vs. 20-21 - Wisdom  - vibrates the voice,  in loud ringing

            tones - Do you hear?


The Gospel call - a loud utterance, it meets men in their

busy lives - free as air, it aims to reach all


Where?  in public places - who will may know it!


No such ill conceived idea as a separate place for it like

such false notions of separation of church and state issues.


Everywhere - making it as publicly as possible - she

standeth in the top - making a noise.


Holding its own with science, politics, business &

recreation - only recently has there been a concentrated

effort to forbid it - Grand Canyon story - New Era - as if

God did not form it - O'Reilly - Boy Scout issue in San



Wisdom seeks out the ignorant, the wayward and the



Compare the public ministry of Jesus Christ - Matt. 10:27


v. 22 - Simple, the indifferent, the thoughtless, scorners who

            treat God's promises & threats with ridicule.Fools -

            the hardened, who walk after the sight of their own

            eyes & the imagination of their heart.


A class not ignorant of knowledge but hating it because of

the restraints it puts on them - Ps. 2:3 - "Let us break

their bands asunder & cast away their cords from us"

v. 23 - A promise - turn - illumination - "Come unto me",

            "look and live"


vs. 24-27 - a new phase - from that of invitation & promise

            to that of judgment & stern denunciation.


Isaiah 66:4 - "When I spake, they did not hear....and chose

            that in which I delighted not"


Left to their own doom caused by rejection of God's

overture of grace!


v. 25 - "ye have set at nought all my counsel" - to let go -

            to overlook or reject my advice, my recommendation

            for avoiding evil.


v. 26 - "calamity" - heavy, overwhelming misfortune.

            "fear...desolation...distress, anguish"


"laugh & mock" - same words used in Ps. 2:4


v. 27 - "whirlwind" - irretrievable ruin - think of how long

            it takes to build a building - then gone in a moment.


Two main ideas - calamity and fear.      Zeph. 1:15,18


vs. 28-31 - Fools no longer worthy of being addressed personally.


v. 29 - "hated knowledge" - "did not choose'

"despised all my reproof" - "would none of my counsel"


v. 31 - Chickens coming home to roost, sins finding

            themselves out.


Their calamity is the result of their own ways!


Filled, satiated/ad nauseum


The fruit of sin must be eaten by the sinner.  It will come

back to him when it is ripe.


"Be not deceived, God is not mocked.  Whatsoever a man

soweth, that shall he also reap......he that soweth to his flesh

shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the

Spirit shall of the Spirit reap everlasting life" - Gal. 6:7-8


There may be a long interval between the sowing of the

seed & the gathering of the fruit, but the sower will have

to devour the harvest!


Jer. 22:21 - carelessness, laziness, carnal security.


v. 33 - real security & peace of the righteous/choice



"shall dwell safely" - undisturbed amid the distractions

of the world.    Free "from fear of evil"


"In thy presence is fullness of joy, at thy right hand, there

are pleasures for evermore" - Ps. 16:11


                                    ch. 2


The benefits, spiritual and moral, from following wisdom -

promoting godliness and providing safety.


How to obtain the Wisdom of God!  The conditions.


v. 1 - Once again - the word "receive"


"hide my commandments" - to be in safe custody of

the memory.


Ps. 119:11 - "Thy words have I hid in my heart that I

            might not sin against thee"


v. 2 - This wisdom is not innate - the first duty is to hear!


"incline thine ear.....apply thy heart" - wisdom & under-

standing outside ourselves.


v. 3 - "criest after"  - to be sincere & in earnest  - crying

            and the lifting up of the voice.


v. 4 - "If thou seekest" - the pursuit of wisdom is to be

            like the ceaseless toil of those who carry on mining

            operations - The Get Rich Quick Syndrome!


"to dig out" - Job 28:1-2, 6, 12-20, 28.


"the law of thy mouth is better unto me that thousands

of gold and silver" - Ps. 119:72


It is attainable - "Ask and ye shall receive, seek....knock"

                                    Matt. 7:7-8


"who giveth to all men liberally" - James 1:5


v. 5 - An inexhaustible mine of precious ore.


Without reverence of God there can be no knowledge of Him,

the knowledge of Him should increase & deepen reverence.


"the knowledge of the holy is understanding" - ch. 9:10b


What place does reverence for God hold in your life????


v. 6 - "the Lord giveth wisdom" - our efforts/God's assistance.

(Solomon's example)


"out of His mouth" - God communicates through His Word!


James 1:5-7


v. 7 - God is our security, our salvation, our Shield, our safety.


"to them that walk uprightly" - that maintain a course of life

regulated by right principle & directed to right ends.


The fear of God, His principle.

The Word of God, His rule.                           Sounds like the

The glory of God, His end!                            Puritans to me!


v. 8 - The saints are ever under the watchful eye of Jehovah.


vs. 10-19 - Advantages of the possession of wisdom.


It is to rest there in the heart - ch. 14:33


John 14:23 - "If a man love me, he will keep my words:

            and my Father will love him, and we will come

            unto him and make our abode with him"


Heart and Soul - Pleasant to the soul - God has joined

            the highest truth to the purest gladness!


The antidote for many - knowledge - many of those

in jails can neither read nor write.


I read in the June 2003 issue of Reader's Digest that

Colon Powell said that for every black man who

graduates from college, there are 100 in jail. 

