Line Up With God's Purposes

                                    II Kings 11-12

                               II Chronicles 23-24

                                     July 11, 2004



I feel like a horse stumbling out of the gate at the start of the

race when he is already behind, nevertheless I pray that God

will help me get on my feet and run a good race this morning!


I say this in reference to the start and even congested middle

of this discourse.


My father-in-law said on various occasions that "the Bible is

the best commentary on itself" - he quoted Bro. Maddox, a

former pastor of this church.   Both men, being dead, yet



I wonder what we will leave behind when we die?   I

wonder if the liberal emphasis in our seminaries and society

will allow modern ministers to leave in the hearts and minds

of their people anything worth remembering?


I trust that Bro. Maddox is remembered for more things than

the quote above but in preparation of this lesson, I went back

and forth from II Kings and II Chronicles, plus many more

books in both the Old and New Testaments, in an effort to

glean things to share with God's people, many who glean for

themselves and the many others who are less motivated if

just not plain lazy.


I guess the question is "how do you, or how do I line

up, or stack up with God's purposes?

                                    II Kings 11


v. 1 - we meet with a woman we mentioned last week,

         by the name of Athaliah, who "arose & destroyed

         all the seed royal".


II Chron. 24:7 in a  page seemingly from recent history,

            calls her "that wicked woman"


Her motive seems to be to do away with the House of

David which had already been heavily depleted by

Jehoram's murder of his brothers - II Chron. 22:4 -


To make a clean sweep and get rid of them all,

this in the face of God's promises - Ps. 89:34-37


v. 2 - Jehosheba - daughter of Joram and wife of

            the High Priest, Jehoiada - saved one - Joash,

            by name, a baby of one year old.


v. 3 - hid with her for six years - during this time the

            Lord's servants were under a cloud, slighted,

            contemned, lightly esteemed and greatly

            discontented.  (Sodom vexed Lot's righteous soul)

            I MOURN.   (where secularism has taken us today)


v. 4 - secular people at the disposal of spiritual

            matters - II Chron. 23:2 - the religious people,

            Levites and chiefs of the fathers.  Unity -

            secular and religious but in a worldly and

            compromising way!



vs. 4-12 - Crowning of Joash as king - read II Chron. 23:3


v. 12 - "put the crown upon him and gave him the

            Testimony" - the object apparently was to show

            that the king was to rule by law, not arbitrarily,

            that he was not to be above the law, but beneath.


Arbitrary judges in America today - protecting and

encouraging evil and wickedness.  (This editing taking

place 4 years later - The Supreme Court continues to

take America down a road which we will rue and someday

will give account to "THE JUDGE OF ALL THE EARTH WHO ONLY DOETH RIGHT" - Genesis 18:25 - this being June 24, 2008


Whether the Law of the Testimony was for a moment,

placed on Joash's head, or if just placed in his hands,

the act was a most suggestive one  - church & state



Deut. 17:18-20, 16:16c-22                 II Kings 22:8             


Psalm 139:21-22                                 Isaiah 8:18-20


Gen. 19:7 - Lot's response to those who came knocking

            at the door - "I pray you, brethren, do not so



Peter on the day of Pentecost - Acts 2:40b - "Save

yourselves from this untoward generation"


Matt. 8:11-12             Rev. 22:10-21


II Tim. 5:24                Jer. 32:17-19


There are numerous scriptures in the Bible

that tell us that God will render to every man

according to his works.


Prov. 24:12


v. 17 - pledge to worship God & never again  to

            apostatize - ONLY COURSE FOR AMERICA!


Read Exodus 19:5-8, 24:3-8, 34:10-17 for previous



v. 18 - a bad situation but it could have been avoided.


Deut. 13:6-11


During Athaliah's  six year reign, the temple service

had ceased; breaches had been broken in the outer walls,

neither priests nor porters had served in their regular

order, there had been no morning or evening sacrifice,

no public psalm singing.


v. 20 - rejoicing -after the slaying of Athaliah - she was

silenced and "the city was in quiet" - priests &

people were one now - home, church, school,

people, nation - truly "One nation under God"






                                    ch. 12


For the real character of Joash we need to go to

II Chron. 24


The kings mother was "Zibiah of Beersheba"


Who was she?  Nothing is known but there must

be some significance in the mention of her native

place "Beersheba".


Beersheba is associated with many unhappy

situations in Israel and from the book of Amos

we gather a clue as it being one of the most

idolatrous of idolatrous places.


I Sam. 8:1-3


Terminus of the land - Judges 20:1, II Sam. 24:2

- "from Dan even to Beersheba"


Read I Chron. 21:1-2,  II Chron. 19:4-11


II Kings 23:8 - "where the priests had burned

            incense, from Geba to Beersheba" -624 BC



Neh. 11:30 - "they dwelt from Beersheba unto the

            valley of Hinnom" - 445 BC





I Kings 11:6-10 - Solomon, later Ahaz & Mannaseh

            caused their children to pass through the fire

            in this valley, a polluted place, the cesspool of

            the city, later Ge Hinnom - Gehenna - land of

            Hinnom, came to denote the place of eternal



(Jesus calls it a place "where the worm dies not and the

fire is not quenched')


Amos 5:4-6, 8:14 - 787 BC - much earlier the above


manner - way - "evil communications corrupt good

            manners" - I Cor. 15:33


II Chron. 24:19, 36:15-17, II Kings 10:32


II Chron. 24:16-22


"wrath...for this their trespass" - v. 18


Zechariah - "that ye cannot prosper" - v. 20


Reading these sentences in the present tense - the

princes & the nation were already beginning to eat of

the fruit of their own ways, and "rumors of war", if not

war itself, were on them.  USA-2004





"stoned him with stones at the commandment of the king"


The son of Jehoiada and Jehosheba - v. 22 - "the king

remembered not the kindness" - v. 2


When Zechariah died he said "The Lord look upon it

and require it" - Jesus was aware and

will remember at the last day


Matt. 23:34-35           Gen. 9:5-6                   Deut. 18:18-19


II Kings 12:2 - "did that which was right in the sight of the

Lord all his days wherein Jehoiada the priest instructed him"


v. 3 - "but" - read -


Repairing of the breaches in the temple - vs. 4-16



vs. 12-15 - Society rests upon faith and trust - confidence

            in those whose character guarantees honesty - America

            starting to feel the pinch here - Secularists howling

            about Enron more than anyone -


Religion sanctifies the secular - kill the goose that laid the

golden egg.


vs. 15-18 - the reintroduction of idolatry & grove-worship

            by the young nobles - remember Rehoboam


vs. 23-24  - they paid for it - Divine Judgment


Today much higher stakes -  Prov. 7:22-23 - "and knoweth

not that it is for his life"


Modern society is so lost that it does not understand

what they are reaping!


II Kings 12:19-21 - Look who does Joash in -

            children of an Ammonitess & a Moabitess