Condemned by Conformity

                            II Chronicles 25-27

                                July 25, 2004


(Please Study this with II Kings 14-15 - it was originally

one lesson but I have separated them - it has the same



The Bible does not say "People who do not know

history are doomed to repeat it" - I think it was

Santana that said that - it just reinforces that principle!


The Bible says in I Cor. 10:11-12 - "Now all these

things happened unto them for ensamples:  and they

are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends

of the world are come.  Wherefore let him that thinketh

he standeth take heed lest he fall"


I say this because of the idea that if Israel was a "land

of milk & honey", I say America is twofold!


I also would like to use the scripture in Ezekiel 23

about Aholah - Samaria and Aholibah - Jerusalem or

Judah - Aholibah should have known better -


I say Israel is Aholah - United States of America Aholibah.


Aholah means her tent - points to the worship in Samaria

was unauthorized.



Aholibah - my tent is in her - magnifying her privilege

and aggravating her guilt


Thus our lesson today is still about history.  I marvel

at the parallel how Israel played the harlot and how

America plays it today.


Isaiah 3:12b-14a


I John 2:18-19           


Deut. 13:13a - "Certain men, the children of Belial,

            are gone out from among you"


I John 4:3-6




                        II Chronicles 25


v. 2 - a qualifying clause - Amaziah


v. 4 - influenced by Scripture


President Bush & John Ashcroft -

Mr. Ashcroft, a Pentecostal according

to last night's Jeopardy & the criticism

they get - I wonder if the secularist leadership

of Amaziah's day complained.



I will tell you where secular humanism is

leading us - McNair - Kobe Bryant - court

cases - law - judges - they may be innocent

but the rational used by judges is very suspect

except in this day of anarchism through judicial



Friend on golf course yesterday asking about

connection of abortion playing a positive role in

controlling overpopulation - A DIRECT


POPULATE THE EARTH - (He formed it

"to be inhabited" - See Isaiah 45:18)


In those days as now, people did what they

wanted, irregardless of what the Bible says

or what God's will is???


vs. 5-9 - standing army & mercenaries.


vs. 8-9 - read & comment


v. 11 - "And Amaziah strengthened himself" - (self help)

             No doubt he looked deep within and proceeded

            to do what he wanted to!


v. 14 - A mistake - Amaziah's devout gratitude to God

            and the acknowledgement of Him in the name

            Joktheel was soon gone and in his self-help loses

            all  and realizes the fulfillment to the prophet

            of God's prophetic denunciations.


v. 17 - "took advice" but who from


vs. 19-20 - "But Amaziah would not hear"


Notice the word "they" - this takes a little weight of

guilt of idolatry from the shoulders of Amaziah - shared

by the people & the princes - ch. 24:7


Jeremiah 5:28-31






Where a man's ways leads him - Amaziah embarrassed

when Joash ignominiously brings him to Jerusalem and

deposits him there with a present of his life in all his fallen

glory and leaves him to meditate on "the wages of sin"



To sum up Amaziah - he lacked a perfect heart or fixed

attention to God's will - he was proud & boastful - he gave

way to idolatry in his later years - he despised the reproof

of God's prophet and although better than most of his

predecessors, he did not reach a high standard - both he

and his dad, Joash, began better than they ended - they

roused conspiracy by their misconduct and were

murdered by malcontents.


                        II Chronicles 26


v. 4 - learned from his father???? - Amaziah reigned

            29 yrs - two frightful stains, (the civil war with

            Israel and  the inner mistake of turning aside

            to the gods of the children of Seir) fearfully visited

            with a long punishment and a fatal end is

            recognized here for the good that was in it.



v. 5 -  "And he sought God in the days of Zechariah,

            who had understanding in the visions of God:  and

            as long as he sought the Lord, God made him to



v. 7a - "and God helped him against the Philistines &

            against the Arabians"


v. 15 - "he was marvelously helped, till he was strong"


v. 16 - "but......he transgressed"


v. 17 -  his intention to simulate the self-assumed

            religious ways of the neighboring Gentile kings???


v. 18 - The priests withstood Uzziah


v. 20 - "they thrust him out"


In earlier years Azariah was a pattern - in his later years



The reign of 52 years spoiled in an hour - How could he

have been so ignorant?


Numbers 18:7  - Read with emphasis


Leviticus 13:46












II Chronicles 27


v. 2 - Jotham - pedigree, reign & character


v. 6 - moral habit