Removed from Privilege

                                         II Kings 22-25

                                     II Chronicles 34-36

                                       August 29, 2004



                                          II Kings 22


v. 1 - Josiah - son of a wicked father, Amon & a very wicked

          grandfather, Manasseh.   Proof that anyone can, through

          God, regardless of circumstances choose right, refuse

            wrong, and have the character molded in righteousness.


I Cor. 10:13 - "There hath no temptation taken you but such

            is common to man:  but God is faithful, who will not

            suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but

            will with the temptation also make a way to escape,

            that ye may be able to bear it"


v. 2 - Deut. 17:18-20 - "he shall write him a copy"


For around 80 years the Book of the Law either had been

lost or hidden - v. 8 - Hilkiah, the high priest, said "I have

found the book of the law in the  house of the Lord"


v. 11 - To Josiah, the book was to him, not "a book of the law"

            but "THE BOOK OF THE LAW"


v.13 - A special inquiry


vs. 15-17 - "because they have forsaken me" and this was

            unpardonable - the offense - FORSAKING GOD!


"therefore my wrath shall be kindled against this place,



Yes, the decree is gone forth, it is too late to avert the

sentence!  When a nation persists long in evil-doing,

there comes a time when the sentence cannot be averted.

For such a state of things "there is no remedy" - II

Chron. 36:16


II Chron. 34:24 - "Thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will

            bring evil upon this place, and the inhabitants

            thereof, even all the curses that are written in

            the book which they have read before the king

            of Judah"


            34:19 - "when the king heard the words of the

            law, that he rent his clothes" - he did this in grief

            that the practice of his nation, had gone so far

            from God's will


            34:31 - "And the king stood in his place....

            and made a covenant before the Lord"


vs. 20-21 - Josiah spared (II Kings 22)




                                    ch. 23


v. 2 - "the king went up into the house of the Lord"-

            all ranks of people went with him.


"and he read in their ears all the words of the book

  of the covenant"


v. 3 - Renewing the covenant which had been broken

            by neglect and pursuit of idolatry.


After such a gross national apostasy, it is only fitting

that there should be a sort of public reparation of the

wrong done.


As the law had been  put out of sight, neglected, forgotten,

it is now publicly recited, proclaimed and declared to be

the basis of the national life.  The king read "all the words

of the law" and the priests, prophets and people stood

and listened.










What Josiah's Reformation involved:

            a.  Purging of the Temple

            b.  Banning of idols or burning by fire as

                 required by the Law - they did this far

                 enough away so that even the smoke should

                 not pollute the town and "carried the ashes

                 of them unto Bethel" - v. 4 - the fount & origin

                 of all the religious impurities which had over-flowed the

                 land - that which came from Bethel was taken back.

            c.   v. 6 - "stamped it small to powder" - intense heat

                   causes calcination of  metals and a small amount

                   of force will crush them into fine powder - it was

                   spread over the graves of the children of the people.

                   (see Jude 7 - Sodom still suffering  as an example to                                   the world of "the vengeance of eternal fire" - also see

                    the web site - and see how                     calcinated the cites of the plain become - A MUST                                 SEE)

            d.  v. 7 - "galli" - sodomites in the vicinity of the

                 house of the Lord - were removed

            e.  those who had participated in the semi-idolatrous

                 services were disqualified for temple ministry

            f.  rolling back Roe v. Wade - v. 10 - Tophet - root

                word comes from a drum - valley of Hinnom  - a

                garbage dump - came to be symbol of hell.

            g.  horses and chariots - disposed - v. 11

            h.  defiling of Solomon's high places - mount of

                 corruption - v. 13

            i.  v. 14  -


            j.  v. 16 - matter of the man of God & the prophet

                of Samaria - I Kings 13:1-3,31 - being dead still

                spoke - Luke 12:5

            k.  houses of the high places like in v. 15

            l.  slew the priests of high places - unauthorized

                practices -  burned men's bones on them

            m.  The keeping of the Passover - v. 22

            n.  v. 24 - secret defilement - "that he might

                 perform the words of the Law"


v. 25 - Faith/Works - Hezekiah's trust, Josiah's actions.


