Tripped Up By Pride

                                           II Kings 20

                                  II Chronicles 32:23-32

                                      August 15, 2004



                                          II Kings 20


v.1 - "Set thine house in order"


v. 2 - Hezekiah "turned his face to the wall & prayed unto

                            the Lord"


v. 3 - "I beseech thee remember.....And Hezekiah wept sore"


Nothing is more real in this world than the duty of all men,

in view of the departure from this life which hangs over us

as an absolute certainty, to arrange worldly affairs as

prudence requires - the first being the matter of eternal

security - then take care of the now.  Often this order is

reversed and no doubt has carried many a person to hell?


Repentance, confession, restitution and forgiveness often

occupy a considerable space of time and need much thought

and attention.  If put off until the last illness sets in, too

commonly "to the mercy of a moment" are left "the vast

concerns of eternity" - this presumes that there will be no

sudden death, which reason warns against daily.


We need to be reminded that in sickness the mind is far

less fit to make judicious decisions than in health, choices

too important to make in haste!

"Skin for skin, all that a man hath will he give for

his life" - Job 2:4


Hezekiah beseeches the Lord to remember:

ch. 18:5, 6 - his trust in the Lord God of Israel,

that he clave to the Lord and departed not from

following Him, but kept His commandments.


He does not regard himself as sinless - Isaiah 38:17


v. 5 - God's answer -"I have heard thy prayer,

     I have seen thy tears" "behold, I will heal thee"


The  Power of Prayer - Hezekiah's life was prolonged

fifteen years - Christians under the sentence of death,

given up by physicians and friends, are entitled to



In God's hands and in His hands only are the issues

of life and death!  Ps. 68:20b


Since Christ has brought "life and immortality to

light" we do not live under the dark cloud that

Old Testament people did - but we are told in

James 5:15 that "the prayer of faith shall save the

sick, and the Lord shall raise him up"


ch. 19:14,15,19,27-36 - Hezekiah had been heard of

God before.


v. 6 - God adds 15 yrs. to Hezekiah - more than

   doubling his reign.  39 at this time - 54 at death.


Isaiah 9:6-7    Matt. 28:10


vs. 8-11 - a sign - Ahaz, his father, had been reproved

            for not asking - Isaiah 7:10-14


Ch. 16 - study how Ahaz was instrumental in the

            changing of the faith with some very serious



Two weeks ago I finished with ch. 17:7-23 - I could

never improve on how the Bible puts it - although

by skipping much, we have missed much.


Duty of the individual to study and find out!


"and He brought the shadow ten degrees backward"


Time rolled back - Is. 38:7 - "the Lord will do this

            thing that He hath spoken" - if this was the

            only commentary in the world - what a

            precious boon!


II Chron. 32:31 - "the ambassadors of the princes

            of Babylon" was sent "to inquire of the wonder

            that was done in the land"


vs. 12-18 - After Hezekiah recovered, he apparently

  retraced his feelings as he lay on his bed - Isaiah 38:9-20




First part, his anticipation of death & the strain is

mournful, second part - he has received the promise

of recovery and pours out his thankfulness.


v. 14 - "Lord I am oppressed, undertake for me"



The image is that of a debtor, who is being dragged

to prison at the pleasure of the exacting creditor.

The only hope is a surety and Hezekiah calls on God

to be the Surety, but God is the Creditor!


An appeal from God's Justice to God's mercy -

"undertake for me"


My mother's testimony - She said she prayed so

much that she could not pray anymore??!! - 1989-

1992 -dying of cancer.


Job. 13:15 - "Thou He slay me, yet will I trust Him"


John 6:68 - "Lord, to whom shall we go?  Thou hast

                        the words of life"


Isaiah 38:19 - God's design - "the father to the children"


Isaiah 38:20 - "The Lord was ready to save me"

            Ps. 110:3a - "thy people shall be willing in

                                    the day of thy power"




Here is the origin of our lesson title - Hezekiah got the

big head that he had been sought out by the king of

Babylon, who came from such a distance and such a

great city.


Congratulations and flatteries - Hezekiah forgets God,

his faith slips, a mere worldling bent on winning himself

a great alliance, depending on the arm of flesh.


All display, show and vain glory - show over substance.


As servant of God and the trustee of His Treasury, a sacred

treasury that belonged to God whom the earth and fulness

thereof and all its precious things belonged.



v. 18 - "nothing shall be left" - fulfillment - Jer. 52:12-23


II Chron. 32:31 - "God left him, to try him, that He might

                        know all that was in his heart"




v, 19 - Reading and exposition of Ezekiel 18 - "the father's

            have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are

            set on an edge"