did not reach

            this far and he was unprepared to risk the

            result of doing away with the calves representing

            Jehovah  - (graven image problem) thus

            Jehu made a terrible response.


v. 31


v. 32 - "In those days the Lord began to cut Israel short"