Triple enumeration - includes the whole moral & mental

nature of man, all the energies of his understanding, his

will, and physical vitality - Deut. 6:5


vs. 26-27 - Josiah in all his piety could not obtain a

            revocation of the sentence passed on Judah in

            consequence of the sins of Manasseh.




The  hope only is like the imagery used in Amos 3:12


Hope in God today - Accept His Son Jesus Christ as

the Atonement for your sins.





(See II Kings 22-25 & II Chronicles 34-36 Pulpit A & B on vs. 26-27)




(See II Kings 22-25 & II Chronicles 34-36 Pulpit C)


Compare v. 27 with ch. 17:18


The sins of Judah now as great or greater than those

of Israel.


We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God -

Rom. 3:23                  


God hath concluded all in unbelief that He might have

mercy upon all - Rom. 11:32 - TRUST JESUS TODAY!

Jehoahaz - v. 32


Jehoiakim - v. 37 - the Bible says he leaned towards

            idolatry, shed innocent blood, was luxurious

            and tyrannical.


Jer. 22:18-19, 13-17


Matter of Urijah - Jer. 26:20-23





                                    ch. 24


Troubles now fall thick & fast on Judah - the

invasion of Egypt and later that of Nebuchadnezzar.


v. 2


v. 3 - no other cause but the commandment from God


"to remove them out of His sight" -   Ps. 34:15-17


The class of sins introduced by Manasseh was persisted

in by the  people - God judged - generation after

generation continued to be guilty:

            * idolatry & licentiousness

            * child murder

            * sodomy

            * tolerated & practiced magical arts


v. 4 - Blood "cries to God from the ground" on which it

            falls - Gen. 4:11 - and is required at the  hands of

            the blood shedder - Gen. 9:5


*** Revelation 11:18 ***


Jehoiakim - remember Jer. 22:18-19


v. 13 - Nebuchadnezzar's plunder "as the Lord had said"


v. 14 - "all....none"


v. 20 - "until He had cast them from His presence"


Babylon, not Assyria, did in Israel!

Iraq - trying to do in America?



Matt. 24:22,34           Isaiah 10:22-23



A remnant only was left and that of the poorest of the

people.   Deprived of half her population, Jerusalem

could scarcely recognize herself  - "she sat solitary"

and "wept sore in the night" - Lam. 1:1-2




                                    ch. 25


Fall of Jerusalem - a warning to all nations


v. 1 - extreme exactness with respect to a date

      indicates extreme importance of the event



In  both I & II Kings there is no evidence of

the month, day and year being give except here!


Read highlights of vs. 3,4,6,7, 9


v. 9 - 470 years, 6 months and 10 days after the

            Temple was built according to Josephus


Increased wickedness  had brought about

increased weakness  and Judah's weakness lay in

that she had greatly offended God.


God had always given help, His arm was never

shortened until their idolatries, their immoralities,

their cruelties and wickedness had shortened His

arm that he could not nor would not save.




Ought not each of us feel the fate a warning to itself?

A warning to repent from evil ways and walk in the

paths of righteousness -

Isaiah 1:16-20


vs. 27-30 - Jehoiakim - who after 36 yrs. of a cruel

            and seemingly hopeless imprisonment,

            experienced a happy change of circumstances,




                                    II Chronicles 36


One short chapter now brings to a conclusion the

remarkable books called the Chronicles.


Thirteen verses sum up the reigns of the last four

pre-captivity kings of Judah, who by their godless

lives hastened the ruin of the kingdom.




The term of life is run, therefore, within a very short

length, and with great sadness, the coming end falls

upon us before the horrors of the end itself overwhelm us.


v. 3 - of Jehoahaz it is said that the king of Egypt

            "put him down" - terms the pop culture or rap

            artist should understand.


My question is "do they comprehend" what they are

bringing on????


v. 12 - of Zedekiah it is said "humbled not himself"


vs. 13-16  - NO REMEDY!


v. 21 - *******