Black men do not have sole possession of illiteracy.


Knowledge would make many parents happy, many

grandparents who are doing the work, their children

should do, it would make them happy.  It would make

the recipient of knowledge happy.


v. 11 - "discretion shall preserve thee"


v. 12 - "to deliver thee from the way of the evil man"


v. 13 - "who leave the paths of uprightness" - straightness.

            and go into "darkness" and error - willful ignorance,

            rejection of light and the working of wickedness.


Where does this lead?  Jude 13 - "wandering stars, to whom

            is reserved the blackness of darkness forever"


They exult in evil - Rom. 1:32


v. 14 - A wicked glee, license of self-will - a sort of

            pseudo-glamour of ugly deeds.



The drug culture, one of the Righteous Brothers

died recently of cocaine, elementary students in

Logan County, while teaching going on, acting like

they are smoking a reefer, or snorting cocaine.


This too, leads to death - Isaiah 5:20-21  - the most

elementary notions of right & wrong are confused -

not just in gangs  - but a "dimpled chad", an

unethical & hypocritical senator sitting on the

Judiciary Committee in Congress trying to undermine

"the God of the earth, who only doeth right" by

promoting wicked life styles over justice.


Crooked ways lead to a fatal end - Great latitude,

anything goes, Rainbow Coalition.


Ad Nauseum


Principles are like rails - a straight course - what

it means to be derailed!


v. 15 - "ways are crooked" - a zig zag course - opposite of

            Josh. 23:6 - "that ye turn not aside therefrom to

            right hand or the left"


 v. 16 - Second Benefit - Keep thee away from the strange,          

            seductive woman - (the ruin of Solomon)


v. 17 - "forsaketh the guide of her youth" - the Bible

            promotes marriage - it is anti-illicit sex.


v. 18 - "inclines to death"



                                                ch. 3


This chapter deals with the happiness of the man who finds

wisdom & the favor which he meets both with God & man!


Obedience, trust, self-sacrificing devotion & submission to God!


These are represented as bringing favor, guidance, & health -

in a word - Prosperity.


Today's world has a desire for prosperity while holding on to

the right to sin at will with impunity - an anomaly!


v. 1 - "forget not my Law" - not so much from a defective

            memory as of a willful disregard and or neglect.


Three main ideas - remembrance, affection, obedience.


"my son, give me thy heart"  - ch. 23:26


The heart is to be a treasury.  The law is to be firmly fixed

in the mind.  Mere intellectual assent is insufficient - the

affections of the heart are to be employed - Deut. 8:1, 30:20

If America does not understand this, then she is

grossly missing the mark.


"God is a Spirit" - they that worship Him must

do so in "Spirit and in Truth" - John 4:24


v. 2 - "length of days" - a quality life - a life worth living!


Ps. 90:10


"godliness is profitable unto all things having promise

of the life that now is, and of that which is to come" -

                                                                        I Tim. 4:8


"peace" - internal, external contentment - a sense of



While it is promised to those who love God's Law -

"great peace have they that love thy law"


It is denied to the wicked - "There is no peace, saith

the Lord, to the wicked" - Isaiah 48:22


What would not the world give for this????


Oral Roberts and Jerry Falwell were right!  they may recant

under pressure from a liberal press but I will not!


America cannot serve God and mammon.  Luke 16:13 - Read!


v. 3 - "mercy & truth" - love and truth - big problems in today's



a.  mutual and/or outward help

b.  forgiveness of offenses

c.  sympathy of feeling


Truth - firmness, stability - performing promises,

            increasing confidence of all.


Mercy - excludes selfishness & hate

Truth - excludes hypocrisy & pretense


Two virtues frequently combined in the Proverbs.


Our desire - like Paul to "speak the truth in love" -

                                                            Eph. 4:15


"bind them about thy neck" - keep from getting lost.


lost/found controversy over Ohio Lottery ticket - Dec. 30th.


"a memorial between thine eyes"


God's will is to be imprinted on the heart.


v. 4 - "favor"/grace - "good understanding" -

            act wisely/reputation.


"in the sight of God & man" - Samuel had it - I Sam. 2:26


Jesus had it - Luke 2:52 - "wisdom, stature, favor with God

            and man" (intellectually, physically, spiritually &




v. 5 - Entire reliance on Jehovah with corresponding

            renunciation of reliance on self.


The need for Divine Guidance through the complexities

of life.


Self surrender.   Cling to/confide.     Lean upon/rest


Where we are to rely and where we are not!


v. 6 - Expression covers the whole area of life's action -

            spiritual, secular, public, private!


Not a theoretical acknowledging - this kills the idea

of separation of church and state.  (I am not for a church run state, nor a state ran church but since God is everywhere, He

cannot be kept out of public life without consequences)


An attitude not unlike young people in school - nowadays

of all ages, who do not and will not listen.


My dog, Darth Vader, when I was trying to train him, would ignore me, stare off on the horizon, acting like he wasn't paying



"and He shall direct thy paths" - He, Himself!


"It is not in man that walketh, to direct his steps." - Jer. 10:23


v. 7 - a protest against self-sufficiency - thinking we have already

            attained - arrogance, pride, presumption.


v. 8 - Complete healing - spiritually - physically