Guard Against Distractions    (Joshua 1:7-8)

                                    March 30, 2003

                                  I Kings 9:10-10:29

                                       II Chron. 8-9




9:10 - “and it came to pass at the end of twenty years”


vs. 16,20-21 compared with II Chron. 8:7-8


A thing never to be forgotten, that the extermination

of the old possessors of the land had not been entire -

in I Kings 9:21 “were not able” where here with

exacter fidelity says “whom the children of Israel

consumed not”


Here we have descendants of five of seven nations

of which Moses had told them to consume.  Deut. 7:1-6



                                    ch. 10


vs. 1-13 - The visit of the Queen of Sheba.


We read of Solomon answering her hard questions

and showed her his palace but we do not hear of him

inviting her to go up with him into the house of the

Lord.  The visit of the Queen of Sheba seems to

have been without any spiritual result.


She brought gold and sought wisdom - so the Magi.

She came from the ends of the earth, some three

thousand miles.


Matthew 12:42


v. 22 - Luxury items - Solomon is called to give a

            witness to the world and the world is coming

            to his door and he spends his time & energy

            on apes and peacocks to satisfy a whim.


v. 26 - “and Solomon gathered together chariots &

            horsemen” - expanded in an area in which

            God had forbidden him - Deut. 17:16-17


What are we busy doing today that doesn’t amount

to a hill of beans? 


Is. 55:2 - “Wherefore do ye spend money for that

            which is not bread?  and your labor for that

            which satisfieth not?”


                                    II Chron. 8


vs. 11-12  - We gather from the text that Solomon

            felt that there was an unsuitableness & even

            impropriety in having such a court in the rooms

            where David had prayed & sung, beneath the

            roof under which the ark of God had rested.





            There must have been a little about the new

            queen’s ways and those of her attendants

            to scandalize the simple faith & conscientious

            scruples of the people.


This was the beginning of that departure from the

simplicity and purity of Hebrew faith & morals which

ended in corruption & disaster of which we will study

next week.


This matrimonial alliance was not a diplomatic coup,

it was a distinct mistake.  The king found that instead

of gracing his father’s home, his new Egyptian wife

could not take her place without profaning it.


The Queen was a heathen, however attractive or

lovely she may be  - nothing can compensate for

the absence of religion.


The fact that Solomon could not lodge his wife in his

father’s house should have made him hesitate as to this




Israel was to go up to Jerusalem to the temple and

invite the world to come with her to worship.


The church is to begin at Jerusalem and go to the

ends of the earth - take the gospel to the world.