God's Word is Essential

                                          II Peter 1:12-21

                                           May 13, 2007


v. 12 - "put you always in remembrance of these things

            though ye know them, and be established in the



It is very important to be "established in the truth" -

earnest research into the truth is part of the honor due

unto the God of Glory's name!


Psalm 29:2


We need to keep this truth before our hearts to bring to

bear upon the circumstances of our daily lives!


Peter seems to have ever in his thoughts the words of

the Lord Jesus in Luke 22:32.


v. 13 - God has made it incumbent on those who know

            the truth to teach it!


            the natural body is but a tabernacle for the

            soul - a tent to dwell in  during this earthly

            pilgrimage - II Cor. 5:1-5


Knowing this Paul could calmly await the dissolution

of this earthly house.


As a minister he must watch for souls - he is never

off duty as are other men.


v. 14 - "knowing that shortly I must put off this

            my tabernacle" - like taking off clothing.


Isaiah 38:12a - "Mine age is departed, and is

            removed from me as a shepherd's tent"


"shortly" - swiftly by a sharp, quick stroke


"even as our Lord Jesus Christ hath showed me" -

  John 18:21 -Peter could not forget that interview


v. 15 - leaving a lasting record of the truths of Christ

            in their memories - life's work continues to

            many generations - we never know for whom

            or for what we work!


"I will not be negligent....I will endeavor" - vs. 12 & 15


v. 16 - Fables - afterward to be developed into strange

            fiction -    Titus 1:14               II Tim. 4:4


v. 17 - "honor and glory" - it was not a vision nor a

            dream - the voice came from heaven and the

            apostles heard it with their ears!


The Shechinah glory - the visible manifestation

of the presence of God!


God was there - it was He who spoke!


"Hear Him" is added  - Luke 9:35


From all eternity - the good pleasure of the

Father was directed towards the Son - "Thou

lovest me before the foundation of the world"

                                    John 17:24


v. 18 - Mount Horeb was "holy ground" because

            God appeared there to Moses and gave the



            Mt. Zion was holy because God chose it to

            be a habitation for Himself.


            Mount of the Transfiguration was holy because

            there God the Son manifested forth His glory -


"this voice which came from heaven" - was an appeal to

human intelligence and devoutness - God chose an avenue

which He Himself had designed and fashioned in order to

reach the minds and hearts of men.


v. 19 - "truth.....sure word...take heed"  - vs. 12 & 19





What an error in this or any age to think that doubt is

a sign of wisdom?  One of the stumbling blocks to the

understanding of scripture is that men come to it to

learn what it is not intended to teach - II Peter 3:16b


            All the varied testimony of the prophets converges

            on the Person of Christ - in Christ man finds help

            for his difficulties - love for his sorrows - immortality

            for his fear of the future.


The way to Christ is to give heed to the Divine Word!


Christ is the sum of apostolic truth -  equally in the Old

Testament as well.


This was made surer by the direct testimony of God the

Father from Heaven itself - v. 17


            He is the Light of the world  - the Bright and

            Morning Star - the Day-Star -


The world is a dark and dreary place apart from God -

we could never find the way without the guiding light

of the Word of God - Ps. 119:105 - "Thy Word is a lamp

unto my feet and a light unto my path"


"The entrance of thy words giveth light" - Psalm 119:130


v. 4 - "the corruption that is in the world through lusts"


But the Word of God is incorruptible!


Ignorance of what it most concerns us to know - sinful habits

which cloud the reason and corrupt the conscience - hopeless-

ness to the future beyond this mortal existence - this is moral




The prophetic word is precious - it sheds light on darkness,

on ignorance, the darkened heart that knows not Christ!


II Cor. 4:6


The day dawn - early - the full splendor is yet to come -

the morning has not yet come but we have "a lamp"


We cannot know Christ till we come to the Scripture!  He

is not to be known by the imagination.


"take heed" - "he that hath an ear let him hear what the

Spirit saith to the churches" - Rev. 2 & 3




vs. 20-21 - The prophecies of Holy Scripture are not the

                   result of human thought!





The Bible as a whole is a Divine Utterance!  It teaches man

what he is - a moral, spiritual and accountable being - the Bible

never presents man as mere animal, moved by nature and

a brute with animal instincts and appetites as evolution and

philosophic thought passed off as science - but the Bible

presents man as capable of obedience, holiness or of

transgression and ungodliness.




The Bible presents man as frail and prone to error,

and to impress on every reader the undeniable power

and curse of sin.


Do not go to Scripture and try to understand it in your

own power - (importance of James 1:5 to me personally - since childhood, I do not ever remember trying to study a passage without praying this prayer for guidance and understanding)


Human learning and an unteachable spirit cannot

understand the Bible!


May our prayer be Psalm 119:18,9


            Holy men spoke as they were borne by the

            Holy Ghost!


Its origin - it came from Heaven!  The Infinite and

the finite are involved.


The Scriptures are full of evidence of the Divine

interest in man's welfare!


Prophecy is but a light shining in a dark place - it

is not the Day-Star.