II Peter 3:1-18



v. 1 - "pure minds" - what if? - the mind is the reflective

            faculty and it should be exercised in holy things!


What would the world be like if man took heed?  Think

of the pornographic nature of society today!


v. 3 - "there shall come in the last days scoffers walking

            after their own lusts" - self indulgence often leads

            to skepticism - unbelief is associated often with

            an ungodly life.


The pure morality of the gospel offends the self-indulgent.

It is a constant reproach - the Scripture teaching concerning

the judgment is repulsive to them - besides sin hardens the

heart!  A sensual life blinds the soul and makes men

incapable of discerning spiritual truth.


v. 4 - "Where is the promise of His coming?"


"since the fathers fell asleep"  - the first generation of

 Christians were rapidly passing away.


All things have not continued as they are.


Adrian Rogers - Jerry Falwell - Roscoe Stringer - Bro. Duncan


v. 5  - the "willingly ignorant" - previous chapter full of this!

It requires effort to shut it out!


By God's Word "were all the  heavens made - all the host of

them by the breath of His mouth!


Don't forget that He who made the world can also destroy it!


By His Word was all the fountains of the great deep broken

up, and the windows of heaven opened.  "And all flesh died

that moved upon the earth" - All things did not go on as



The death of the soul is more dreadful than that of the body -

an eternal death, a state of separation from God and all that

is light, joy and love.


The mockers may mock but II Thess. 2:7-10


v. 6 - Peter's answer to the mockers - there had been one great

            catastrophe - there will be another!


"by the same Word are kept in store, reserved unto fire"


The earth has been stored with fire in its inner depths!


The final conflagration of the universe!


Malachi 4:1                            II Thess. 1:8



"against the day of judgment and perdition of

ungodly men"


Rev. 11:18 - "and shouldest destroy them which

            destroy the earth"


Ps. 119:13 - God has revealed many of His judgments

            by His mouth - by a plain and open revelation

            and  it is our duty to repeat them! There are judgments

            of God which are  a great deep, which He does not

            reveal and it is wise for us not to intermeddle.


II Thess. 2:8-12 - especially - v. 10 - "because they

received not the love of the truth, that they might

believe a lie"


Below is an  article I received on Wednesday about the Mayan Calendar





v. 8 - Judgment deferred should not be made an excuse

            to persevere in sin - Judgment delayed should be

            used as an opportunity for repentance!  (See Ecclesiastes 8:11)


vs. 9 and 15 - the longsuffering of God - I Peter 3:20


Reason for the delay - Ezek. 18:23,32          33:11


I Tim. 2:4 - "Who will have all men to be saved and

            to come unto the knowledge of the truth."



Titus 2:11 -  "For the grace of God that bringeth

            salvation hath appeared to all men"


v. 10 - "But the day of the Lord WILL COME"


"The wicked shall be turned into hell and all

nations that forget God" - Psalm 9:17


"In the which the heavens shall pass away with

a great noise" - the noun "noise" is used of the

whizzing of arrows, of the rush of wings, of the

sound of mighty winds or roaring waters.


Whistling/whizzing - the crash of a falling world -

the elements of which the universe is composed

and compacted, will be loosed, that is, the

framework of the world will be disorganized.


See Isaiah 24:20-23 and 34:4            Rev. 6:13-14


"melt with fervent heat" - reduced to a state

of confusion.


Matthew 24:35 - "Heaven and earth will pass

            away but my words shall not pass away"


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I Cor. 3:13


v. 11 - The coming dissolution is already at work

            now - "what manner of persons ought ye to be"


v. 12 - The duty of praying - "thy kingdom come"


An event which may be accelerated by our repentance

and prayers and efforts to diffuse the gospel to all the



v. 13 - Isaiah 65:17                66:22


Water - earth baptized by the Flood

Fire - earth purified - notice the Lord's term

            "regeneration" in Matt. 19:28


The distinction between earth and heaven will be

abolished - for where God is there is heaven!


"wherein dwelleth righteousness"  -  man right with

God - man right with man - man right with himself!


Isaiah 60:21 - "Thy people shall be all righteous"


Rev. 21:27


v. 14 - Men who really believe that after death

            comes the judgment cannot live listlessly

            and idly - carelessness fosters a practical

            unbelief.  Carelessness concerning the

            Judgment is nothing short of madness!


v. 15 - Scoffers count the delay of judgment as

            slackness - Christians should count it



The gift of Jesus Christ to man is the most glorious

evidence of Divine long-suffering - the is a dispensation

of mercy!


v. 16 - "Which they that are unlearned and

            UNSTABLE wrest" - it means to twist with

            a windlass - to strain, torture, distort -


NATIONAL MEDIA - a willing cohort of Satan


v. 17 - "Beware lest ye be led away with the error

            of the wicked"


v. 18 - "But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our

            Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"


It will be one day - an everlasting day - without tomorrow

to follow and without yesterday to precede it - there will

be no sun (Rev. 21:23) but Christ shall be the

Sun of Righteousness!  - Mal. 4:2