November 11, 2001

                                    II Thessalonians 1 & 2



v. 7 - “the Lord Jesus shall be revealed” - a visible

            manifestation - He who hitherto has been concealed

            will be manifested as the Supreme Ruler & Judge

            of the world.


from heaven”                       “with His mighty angels”


v. 8


v. 9 - Everlasting damnation - “from the presence of the Lord”


Expelled from the joy & glory - “from the glory of His power”


As the presence of the glorified Jesus will constitute the happiness

of heaven, so banishment from His presence will constitute the

misery of hell, because the soul is then cut off from the source of

all good and of all holiness.



                                    ch. 2


The Rise of Apostasy and Revelation of the Man of Sin

Before the coming of the Day of the Lord there shall be

a great apostasy - until then there is a restraining influence -

The Holy Spirit!!!!!!


When the restraining influence shall be removed, the man

of sin will be revealed accompanied with powers, signs &

wonders of falsehood that will succeed in deceiving those

who refuse the love of the truth.


v. 3 -  The Apostasy - a defection, a revolt - rebels-rebellion.


This is not the man of sin for this apostasy precedes his

coming and prepares the way for his advent, not the result

but the cause of his appearance.


How did this happen?   How do things get this bad?


Secular America can explain except they are undercover

and deny their takeover.       Secular humanists have been

addressed in the last few Presidential Debates with those

affected denying their existence.


Spiritual apostasy leads a man to moral corruption - the

man of sin could not arise before the Church had fallen

and if he did appear he could have no influence against a

faithful church.


When I was a teenager it would have been impossible in

America for anti-christ to appear but not so now.






Humanity was created in the image of God and intended to

be the temple of God but humanity may be degraded into

the image of Satan & become a haunt of iniquity.


Apostate - a name which belongs to everyone who in the

struggle of life parts from his Christian convictions,

forsakes the Fountain of Living Water and hews out

a broken cistern which can hold no water.  Jer. 2:13


Two evils.


v. 4 - As Satan entered into the heart of Judas Iscariot,

            the son of perdition, so does he take possession

            of the man of sin.


Personification of iniquity - deifier of self.


The obliteration of all Christian interests and the triump

of atheistic malignity - always forcing beliefs on everyone,

doing what they accuse Christians of doing today.


Positivism in our own day has forsaken the worship of a

personal God and betaken itself to worship of humanity,

making it the instrument of the world’s final ruin.


President Bush, this week, talked about fighting those

who are attempting to abolish civilization?


Influence of Scripture like Leviticus 20 and Sermon on

Mount ingrained in society -



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Apocalypse - Satan - his own revelation - a great & noble

apostasy forces of unbelief and evil gathering for a mighty

conflict - a great outburst of infidelity, (Bill Bennett’s

book The Broken Hearth), widespread skepticism, a hatred

of revelation, manifesting itself in the life and works of men

of learning and culture, widespread revolt against all forms

of authority, both Divine and human.


A general development of unbelief and lawlessness -

instigated by this man of mighty intellect, great strength of

will, a human Satan, the man of sin, the anti-christ.


v. 6 - The restraint - “what withholdeth


Just as there was a fulness of time when Christ should

appear - Gal. 4:4, so there is a fulness of time for the

man of sin - a whole series of events that brings him about.


v. 7 - “mystery of iniquity” - lawlessness


When the restraining influence (Holy Spirit) is removed,

the mystery of lawlessness will no longer work secretly,

but will be openly manifested.  No longer the mystery,

but the revelation of lawlessness.


Christ said “Because iniquity shall abound, the love of

                        many shall wax cold”


v. 8 - “whom the Lord shall consume by the word of His

            mouth” - the doom of the anti-christ is here announced.


The breath of the Lord is sufficient to overthrown the kingdom

of the anti-christ.


“and destroy’ - annihilate, abolish, reduce to inactivity -




parousia - coming, arrival     




epiphany - appearance or manifestation, brightness, shining forth



Used in same sentence - The mere appearance of Christ

will annihilate the wicked!



v. 9 - “lying wonders” - origin, nature, purpose is falsehood.


Miracles of Christ were miracles of truth.

Miracles of man of sin are miracles of falsehood.


Matt. 24:24 - “For there shall arise false Christs, and false

                        prophets, and shall shew great signs & wonders;

                        insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall

                        deceive the very elect.”


Revelation 13:13-18


The elect are not deceived - I John 3:10,8


v. 10  - works by deceit and falsehood - an impostor.


These are by no means irresistible - only they who perish

will succumb.


They would not receive the truth and as they were prevented

from embracing the gospel - they are led astray by many

errors & delusions.


that they might be saved” - the result which would naturally

arise from the reception of the truth.


Indifference to the truth is a sign of moral evil!



v. 11 - “strong delusion” - working of error.


Lost in a perfect maze of falsehood.



damned” - “who believe not the truth”


but have pleasure in unrighteousness”


Romans 1:16-32 especially 29-32


Not possible to deceive the elect - Mark 13:22

a reiteration of Matt. 24:24


Those blinded to the glory of the gospel are easily

duped - II Cor. 4:3  -


Our consolation when dark problems of life distress

our soul - “the Lord cometh”




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God wills that all men should be saved and come to the

knowledge of the truth.  I Thess 5:9